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Kangar, Malaysia to Pak Bara, Thailand

Posted by roam on 4/4/2015 at 01:30

Does someone know how to get to Pak Bara pier from Kangar, Malaysia by bus or van cheaply? ...

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Training near Cambodian boarder

Posted by Scottie001 on 23/3/2015 at 06:52

Hey. I will be spending June this year in Thailand. I plan on spending the whole month training somewhere near the Cambodian boarder. I've looked online for Muay Thai gyms close to the boarder but with very limited results. Also I'm not looking for somewhere super modern. Just the average Thai gym Anyone know of any towns etc I should look up ? Cheers ...

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Double Entry Visa and Tourist Visa

Posted by irig0ld on 24/3/2015 at 22:58

Hi there guys, A visa question here. I'm from the Netherlands and I'm planning to stay in Thailand (Bangkok) for at least 3/4 months, but before I stay there (myself) I'm planning to take a little trip around Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines and Bali with my cousin. The plan is to also go to Thailand with him on this trip for about a month at the start of our trip. Here's where I'm getting confused about the visa. I was planning to get a double entry visa that would allow me to stay in Th ...

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Where can I have the best elephant experience?

Posted by karenosullivan on 9/3/2015 at 20:07

I'm planning on backpacking around south east Asia for about 4 months. I believe one of my highlights will be spending time with elephants. I was disturbed to read how about how elephants are treated for the sake of the tourist trade and I do not want to take part in it. Can anyone recommend a place where the elephants are treated well and where I can have the best experience with these gentle beasts? From my research, Elephant world and Elephant Nature Park seem to have a good rep? ...

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Itinerary Trang Islands

Posted by RTD on 20/3/2015 at 05:22

Hi everybody, I am planning a 2 week trip to the Andaman Sea. I will arrive in Krabi on the 5th of April at 4PM and I'll take a transfer to Pak Meng on the same day. I first intended to visit the Trang islands and go up to Koh Lanta and Ko Yao. My return flight is on the 18th of April from Phuket. My first idea was to go to Lipe and above all to Bulon but the latter seems to be difficult to reach from the 1st Apr. as the speedboats (Bundaya and Satun Pakbara) do not operate anymore from Lan ...

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Pajampo bike rental scam!

Posted by Rexmundi on 27/3/2015 at 23:30

Just got done talking with koh phangan police and the owner of pajampo bike rental. When I returned the bike she glossed over the inspection and immediately felt the undercarriage of the bike exclaiming "broken, was new!" I looked to see what was "broken" to find hairline scratches that had obviously been there for some time. She proceeded to show me the cost would be $65 usd! I became extremely upset and said I would not pay $65 dollars, to which she asked "how much can ...

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Getting to Kanchanaburi - May Bank Holiday Weekend

Posted by tigershoot on 24/3/2015 at 16:29

Any help appreciated with my travel plans. I am arriving at 7pm on Saturday 2nd May which is the Thai Bank holiday weekend and plan to get to Sangkhlaburi the next day. Plan 1. Get straight from BKK to Kanchanaburi , overnight there and carry on next day Plan 2. Go straight to Khao San Road and leave early Sunday by bus from Southern Bus Terminal. Re: Plan 1. What is the official taxi fare? I've seen mention of it being about 1300 - 1500 THB. Is this about right? I know that I need a map ...

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Arriving in Bangkok during Songkran

Posted by Sun0186 on 26/3/2015 at 04:01

Long time forum lurker here! I am due to spend the last night of my SE Asia trip in Bangkok on the 15th April before flying home. I am flying into don Muang airport and out of suvarnabhumi the next morning. As this is the last day of songkran it does seem a real shame to miss out on the fun, but I'm a little worried about how easy it will be to get around and how to get near enough to the action to enjoy it without getting soaked getting to the guesthouse! Happy to get wet once backpack is drop ...

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smog in Chiang mai, what is the current situation?

Posted by patrickolga on 24/3/2015 at 08:47

Hello, I am planning to travel to Chiang Mai in 5 days and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about the air quality and the smog. I was reading some articles online from 13 March 2015 claiming that tourist should avoid the area because of health risks. is anyone in this region now? or does anyone have some more information about the current situation? If there are serious health issues we can change our plans and visit the North of Thailand in the end of April but we would p ...

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Travel route help needed.

Posted by henny2229 on 23/3/2015 at 00:19

I'm arriving in bangkok april 12th too june 1st. 7 weeks. My plan was to head to khao san road from the airport. Me and my friend are both coming to Thailand mainly too party, not every night. Also take life easy and relax. My understanding is that chance of rain in may is high. So I thought getting south to the beaches would be something to do right away. Places Ive been interested in are phuket, koh phi phi and koh phangan for the full moon party. I also need to leave thailand shortly after th ...

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Good quiet beach near Railay or Phuket??

Posted by LauraJ87 on 3/7/2012 at 12:31

Hi I'm planning a trip to Thailand and definately want to stay on Railay beach for a few nights, possibly going to kata beach in Phuket , but I'm struggling to find a white sand/clear water clean beach that is very quiet (couple of sunloungers tops) around these areas and nearby islands, that doesn't take ages and lots of hassle to get to. So far I've read about Ko Lipe and Ko Adang which seem to take 6 hours to get to from Railay, and Ko Racha which I dont think is as quiet as I'd like. Id ...

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Sailing with Ocean Hiker?

Posted by chrismajor89 on 15/3/2015 at 12:42

Hi There, I'm planning to spend a week or so learning to sail on my upcoming travels a have been looking at a 5 day live aboard course with Ocean Hiker ( based out of Koh Tao. Has anyone used or heard anything about these guys and know if they're any good? (their website seems pretty comprehensive). Alternatively has anyone done any sailing with another company in the region that they are able to recommend? Cheers ...

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Koh Rok

Posted by michalkos on 31/12/2014 at 05:44

I will be in Thailand in february/march, mostly Andaman coast. I would like to stay on Ko Rok for 3-4 nights but it's not easy to find informations about transport and accomodation. So maybe someone can help: a) Accomodation- I know there are tents of NP and recently maybe also they have built bungalows (seen some info on Tezza)? Maybe someone has some fresh informations about options and prices? And also any experiences with booking online on from Europe? Or maybe there is option to ...

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Thailand October 7-24

Posted by BrownieThailand on 11/3/2015 at 09:49

Hi travelforum peeps! I want some practical advice on my planned itinerary. Planning to fly to Chiang Mai from BKK and i am wondering what the best way is to travel to Koh Chang from CM. Is this back to BKK and bus to Koh Chang? Or is there another way? Jungle trekking: Is the Gibbons experience in Laos waaaay better than a jungle trek in CM? Ending my trip in Koh Chang, besides the speedboat trips and renting a scooter and checking out the island: what are also nice things to do? In BKK: ...

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Travelling with Children

Posted by saljones2012 on 25/2/2015 at 00:59

Hi everyone, We are hoping to visit Thailand later on this year with our two young children. We've been to other places in SE Asia, but without the kids. We thought that Thailand would be the best place to start introducing them to Asia. Fingers crossed! I was wondering a few things: 1. Can anyone recommend any trekking companies in the north that specialise in light trips with kids? We don't mind if it's Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. 2. Is taking kids on night trains a completely ridiculous ...

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Thailand visa ?

Posted by henny2229 on 9/3/2015 at 00:04

Sorry if this is another regular post but Ive been looking around and see misleading information on my situation on what I need before my trip. Me and a friend are flying to bangkok april 12th. Our return home flight is june 2nd. About 50 days give or take ? We are both canadian citizens with eligible passports. We are also flying out of and back into Canada on those days. Now on our trip we don't have plans set in stone about side trips for example, cambodia, vietnam, laos and etc even though m ...

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Top 5 Thai Souvenirs that you should bring back home

Posted by TracyPerry on 7/3/2015 at 17:33

There are plenty of reasons to visit Thailand, from glorious golden beaches to legendary parties beneath a full moon"┬Žand that's before I mention the food and souvenirs. Here I share some Thailand souvenirs which I got and other Thai souvenirs worth buying as well - either for yourself as a present from Thailand or as a gift idea to your families & friends back home. 1. Thai snacks Thailand is a land of fruit snacks. The taste is always yummy and usually affordable. 2. Fried ...

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stray dog licked me on koh phagnan. do I need a rabies injection?

Posted by dangerzone15 on 1/3/2015 at 23:38

So a stray dog just randomly licked my leg on koh phagnan and I'm wondering should I get an injection for this? I washed the area within 5 minutes with 2 alcohol wipes but what concerns me is that I have a mosquito bite right at the area where the dog licked. It is a fresh mosquito bite as in it was bleeding a small bit when I rubbed against it with the alcohol wipes. What should I do? And can I even get this injection on koh phagnan? ...

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Offering free accommodation in exchange for some help in Koh Samui

Posted by samuiintern on 22/6/2012 at 22:10

My wife and I recently moved to Koh Samui in order to give me a chance to develop my business (I own a number of websites and also help other webmasters out with their online marketing.) We could really use some help with the work and would be interested in having some travellers coming to stay with us to help with blogging, social media and other tasks. In return for 5 hours a day work (Monday to Friday with the weekends off) we would offer free accommodation in a nice house in Bangrak with ...

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Where to stay in Koh Samui?

Posted by Celmar0407 on 5/3/2015 at 12:54

Hi, we are a family of 5,3 children aged 3,8 and 11 yrs that are going to Koh Samui around 1st of July. We where wondering if you guys could give us any recommendations on where to stay? What we are looking for in key words: budget luxury AC pool close to beach at least some stores and restaurants If we could choose we'd prefer: beach bungalow resort'ish Hope you guys that know Koh Samui can help. We have been searching all the well known sites such as agoda,booking,,sawadee and so on ...

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