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Elephant traing centre Lampang

Posted by marianwarren on 5/7/2006 at 17:24

Are there other things to do in lampang or is visiting the elephant training centre regarded as a day trip from Chiang Mai? I am having trouble finding detailed (or any) info about this. Rgards Marian ...

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Ko Pha Ngan at Xmas & New Year time

Posted by MILKDOG on 3/7/2006 at 23:21

Hi, Me and a friend will be in Ko Pha Ngan around Xmas and New Year and just wanted to check if we are best booking our accomodation before we arrive and can anybody recommend a good place/area to stay over this period?? Many thanks Milkdog ...

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bangkok international airport storage?

Posted by translasian on 4/7/2006 at 23:06

OK - so I read the previous posts regarding this issue - Im just interested in knowing if anyone has actually had any first-hand experience. I'm particularly concerned about security, cost and limits. I'm looking to store a laptop and a guitar for a month so Im a little weary about the matter. Any info would be much appreciated, ~ J ...

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Malaria Tablets

Posted by MILKDOG on 3/7/2006 at 23:24

Hi, I've decided to take the Malarone pills when travelling throught the North of Thailand/Lao/Cambodia/Vietnam but the prices here in the UK are really expensive. Will I be able to buy them in Bangkok at a cheaper price, and is this wise?? Cheers Milkdog ...

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Posted by breccan on 25/6/2006 at 18:44

I'd like to hear people's tips and advice on haggling in Thailand, or anywhere. I hate doing it! Thanks! ...

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Laid back places in northern thailand + internet access in room?

Posted by webno on 1/7/2006 at 16:34

Can anyone recommend a place where I can hook up my laptop and still enjoy the beauty of the country? Like a resort, a small bungalow or alike. I'm searching for a place to stay in northern thailand for one month. Provinces chiang mai, chiang rai, lampun are prefered. For my one man business it's essential that I have a fairly reliable internet connection in my room. Other than the ADSL connection (wifi or cable) I don't need much, starting from a one room place with cold water 220V. Basi ...

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Koh Phangan on November

Posted by wailing1 on 1/7/2006 at 19:32

I know it is the raining season in Koh Phangan. Can anyone tell me how worse is it? Rain all day or shower? Cannot go out for snorkelling? No sun-shine all day? Rough seas? ...

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Travelfish Howto: How do I get from Bangkok to Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao?

Posted by somtam2000 on 30/6/2006 at 17:30

We've just added the first in a series of stories that is tackling some of the more common routes that travellers are undertaking during their trip. We decided to start with one of the most common, the Bangkok to Ko Samui/Ko Pha Ngan/Ko Tao journey. You can read the full story here. We'll be doing Siem Reap to Ko Chang next week, and if you have other requests, please add them into this thread. Thanks & have a good weekend! ...

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Can I buys me some mosquito spray in Thailand and do I need long pants?

Posted by Benjamin on 13/6/2006 at 16:50

Hi gang. This is my third post and I have wicked success with my other posts. This site rocks. 1) I am hearing that deet is a Thailand must. Do I need to buy it before I get to Thailand or is there ample opportunity to buy it there? 2) Do i need long pants and long sleeves to check out temples? I'm bringing a small pack and don't want to bring what isn't essential. Peace Ben ...

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Climate Aug/Sept. and best locations

Posted by markus212 on 29/6/2006 at 02:18

I have never been to Thailand and am planning a two week trip for the last week of August and the first week of September. I am wondering what the wheather should be like? If it rains a few hours a day and then the sun will be out again that's okay, but might it be raining all day for several days in a row? I've heard that the eastern side of the peninsula is dryer than the western side - does anyone have any recommendations for destinations on the eastern side? Thanks so much, Ma ...

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Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son areas

Posted by tennie on 20/6/2006 at 10:57

Hello, My original travel plans was about one and a half week in Northern Thailand and I was hoping to incorporate Chiang Mai, Pai, Soppong and Mae Hong Son in that time - for some trekking and then relaxing generally. (by the way it's my first time in Thailand) Anyhow, I'm now restricted with time as I realised I'll only have about 5 days in the North. So - I'd like to get some opinion from people as to whether it would still be worth it to try and get to Pai (because it sounds great! ...

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Bangkok to Koh Phan Yang

Posted by DannyJ on 27/6/2006 at 16:51

Hey guys, hope everyones happy today! I was just wondering if anyone could let me know how long i should allow for this journey? I won't be in any hurry but a rough idea would be nice... I was thinking about getting the train rather then the bus for the trip to Suri Thani as it's suppose to be a more comfortable trip, any comments? Also a ball park figure for a price would help? I'm demanding today, he he! Thanks in advance for any help or comments. Peace and love, Danny J ...

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Venus Resort Koh Phangan

Posted by wswalcott on 26/6/2006 at 18:21

Hi, I am looking for contact details for the above resort have stayed there twice but cannot find anything online. I am looking to book in advance this time. Any help would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks ...

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Travel warning: Kanchanaburi

Posted by somtam2000 on 22/6/2006 at 19:31

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Australian woman, a nurse who specialised in looking after the disabled and was on holiday in Thailand, was shot in a bar in Kanchanaburi early Monday morning has tragically died. Our condolences to her family and friends. The story goes on to say: "Since the beginning of 2006 a number of small bars have been hit by local youths in drive-by shootings. At least five people have been killed and a dozen bars shut down." I follow the papers in Thai ...

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Baggage storage in Bangkok

Posted by breccan on 25/6/2006 at 18:48

I'm going to be flying to Bangkok from Japan and will have a year's worth if items in my bags that I need to leave somewhere while I travel around. Last time I was in Bangkok, I stored some things at a hotel, but I didn't feel it was very secure, and I wouldn't trust leaving all of my worldly posessions there for over a month. Does anyone know a safe and not too expensive place to leave my stuff? Is the airport really expensive? ...

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Shopping on Khao San

Posted by scudder3 on 21/6/2006 at 21:47

I leave to meet a friend on Khao San in two weeks. From what I hear you can buy almost anything on Khao San and Bangkok in general. For this reason, and my limited free time before I leave, I want to wait until arriving before buying a few items. So - does almost everything include: rain coat, umbrella, first aid type kit, mosquito coils, light cargo pants... These are a few of the items I am considering buying in Thailand in my first few days while wondering around. Your thoughts are ap ...

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Nang Yuan Dive Resort Near Koh Tao

Posted by Ellen on 19/6/2006 at 00:22

Hi guys, I leave for Thailand on Saturday, wooohooo :) I was hoping someone here could help me, We have booked two nights at the Nang Yuan Dive Resort (I've never pre-booked in Asia before) anyway, the price is supposed to include free boat transfer from Koh Tao. I placed the booking direct with the resort website and got an email asking for payment, and later got a reservation voucher. However, nowhere on the website does it say where the transfer boat picks up from in Ko Tao, or wh ...

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For Exacto

Posted by DannyJ on 20/6/2006 at 18:49

Hiya, this was the best way i could think of to get ya until travelfish get a private message function! Have you been away yet? I'm waiting on hearing what you had to say about Big John's? If you have hope you had a good time, if not, happy travels! Peace and love, Danny J ...

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temple attire

Posted by ib2mix on 21/6/2006 at 14:40

or as a matter of fact...attire in Thailand in general.... must i wear long pants to the temples? Can i wear cropped pants...capri pants? pants that go past the knee? I feel like it will be too hot and miserable to wear long pants. Of course, I will wear a shirt with some type of sleeve...but someone please give me some advice as to what to wear in SE Asia in general. All I have are tank tops and shorts and skirts (that go to the knee) What about the big cities? Can I wear tank tops there? he ...

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Chiang Mai Airport

Posted by steebee on 20/6/2006 at 08:16

How would you travel from the Chiang Mai airport into Chiang Mai? Would you take a taxi or bus? What should the fare be, do they have meters or do you negotiate a fare? Do you tip the driver? How long should the trip take? Also, I just love this site. Thank you for it. ...

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