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Thanks, and an odd bit of advice.

Posted by tokyobelle on 7/8/2006 at 23:42

Hi everyone! Just got back a few days ago and thought I would take a break from editing and captioning my photos to thank everyone for the very helpful information that I received here. I'm trying to go back and add any helpful information to previous topics now. But, if you're a woman who happens to be-for lack of a better term- top heavy, you may want to consider dressing even more conservatively. I was never what you could call scantily dressed, but was usually in a plain old gap t-shir ...

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A very Un Travelfish question

Posted by blurredphoto on 7/8/2006 at 07:28

Hi gang.. I have a question that may not be seen much here on this site... I need the name of a decent Spa. It is for my mother and her fiance. They will be visiting me around the new year in Bangkok and I'd love to treat them. I am looking for a nice place that offers all of those weird services like hot stones and all of that pseudo medical blagg. I'm not looking to send my poor mother to a 200b/hour shop where she may be molested........ I'd love to send them to the Spa at the Oriental, ...

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Living in BKK

Posted by AA on 2/8/2006 at 21:18

Will be living in BKK from sepetember, need a home. Where's the best area to live? 70,000bht a month. Cheers AA. ...

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The fastest way to get to Udon Thani from Vientiane

Posted by googookevin on 7/8/2006 at 19:51

I'm in Vientiane right now. I'll fly out Udon Thani on 9th Aug. I am wondering what the best and fast way to travel from Vientiane to Udon Thani. Is there any direct bus sevice? I've heard about THAI Air has that service. Or should I follow the traditional way: take Thai-Lao Bus and then take bus from Nong khai to Udon Thani? ...

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Buying a mosquito net

Posted by ComingtoThailand on 3/8/2006 at 11:24

We are going to Thailand in a week and have never bought a mosquito net before. Can we get one at any camping store (like REI)? If so, what exactly do they look like? (Sorry if that's a stupid question). We looked online and are unsure of what exactly we should be looking for. Is it something that covers over the entire bed, or just that covers over our body? Finally, approximately what cost should we expect to pay in the U.S.? Thanks to all of you in advance for your help. ...

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reading glasses

Posted by calitraveler on 30/7/2006 at 01:02

what's the best way to find a store to buy a pair of reading glasses in bangkok? i'm assuming that they're cheaper there than here in the states?? i have really bad eye sight w/ a slight astigmatism, so would try to get them as thin as possible. any idea of the turn around time and cost? ...

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Latest Ferry From Koh Tao to Chumporn??

Posted by Benjamin on 18/6/2006 at 11:12

Hi Travelfishers, I will reiterate how much I love this site. I love this site...a lot. What is the latest boat from Koh Tao to Chumporn? I want to catch the overnight train to bangkok at 8:30pm. The latest boat I could find leaving Koh Tao was at 3:00. I'd rather not spend to much time in Chumporn and was hoping there was a later boat. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely Benjamin ...

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PHI PHI question!!

Posted by rachael0kerr on 6/8/2006 at 12:03

HI, I have spent xmas in phiphi for the last couple of years with my sister. Now we plan to take our family ( 6pax) to phiphi for xmas. We used to stay in some bungolows about a 10min walk from the beach...and for the life of me I can't remeber the name of the place!!!! does anyone know?? or have any idea where the 6 of us could stay? we want quiet and cheap- idealy 500-750 Baht??? I would love some help with this!!!! ...

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Travel with a baby, which beach on Koh Samui?

Posted by tsargood on 4/8/2006 at 17:08

Hi, I will be traveling in December with a group of 7 , one of which is a 2 year old. We have been looking at Mae Nam beach on Koh Samui. Is there mid range accomodation there that would be ok for a baby? Any recomendations? or maybe another beach would be more suitable? We are not really after the party scene. Is there any places where we could rent a house short term with 3 bedrooms without spending too much. Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers, Tim ...

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Best Island

Posted by Birdie on 14/6/2006 at 17:02

Hi, I am going to Bangkok in April and was hoping to travel to one of the Islands for a few days relaxation. Any ideas on the best isalnd to get to from Bankok?? I don't mind travelling at all but as am only going for 3 weeks I don't want to spend all my time trying to get there. Any info / ideas would be great. Thanks ...

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Ko Pha Ngan

Posted by jldm on 14/7/2006 at 11:28

Hey, I was researching places to stay in Ko Pha Ngan and didnt really find what I was looking for. I am looking for a place that has huts on a nice beach, thats relatively quiet, with good swimming and snorkeling. Condition of huts is not overly important... Somewhere you can go and spend a few weeks just chilling. I looked through all the huts on this website and maybe I overloaded but just couldnt find what I was looking for... any suggestions? Thanks! ...

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Khao Sok

Posted by karyn on 28/6/2006 at 22:04

We are going to Khao Sok in the middle of August, leaving from Phuket. I found a bus that goes from Phuket across to Surat Thani but does that mean we can get off for the park? Do we need a transfer/switch of buses? Do I need to go with a local tour group to explore the park or can I connect with the rangers at the park to get to the lake/tubing/kayaking? Has anyone gone to the park this time of year? Any accommodation recommendations that people have stayed at? And then we am going ...

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Ferry from Samet to Samui?

Posted by KerryH on 3/8/2006 at 18:19

Hi Does anyone know if it is possible to get a ferry from Samet to Samui? Ta ...

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Ko Lanta Resort - Sang Kha Ou Spa and Resort

Posted by EmjayReet on 2/8/2006 at 09:13

Hi, Just wondering if anyone has ANY information on the new resort Sang Kha Ou or even Mango House - both located on Ko Lanta??? I am unable to find anything on them... just read about them on a Ko Lanta website although they never got back to me when I enquired as to how I could contact them? Would love to find prices, photos, recommendations, contact details.... anything! Thanks Emjay x ...

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Is there a bus from kao san road bangkok all the way to Koh Chang?

Posted by robbo on 31/7/2006 at 15:08

We are unsure if this is a fact. It is supposedly a government bus, and not too expensive I believe. Or is it better to get the tiny bus which goes to Trat. Also is there a way to rent a car for use while on Koh Chang. We go in November. Thanks. ...

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trekking in pai

Posted by calitraveler on 24/7/2006 at 03:42

great website and so informative. i'm planning to bus over to pai after staying in chiang mai (2nd or 3rd week of this august), and would really like to go trekking in pai (since i've heard that pai gives you more of an authentic thai experience than chiang mai). however, i know it's the rainy season, where it rains 1-2 hours/day in the afternoon or nonstop for a few days, so i'm not sure if trekking is safe to do or recommended?? also, will there be enough people for a trek is commence? ...

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Ko Samui

Posted by Red on 26/7/2006 at 12:12

Well it looks like we have finally decided on going to Ko Samui for 2-4 days on the last leg of our trip to Thailand in January. Now I would like to ask is there one place that is nicer than another there, or is it all great.Should we stay on the north part of the island or go east or west. I think we will give the south a miss only because of the time factor. Thank you ...

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Ko Samui

Posted by Red on 24/7/2006 at 06:23

I am just wondering what airline to take to Ko Samui,as we are now thinking of going there for a few days instead of Pattaya. And should we book ASAP when we first get to BKK from Australia. Or perhaps over the internet. Thankyou. ...

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safe alone?

Posted by bgmidnightwhite on 26/7/2006 at 01:38

Hello I'm a female headed to SouthEast Asia, including Thailand, in a few months, and I will most likely be traveling alone. I wold love some feedback on whether or not it is safe for a female to travel alone. I tend to be very low-key and conservately dressed. Thanks! ...

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Koh Tao

Posted by staceandpagie on 22/7/2006 at 03:59

Hi Me and the girlfriend are going to stay here around December time. I have two questions. 1. Has anyone done there PADI there. 2. Can anyone recommend places to stay. Thanks ...

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