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Phuket to Ko Rok - help!

Posted by dantout on 9/8/2006 at 16:05

Hi, I posted this message under another topic by accident yesterday, but I really hope someone can help with this. I'm flying into Phuket at 1pm on the 31st of October and want to make my way straight to Ko Lanta to get to Ko Rok. Does anybody know of another way other than the ferry via Phi Phi, as this only leaves in the morning. Otherwise I'll stay for one night in Phuket town and make the trip the next day. I'd like to stay at either Thanang Guesthouse or Tui Mansion in Phuket Town ...

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Thai island in first week of Oct?

Posted by sackonmyback on 11/8/2006 at 07:07

Hi guys! You are probally sick of me by now (!) but have been going round and round in circles trying to figure out the best island for my boyfriend and I to go to and not getting very far! Bit confused... Basically, we want to go somewhere to lax out, hit the beach and just generally chill for the first week of October. He has been to Samui & Phangan twice already so would like to go somewhere other than that if poss. We have about 6 days, and will be coming from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. ...

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Kamphaeng Phet to Kanchaburi

Posted by robbo on 15/8/2006 at 21:03

Is the best way to get to Kanchaburi from Kamphaeng Phet is by bus to Suphanaburi then change for Kanchanaburi ? Is there a direct bus service ? Or by train from Phitsanulok south then a bus. Thanks for any advice. Terrific site. Has been very helpfull in planning our trip to Laos/Thailand. ...

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Bangkok to Surat Thani - key things to see along the way?

Posted by stephwigz on 9/8/2006 at 19:57

Hi there, I'm a pretty inexperienced traveller and haven't really done a lot that hasn't been with tours, etc. I am planning a trip to Thailand starting November 30th this year. I will be there for a month, and I've been having some initial confusion over routes to take. I am flying in to Bangkok and plan to spend a couple of days there first. The north doesn't really interest me hugely (at this stage anyway) and was wanting to do more of an island hopping thing. I'm pretty flexible as to whe ...

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Question About Chiang Mai

Posted by John1811 on 12/8/2006 at 02:14

First off, I have used a lot of the great information on this board for planning my upcoming trip to Thailand in September. So thanks to everyone for all the great info. My question is this. My wife and are planning to spend 3-4 days in Chiang Mai primarily because we hear eveyone say that Chiang Mai is definitely worth the stop. That being said, the common things that I hear being recommended are Hill Tribe Treks, Cooking Classes, and Shopping. I am wondering if there are any other thing ...

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thailand in december

Posted by lc60 on 14/8/2006 at 12:04

Hi, I'm travelling to Thailand in December with my 14 year old daughter for 4 weeks ... we're both really looking forward to having this trip together! I've been reading the many wonderful posts on this site for days now, trying to decide how to best spend our time. It's been really helpful! I do have some questions I'm hoping some kind soul can help me with - We'd like to spend just a few days in Bangkok, then head to the Kanchanaburi area, to Chiang Mai as a base for a bit, and to t ...

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Chiang Mai

Posted by tuckere on 10/8/2006 at 06:04

Hi Everyone, I'm heading to Thailand for 3.5 weeks in Nov. Hoping to get to alot of islands, to Surin and then to Cambodia. Just wondering if it's worth making the time to get up to Chiang Mai? And if so, how long would you suggest staying there for? Cheers, Erin. ...

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Koh Chang - HELP!

Posted by slave2dafunk on 9/8/2006 at 23:00

My bro and I are planning a trip to Koh Chang (we think!) for the first week of October. We've both been to other beaches/islands around Thailand and are trying to go somewhere new. Any advice about places to stay in Koh Chang. A lot of the accomodation I'm looking at is way out of my price range (I work in Thailand...). Basically looking for something decent but cheap. Also what about snorkelling on Koh Chang? Any advice would be more than welcome. Thanks!!! ...

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Koh Phayam? Stupid at this time of year??

Posted by saskpacker on 10/8/2006 at 10:48

Hey all, we're in Koh Samui and the weather is gorgeous. We're heading for Koh Sok National Park right now and thinking about going over to Ranong and then Koh Phayam....but weather reports say nothing but bad. Just wondering if anybody has been there recently and knows if the rain is constant or if it breaks much. Thanks! ...

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Ko Yao Noi and Ko Yao Yai, the Thai islands you've been looking for

Posted by somtam2000 on 9/8/2006 at 21:02

When our researcher handed in his notes for Ko Yao Noi and Ko Yao Yai one of the first things he said was "You've got to tell people to go there -- it's incredible -- the highlight of this trip..." So, if you're interested in a couple of great islands, you may want to check out our new feature story on Ko Yao Noi and Ko Yao Yai... there's lots of places to stay, they're easy to reach (from Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga) and most travellers have never heard of them... Detailed coverage via th ...

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Suits and Jeans

Posted by staceandpagie on 9/8/2006 at 20:03

Hi I was wondering where the best place to get a suit made would be and the price i should expect to pay. Also my sister went a year or so ago and said there was a lot of places to buy Diesel and other brands of clothing. Are these originals or knock offs. Cheers ...

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Muay Thai on Koh Chang?

Posted by nicnac on 8/8/2006 at 21:09

Does anyone know if there is a Muay Thai (Thai boxing) school on Koh Chang? If so, what is it like, where is it etc? Can't find any info on the web. ...

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koh chang - weather and babies

Posted by zacmum on 9/8/2006 at 15:26

Does anyone know what the weather may be like on Koh Chang in late August? I had visions of hot sunny days but read somewhere that it may be monsoon. Also, does anyone have any top tips for travelling to Koh Chang with a 10 month old baby? ...

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Air Asia

Posted by KerryH on 21/7/2006 at 21:41

Hi I have found some great deals on flights with Air Asia from Bangkok to Krabi but have never used them. Can anyone advise if they are a good? ...

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Bus/Train Travel from Bangkok to Vientaine

Posted by jadw on 8/8/2006 at 02:57

Does anyone know if there's a direct bus from Bangkok to Vientaine via the Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge, as well as the schedule and cost? Also, would anyone know the bus schedule and cost from Nong Khai to Vientaine? Would anyone suggest which mode of transportation is better, train or the bus? Thanks. ...

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Phnom Phenh - Koh Chang - Bangkok?

Posted by sackonmyback on 8/8/2006 at 06:40

Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on the fastest/quickest way to get from Phnom Penh to Koh Chang please? Then from Koh Chang back to Bangkok? Travelling at the end of Sept/beginning of October. Thanks heaps!! Lisa :) ...

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Thanks, and an odd bit of advice.

Posted by tokyobelle on 7/8/2006 at 23:42

Hi everyone! Just got back a few days ago and thought I would take a break from editing and captioning my photos to thank everyone for the very helpful information that I received here. I'm trying to go back and add any helpful information to previous topics now. But, if you're a woman who happens to be-for lack of a better term- top heavy, you may want to consider dressing even more conservatively. I was never what you could call scantily dressed, but was usually in a plain old gap t-shir ...

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A very Un Travelfish question

Posted by blurredphoto on 7/8/2006 at 07:28

Hi gang.. I have a question that may not be seen much here on this site... I need the name of a decent Spa. It is for my mother and her fiance. They will be visiting me around the new year in Bangkok and I'd love to treat them. I am looking for a nice place that offers all of those weird services like hot stones and all of that pseudo medical blagg. I'm not looking to send my poor mother to a 200b/hour shop where she may be molested........ I'd love to send them to the Spa at the Oriental, ...

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Living in BKK

Posted by AA on 2/8/2006 at 21:18

Will be living in BKK from sepetember, need a home. Where's the best area to live? 70,000bht a month. Cheers AA. ...

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The fastest way to get to Udon Thani from Vientiane

Posted by googookevin on 7/8/2006 at 19:51

I'm in Vientiane right now. I'll fly out Udon Thani on 9th Aug. I am wondering what the best and fast way to travel from Vientiane to Udon Thani. Is there any direct bus sevice? I've heard about THAI Air has that service. Or should I follow the traditional way: take Thai-Lao Bus and then take bus from Nong khai to Udon Thani? ...

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