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bangkok for one night before heading to Ko Samui

Posted by jdollar on 11/6/2006 at 03:29

Hi, My travel partner and I are arriving at 11pm into the Bangkok Airport and are looking for a place to stay for that night before we head south the next day. Our main thing is that we don't want the hassle of finding a place to stay late that night, and would also prefer a place that would pick us up at the airport so we don't have the hassle of finding the place after a long day of flying. An english speaking staff would also be a plus to ease us in slowly and answer any questions we had. ...

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travelling south in july

Posted by w_m on 12/6/2006 at 20:58

im travelling through southern thailand in july, im going to koh Samui and koh Tao for a while and was wondering if the west coast is worth a trip, mainly Phuket and Phagnga? and if anyone could recommend a nice quiet beach and accomoodation for Samui that'd be great, cheers ...

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Islands in August

Posted by karyn on 11/6/2006 at 09:48

I have read and noticed some comments about times of year to visit different islands. I am going to Thailand in August and was wondering if Ko Chang is a good choice or if there is other island(s) that I should pursue instead. Is there a particular region of islands that would be best considering the time of year? Thanks for your thoughts and information! ...

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Malaria around Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia & Malaysia help plz

Posted by besty123 on 8/6/2006 at 02:34

Hi everyone. Its currently under one month before me and my girlfriend leave for 6weeks visiting the countries as stated in the subject heading. The problem I am facing is to do with malaria. It will be the monsoon season (most destinations). The places and length we are staying are: Bangkok 5days (another 4 at the end, including bridge of the river kwai) Laos 7 days - Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang (Phonsavan, Sam Neua & Na Maew to cross to Vietnam Vietnam 14 days- Hanoi, H ...

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Ko Samui-Mae Nam, Good Better Best?

Posted by VeronicaBotess on 6/6/2006 at 20:00

Hi there, Excellent and helpful site by the way, well done. OK, my problem is this, I am going from Bangok to Ko Samui in early August. Now, which in your opinion is the best way to get from Bangkok to Ko Samui? I've read some train horror stories on the Net and they just don't seem worth the mission despite the price. Would you recommend taking a bus? In that case, is the bus station close to the airport? If you don't recommend taking a bus, then flight is I suppose ideal. If only I wer ...

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Posted by ComingtoThailand on 9/6/2006 at 02:05

What are any of your suggestions about vaccinations for Northern Thailand? We will be in Thailand for about 22 days, and only in the North for about 10 days max. However, in that time, we are unsure where we will be--probably stay to some of the more "touristy" rural areas (Mae Hong Son, Pai, Chiang Rai), but will definitely do a 2-3 night trek and do not want to be limited in where we can go once we're there. Since we have gotten most of the basic vaccines, my biggest question is about the Jap. ...

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Vientiane to Ko Phangan?

Posted by ib2mix on 8/6/2006 at 11:20

My friend and I are going to SE Asia. but we can't figure out the best, fastest, and cheapest way to get to Ko Phangan. How do we do this? We don't mind flying..but we don't know where to find tickets, and if we should get them now or when we get there or find a travel agent.....basically we are clueless at this point and we need some guidance.... ...

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Body/Wax/Massage Treatment - Bangkok???

Posted by neo on 2/6/2006 at 15:47

Hi Everyone, Considering this website has been my homepage for quite a few weeks now, its needless to say Travelfish have done a great job. I have pretty much planned all my trip for Thailand but am in need for some advice in seeking a medium (not cheap/unprofessional) budget massage/body/wax/etc treatment parlours in bangkok city area. I am going to be there in 2 weeks and am really looking forward to a relaxing holiday. Can experienced travellers reccommend any websites, names where ...

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HELP!!!!!!!!!! Earliest boat from Phangan to Samui

Posted by Alison24 on 6/6/2006 at 19:40

HELP!!!!!!!!!! Earliest boat from Phangan to Samui Around 8???????? Please! Leaving Samui by plane at 10:40!!!!!!!!!! ...

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Bangkok to Chumporn train, arriving early hours?

Posted by Ellen on 1/6/2006 at 05:27

I'm planning on getting the night train from Bangkok to Chumporn, I was going to get the sensible 22:50 departure which arrives at an equally sensible 05:52 (just enough time to grab some breakfast and catch the early boat to Ko Tao) but my gf wants to travel first class and only 2nd class is available on this train 1st class is available on the 19:15 departure, but it means arriving into Chumporn at 4am, Is there anything to do at this time? Is Chumporn big? will there be any night ...

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Best & cheapest way to travel from Thailand to Singapore???

Posted by MILKDOG on 5/6/2006 at 17:43

Hi Travelfish, I'm looking to be in Singapore mid-January to catch a flight to Oz. I'm finishing my Thailand trip around the south islands and wanted to know would it be better to fly from Bangkok to Singpore or travel through Malaysia? What would be the average Travel time from Thailand to Singpore over land?? Cheers Matt ...

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How much time for transfer in Bangkok Airport?

Posted by ejiana on 4/6/2006 at 19:47

Hi Again everybody! Here's a question I'm hoping someone can help me out with... In your opinion: If my flight from Phnom Penh is meant to arrive at Bangkok Int'l airport at 9:50am, do you think it would be humanely possible to catch a flight at 11:20am for Tokyo Narita? I'll be transfering from asiaair, so doubt I can check my bags through all the way from Phnom Penh... Is it possible? Thanks so much, Julie ...

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bangkok airport

Posted by hycoscine on 24/5/2006 at 15:48

what is the easiest way to get from the airport to the eastern bus station (ekkamai)? are there airport buses or do i have to take a taxi? how much is a taxi? ...

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Which beach on Koh Phangan?

Posted by teamtremmar on 3/6/2006 at 03:04

Please help! Will be travelling to Thailand in early July...unfortunately only have a couple of weeks this time and really want to spend the last few days on a nice beach that is quiet, pretty inexpensive (up to 1000 baht) but has nice food! Was originally looking at Ao Thong Nai Pan Yai/Noi but am now a little worried that it might be a bit noisy at night. So am open to suggestions of where is best to go...has anyone got any opinions on Ao Thong Nai Pan Yai/Noi, Bottle Beach, Hat Sadet or ...

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Best way (and cheapest) to extend 30 tourist visa

Posted by jg on 4/6/2006 at 15:42

Hey. I'm in Thailand and my tourist visa will expire in June. What are the options (I'm assuming I have to border hop) from Bangkok? Thanks in advanced, Janet ...

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5 days to go somewhere from Koh Chang......

Posted by samanthas2goode on 2/6/2006 at 16:16

Hi again I'm trying to decide on a couple of ideas about where to go after spending a week in Koh Chang, it will be mid June. I'm contemplating Ko Samui or Ko Samet, but I'm thinking that Ko Samui may be a bit too touristy? any advice on accom or places to visit there? - I don't want to stay in a big concrete hotel nor do I want to stay in a really basic hut. Something in the middle. The other factor is the time element for getting to places, that's why I was thinking about Ko Samet, tha ...

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Koh Tao to Khao Sok???

Posted by Benjamin on 1/6/2006 at 16:01

I am really fishing for some specialty info here. I know that if I can get an answer anywhere, it would have to be on this fantastic site. My wife and I will be on Koh Tao learning to dive. After we finish there, we really want to visit Khao Sok national park and possibly stay in the floating cabins on the lake. The problem is we can't figure how to get from Tao to Khao sok in as short a time as possible. My Questions are: 1.Has anyone made this trip and have info to share? 2.When ...

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Need to reserve in advance?

Posted by ComingtoThailand on 3/6/2006 at 03:57

My wife and I are going to be in Thailand for approximately three and a half weeks during August (August 7-August 31). We will be on midrange backpacker budget (not the cheapest thing we can find, but nothing too expensive). Is there any need to reserve anything in advance, such as lodging/bus or train tickets/treks in Northern Thailand? Although I have done weeklong trips in Europe when I was studying abroad, I have not really done a long plan-as-you-go type trip like this one, but we want to l ...

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Welcome to travel at koh phangan...very nice island

Posted by toncyber on 3/6/2006 at 00:58

deleted - If you want to advertise your business on Travelfish, please see our media kit rather than spamming the messageboard. ...

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asking about email address CM Blue House

Posted by fransisnyc on 29/5/2006 at 04:34

hI Somtam can you give me a email address about CM Blue House 30/1 Moon Muang Road Chiang Mai Province Tel: (053) 418 511-3 ? That location is near with school what i want study ? 203/6 Chiang Mai-Mae Jo Road (Across Ruam Choke Market) Moo 6, T.Faham Chiang Mai 50000 , Thailand Thanks so much ...

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