Photo: Almost Maldivian at Ao Noi, Ko Kut.

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one month

Posted by kokodojo on 26/6/2007 at 09:07

i am planning roughly a one month trip in thailand...ive started checking things out. im going to start in bangkok. and end in ko pag nan for the full moon party... than depart by phuket. any suggestions/tips on good areas to stop by in the middle?? any advice at all would be great in general katie kate ...

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Itinerary Suggestions Please!

Posted by yayo12 on 20/6/2007 at 01:37

Hi there: I'm about to start an 8 to 10 week trip around Mainland Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam). I've been trying to read as much as I can about the weather, cities to visit, highlights and timeframes, but I'm still a little bit confused about my "so far" itinerary, so I would really appreciate some help and advice. I will be starting my trip in early august (Monsoon Season) so I was just making up my mind if it would be better to cross from Thailand to Cambodia, through Poip ...

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Chep cities and places to buy stuff, please advice!

Posted by yayo12 on 24/6/2007 at 03:55

Hi everyone: Im about to start (Id say my coolest trip so far) a journey to SEA in the upcoming weeks. Im thinking about visiting Malaysia (Where my plane would be arriving from the US), Then Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. I've read great things from the LP SEA on a shoestring travel guide but I haven’t found some info Im interested in. I know that SEA cities are really good at selling cheap stuff (original and copied) from a broad kind of goods. I just wanted some advice as to wh ...

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Satun islands

Posted by steveandingrid on 22/6/2007 at 05:23

Sawadee Kop, Has anyone traveled the southern islands of Satun Province by boat/ferry? Our nephew was an exchange student in Trang in 2002. We met the mother at the Trang airport in '03 quick tour exchanged small presents and she arranged tranist to the dock and we stayed 3-4 days at Charlie's on Ko Muk, ksyaked to the E/cave one morning and visited Kraden then ferried to Lanta for a week. Last night at dinner the nephew said that the Dad arranged for a basic boat for the family of 6 pl ...

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thailand trip

Posted by fendi on 7/6/2007 at 12:54

Hi I am traveling to Thailand in March, I will be in Chiang mai for a week at the Elephant Nature Park. Any suggestions to go after that. I will stay in Chiang Mai for a few days and then I would like to go to the beaches, I have been reading that Phi Phi is beautiful and Ko Samet, also should I take the train from Chiang Mai to the beach areas or fly? Thanks for your help! ------------------------------------------------------ ...

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Treatment of elephants at Chiang Dao

Posted by planetclare on 22/6/2007 at 01:59

Hi, Could someone who has been to the Elephant Training Center at Chiang Dao comment on how the elephants are treated there? I'm aware it's a training center with shows and rides, and not a rehab center like the Elephant Nature Park (would love to go there, but I don't think I'll have the time or money to do so), but within that framework, would you say the elephants are treated properly? Thanks! Clare ...

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Fall 2007

Posted by mattocmd on 20/6/2007 at 06:59

Hello everyone! This is definately one of the best SE Asia travel websites I have read! I spend so much time at work reading the travel guides, they rule! So I am planning on quitting my corporate cubicle job and traveling SE Asia for about 3-4 months. I would like to leave in September. I am working on a budget and figuring $15 a day for food and $10 a day for this too much? I am a big drinker and love food. I like to try exotic foods, the grosser looking the better! ...

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Bangkok and Thailand in general

Posted by orientalgetaway on 21/6/2007 at 12:42

Upon arrival you will find exactly what you probably read in your guide. Sales people, and a lot of them. Too many offers for taxi, hotels, tours, etc. in the airport. You will eventually learn how to avoid these background annoyances. If you speak a little thai even better, but you can just walk ahead and ignore everyone. Instead of paying too much for taxi go on the bottom floor and catch a taxi; remember upstairs is limousine floor and bottom floor is taxi floor. These guys have to pay some a ...

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Proper clothes/footwear for temples?

Posted by planetclare on 12/6/2007 at 23:18

A friend and I are planning to visit Thailand in October, and I've been soaking up as much information as I possibly can since we began talking about it. (I love this site because it lets me research the trip when I'm supposed to be working!) Anyway, I've read a lot about the dress code for visiting temples (long-sleeved shirt, long pants and/or skirt), but I recently met a girl who had been to Thailand and told me I would also need to wear closed-toe shoes. Is this correct? She also told me tha ...

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political situation in bangkok

Posted by trippymctwist on 20/6/2007 at 07:19

What is the current political situation in bangkok. I understand that the Canadian government is warning against non-essential travel to bangkok because of recent politcal demonstrations and possible large demonstrations on June 24. Anybody have any info on this? ...

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Guesthouse in Chiang Mai

Posted by steveatkins on 15/6/2007 at 13:37

Hi there Can anyone recommend a good, clean, cheap, homely guesthouse in Chiang Mai? Cheers ...

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Phimai oder Khorat

Posted by jofml on 18/6/2007 at 22:16

Hello, we want to go to the Phimai festival in November. Does anyone know, how the guest house situation is normally during the festival? Is it easy to find one then? Or is ist better to stay in Khorat? Thanks Frank ...

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Paging MJS - Mae Nam beach

Posted by ndecost1 on 16/6/2007 at 02:34

I saw you wrote that you had been to Maenam beach. We're thinking of going there in December and staying on the western tip on Ban Tai beach. Is it a nice beach with clear water and nice sand? Thanks. We don't care that it's quiet - we'd prefer that actually. ...

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Is durian available all year in Thailand?

Posted by doglikesparky on 14/6/2007 at 20:13

I plan to head to Thailand around August and would like to know if I will be able to get the fruit "durian" while there. Is it available year round? I was in Thailand a few yrs ago in March / April and it was plentiful then. What about in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia ... yep, I'm gonna follow the fruit. And if anyone knows a beautiful and cheap place to hang out with a good supply, all the better. Any info on this much appreciated. ...

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Help please - Tongsai Bay or Napasai resorts

Posted by ndecost1 on 14/6/2007 at 05:10

Thanks to those of you who responded to my recent forum. We are deciding between Tongsai Bay Cottages resort in Choengmon beach OR Napasai (an Orient Express Hotel) on Ban Tia beach near Maenam. We are totally stuck between the two. Any recommendations you have would be appreciated. This is for our honeymoon so we want the must luxurious place possible with a beautiful and clean beach. We don't care much for the nightlife - just a beautiful resort with great amenities. I was referred t ...

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Looking for a paradise around Samui and surrounding islands...

Posted by chaimdan on 12/6/2007 at 22:19

Hi Guys, My wife and I with our baby will be traveling to Thailand in August and are planning on spending 6 days in Samui or one of the surrounding islands. We are looking for a place that is great for relaxing, picturesque, quiet or private beach, hammocks, nature, nice sand (basically what you see in the Thailand Tourism - TAT pictures)... originally was planning on maybe hopping over to Ko Tao for a couple of days but now it sounds like it's pretty much busy there and not sure about natura ...

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Visual impression from Northern Thailand...

Posted by Nicolai1976 on 4/5/2007 at 23:50

Hi, 13 months into my solo around the world bicycle trip, I've come to wonderful Thailand. I just made a photo album on Flickr with photos from my first month in Northern Thailand. Have a look at Comments, questions etc. are most welcome! Nicolai, Denmark ...

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20 things to think about when visiy#ting Thailand

Posted by khunwilko on 30/5/2007 at 14:35

Here are 20 things to think about when visiting Thailand… 1. Bring a cell phone “unblocked” and buy a Thai SIM card for it on arrival, they’re cheap (apprx. 250 baht) and include some credit already on them - e.g. - International calls to UK are about 5 - 8baht per min… 2. Money - Bring ATM and/or credit cards. - check fees and tell your bank your are going abroad. - Take Travellers cheques only as back-up. Bring very little cash (Baht) – you tend to get a better rate of exchan ...

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Bangkok hotels-Sukhumvit

Posted by ajetj on 12/6/2007 at 21:36

I need a reasonably priced and safe hotel in Sukhumvit. I'm a woman that is staying there alone so safety is a must. ...

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? Ban Tai beach, Koh Samui (Napasai resort) ?

Posted by ndecost1 on 12/6/2007 at 21:02

Forgive me, but I just learned that Ban Tai beach is on the western hook of Maenam beach. So I'm curious, since I now know that Maenam is a more yellow sand beach (as opposed to Choeng Mon which is white) and Maenam can be course sand in places. Is anyone familiar with Ban Tai beach? Or familiar with Napasai resort? Is it nice sand? Clear sea? We like swimming in the sea rather than pools. Tiny pebble sand won't bother us, but we'd prefer to not stay if its very rocky. Thank you. This is ...

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