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Visas and return or onward flights

Posted by lindahowson on 22/8/2014 at 23:55

Hi, Can anyone tell me if I can cross on land from Thailand to Laos without proof of an onward flight? More and more we meet up against check in desk officials who will not let us board unless we have "onward flights". When we are travelling without long term plans and definite dates this is becoming a real pain. We want to cross land borders from Thailand to Laos, Laos to Vietnam, Vietnam to Cambodia and Cambodia to Thailand before returning to the UK. Do we need the trouble of ful ...

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Anyone in Chiang Rai now???

Posted by qazxc on 26/2/2015 at 09:40

Hey there! I've been being in Chiang rai since Monday till Saturday (maybe Sunday) I'm here alone. I'd like to know is there any nice cafe for studying? And would be great if someone can hangout with me. Have a lovely day ...

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Confusion over 30 day stay

Posted by dangerzone15 on 27/2/2015 at 12:26

So, my issue is that I arrived in Thailand on the 11th of this month - which means by their law i'm allowed stay until the 12th of march (30 days). But if I leave before then as im planning (on the 7th march) for 4 days to kuala lumpur and return on the 11th of march, will there be any issues? I.e will they just count me returning as part of the original 30 days or will I be granted a "fresh" 30 day stay upon re-entry? ...

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Advice on Andaman island hopping in March

Posted by Bilbo1 on 26/2/2015 at 05:19

Hi everyone, I've been to Thailand before but always around July/August time so I'm looking forward to doing some Andaman island hopping in a few days time. I'm staying in Phuket for a couple of nights to recover from my flight and then have 15 days for the islands. I was planning to head to Ko Lanta first (I've already been to PhiPhi) and then work my way down to Ko Ngai, Ko Muk, Ko Bulan Lae, Ko Lipe and then go to the mainland (Pak Bara I believe) and travel back up in a day to Phuket to ge ...

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Msg. To Anyone going from Thailand to Vietnam

Posted by Drichards081 on 26/2/2015 at 09:09

Didn't know I couldn't exchange VND once inside Thailand. Willing to part with a little over $80 USD worth for $70 USD. That's a better rate than you could get on the black market. I'm willing to meet up wherever, just drop me a message. Happy traveling! Cheers! ...

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Sangkhlaburi or Thong Pha Phum - Bath with Elephants

Posted by tigershoot on 25/2/2015 at 13:00

I am really wanting to bathe with elephants and I thought I had found the ideal place called Ganesha in Thong Pha Phum on Khao Laem lake. Trouble is it's so booked up for all the dates I wanted. I am going to be staying at P's Guesthouse when I am up in Sangklhaburi. I know there is an elephant camp up there as I have booked on one their tours. Does anyone know if it's possible to pay extra and bathe with them? Or is there another place down Thong Pha Phum way that allows this. We will be ther ...

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quiet Thai island good for snorkelling and sunsets?

Posted by dangerzone15 on 24/2/2015 at 22:39

Anyone have particular recommendations here? Looking for a good island for snorkelling. Quiet but not so quiet that I won't meet people (as a solo traveller its important to meet people). Preferably on the gulf side as I have visited phi phi, phuket, so nang and raileh alreafy. I enjoy a beautiful sunset so any islands that stand out in this regard would be a bonus. Thanks for any advice. ...

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Entertainment for kids in Bangkok

Posted by LizHarvey on 25/12/2014 at 10:30

We will be traveling with our 2 kids to Thailand in February (5&8 yo). Planning on staying in Bangkok for 2 days, and then moving on to Koh Samui. Any suggestions where to take kids in Bangkok? Thank you! ...

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HELP_One Month Thailand Itinerary and Budget Review

Posted by ashleyryan2011 on 20/2/2015 at 13:38

Hello all, Warning this is a long post, but please help! I have been reading this forum for about a year now and methodically planned everything out thanks to all your wonderful words of wisdom and caring hearts. I was hoping some of you experienced backpackers/travellers would be so kind to view my plan and offer some suggestions/criticisms. First some background. I am an engaged 30 year old and as a honeymoon I am taking my future wife for a one month trip to Thailand in February 2016 (shhh, s ...

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Getting to Lipe - use Trang or Hat Yai

Posted by tigershoot on 24/2/2015 at 13:10

I am looking at getting to Lipe or Bulon Lae in May. Why is it that most seem to recommend going to Hat Yai and across to Pak Bara when it seems closer and quicker to get there from Trang? I would be coming down from Bangkok - probably by train. I know Trang well as I went there last year and it seems the logical route - hence the reason I ask why Hat Yai is always mentioned. ...

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Longtail boat up the coastline of Thailand

Posted by kaarup on 13/2/2012 at 16:32

Hi all, Just got an idea and don't even know if it's possible so i wanted to ask some advise from the locals I wanted either to rent or buy/resell a long tail boat and sail for 30 days up and down the coastline go either the east or west coast of Thailand 1) is it possible to rent a boat for that long period? 2) can an foreigner buy a boat at all? 3) are there any prerequisites to do that, permits, laws etc 4) witch coastline would be best if possible 5) others ...

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Planning 1-Month in Thailand

Posted by jippy_7 on 25/3/2009 at 01:43

Hello All! This is my first time traveling to Thailand and I am currently planning a one month vacation there. We are starting off in Bangkok and then going to floating market and off to Kanchanaburi the same day. Are there regular buses that will make this possible? Also the main thing I would like to see in Kanchanaburi is Erawan Falls any info on buses and if it would be best to stay in the city for the night or closer to caves/falls? Finally what would be the best way to go fro ...

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Koh samui rentals - Laem Hin Khom

Posted by Maijac on 21/2/2015 at 06:55

Hi everybody! We are 5 female International tourism students from the Netherlands andGermany (NHTV, Breda) and we are looking for a place to rent (2 weeks) in the area of Laem Hin Khom. We will be in Myanmar and Koh Samui for a period of 4 weeks, to conduct research about tourism destinations. Together with +- 70 other students we will visit the Island from 29 March to 20 April 2015. However, it is quite difficult to find a place (via the Internet) where we can sleep with 5 persons and have spac ...

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Quite a few changes, new route.

Posted by BuzzmFrog84 on 14/2/2015 at 13:51

I'm going to be spending my first 3-4 nights in Bangkok. The only other destinations I have in mind right now are Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai (I'm hearing mixed reviews for the time I'll be here, April-May, but I at least want to check it out) and some sort of beach/island destination after that. I've cut most of the Isan plans out of my trip. Not that I don't want to see them, but the more time I put into research and the closer I come to the date, the more I think this is practical for ...

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2 weeks island hoping itinerary help

Posted by SoloGirls on 29/1/2014 at 02:02

Hi! So I have 16 days to try to get in enough, but not too much. Those counting the days that I arrive and leave. I arrive at 2pm, so most of that day is gone. But I leave well after midnight on the last day. 3am to be exact. So I have that whole day as long as I'm within access to the airport by the evening. I'm not planning on doing anything uncommon as it's my first time there. So just sticking to the well followed paths as boring as that may be. Two places I am going is Phi Phi and ...

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A very quiet Thai island?

Posted by quaton on 11/1/2015 at 21:57

Hi all, Hope all you backpackers out there can help.......I'm hoping to find and "retreat" for 10 days to any island in Thailand that is traditionally simplistic and quiet. In other words, no or minimal tv, internet, simple bungalows with simple restaurant which is family run. Very simple, very basic with time to reflect. Cheers, Phil Perth - Western Australia ...

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Advice for female solo traveller going to Thailand in November for a month

Posted by Natasha92 on 17/2/2015 at 17:43

I am planning on going to Thailand for a month in November. I have done research, however, there are still a few things I am worried about. I am planning to spend time in Bangkok, see some temples and have a Thai massage, then head to Chiang Mai by the overnight train. I would like to see some temples, go on a cooking course and go to Patara elephant farm whilst I am in Chiang Mai. I am then planning to go back to Bangkok and get a flight to Krabi. Whilst I'm there I want to go to Railay beac ...

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29M Travel Buddy in Pattaya - 3/7-3/20

Posted by jasmar on 19/2/2015 at 04:57

Going to Pattaya for the second two weeks of March for the nightlife. Seeing if anyone wants to get a beer ...

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First time Thailand 2 months, suggestions?

Posted by obray7 on 2/10/2014 at 19:12

Buddy of mine and myself going to Thailand feb 24 2015 for 2 months possibly longer depending on what we want to do. For sure plan on staying in koh phangan for the full moon party. But what else should we do? We have so many ideas but want the best ones. We're looking for parties and relaxing and just a mix of everything lol. ...

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boat from ayuthaya to bangkok

Posted by Dancerjess on 18/2/2015 at 00:25

are there any public boats? will commercial companies just let you go one way? ...

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