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How to enjoy Songkran Day?

Posted by frankxm on 1/4/2006 at 16:22

I feel lucky that my holiday meets the Songkran day in Thai. I would be greatly appreciated if someone could give me some advice how to enjoy the real local new year. Thanks in advance. ...

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Cooking Classes in Chang Mai

Posted by pjh_2509 on 5/4/2006 at 10:10

Hi there, Am travelloming up to Chang Mai this weekend and according to many travellors i have met on the way, a cooking class is cool iand Chang Mai is the place to do it. WOuld love to take home some of wonderful recipes i have been eating. Anyone know of ones to do or ones to miss. Cheers ...

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NB Hotel - Udon Thani

Posted by busgen on 5/4/2006 at 14:07

You'll not find this hotel very easily if you enter: "hotels udon thani" in a search engine, but this is really worthwhile............I discovered the hotel 3 years ago. It had just opened. With rates of 495.- THB for a room with 2 single beds or 1 king size bed. Very clean well equipped; minibar; cable TV; private shower area/toilet; A/C; warm water and spacious rooms. The staff is very friendly and the welcome is warm. Since last year there is a new restaurant, where you can get continental ...

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Phrao Question

Posted by dvgainer on 3/4/2006 at 10:41

I was thinking of stopping in Phrao, Chiang Dao, or both, en route to Mae Salong and Laos. As this is the only place I've seen anything on Phrao, I was wondering if anyone could compare the two. I'm guessing Phrao's a lot quieter, but are there enough walks or places to swim for a couple of lazy days? Is it possible to rent a bike? Also, is there public transportation from Phrao to Chiang Dao. Thanks, great site, david ...

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Bringing food from US to Thailand?

Posted by mbmstuff on 28/2/2006 at 05:56

I'd like to bring some gifts over... are there restrictions about bringing food into Thailand? For instance: teas, chocolate, wine, champagne, vacuum packed smoked salmon & goat cheese...? What about on the airplane? (China Airlines) Thanks - Michelle ...

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6 days to spare- what beaches / areas in May / June?

Posted by grahamcoleman on 30/3/2006 at 20:07

Hi all - my girlfriend & I are going to have 6 days spare in Thailand. The rest of our holiday is planned, but there's 6 days in the middle after we finish up North, and before we start on a sailing trip. We're looking for somewhere with nice beaches, but also must be places to chill out, but also places were there are people. Not looking for Ibiza, but just somewhere where there is a bit of life at night, and things to do - boat trips, excursions, water sports, things to see. If you were us, ...

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How much rain is 200cm

Posted by dvgainer on 28/3/2006 at 05:16

I'm trying to decide whether to go to Railay, and maybe Ko Yao, for 4-7 days in June. I've read that it rains about 100 cm more there than on the Gulf side, but I can't really relate that number to anything (outside of it sounding like a lot of rain). Is all day rain common, or is it more of a nice in the morning storm in the afternoon pattern. Should I expect the beach currents to be bad? Both places are somewhat protected...I'd expect the water to be muddier, but would I be able to get in a co ...

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North Thailand Trek suggestions, anyone?

Posted by hector on 16/3/2006 at 07:50

Hi I've got a miniscule 2 weeks to go travelling in April, so I figured a week in North Thailand and a week in North Laos. I'm really wanting to do a 3, 4 or 5 day trek in North Thailand. Not too fussed with elephant riding or rafting, just keen to exert myself a bit up a mountain somewhere breathtaking with a cool group of young people like me. Chiang Dao sounds like a pretty good spot, any other suggestions? Thanks. ...

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what islands to do in thailand

Posted by irishguy on 11/3/2006 at 04:11

hey heading to thailand in mid june first time, gonna spend about 2 weeks down south on the islands, and just wondering can anyone recommended the best places to go? and how easy is it to travel between island? totally havent got a clue what to do? ...

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CAmbodia to Ko Chang

Posted by ezzie on 22/3/2006 at 21:22

Hello - we will be coming from Siam Reap, hence cross the border at Poipet on Cambodia side. Trying to understand transport from thai side down to Ko Chang - as in 2 buses and a boat? or 1 bus and a boat? and how long this will take. I have no idea how frequent the transport is in this direction as everything seems to be heading towards Bangkok. I understand it is all acheivable in a day - but if it is a really full on day of travel maybe we will give it a miss, as time is short, and we woul ...

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Island Breaks

Posted by somtam2000 on 21/3/2006 at 06:18

Just wanted to let everyone know we've added a few islands in the Satun section including Ko Lipe, Ko Adang, Ko Tarutao and Ko Bulon Lae... Have fun! ...

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Koh Chang with a six year old

Posted by ammaryllis on 21/3/2006 at 03:08

Hello there, My name is Ammaryllis and my daughter and I will be traveling to Thailand at the end of december for three weeks. I would like to go to Koh Chang (we'll be there for christmas and new year) and would appreciate any reccomendations on resorts. I would like somewhere like Porn Bungalows but i'm not sure it is too 'backpacker' for my daughter. I can afford about 2000 baht a night but i would rather go for atmosphere than luxury. It def needs to be on a nice beach and easily acce ...

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Ever heard of this hotel...good location 4 sightseeing?

Posted by abiyogini on 17/3/2006 at 02:52

Hi People:-) anybody heard of this hotel Phranakorn- Nornlen 46 Thewet soi 1 Bangkhunprom Phranakorn I have googled it and they have a nice enough website (not that am buyin into that) wanted to know if anyone has heard of it, stayed there and importantly is in a central location (for sightseeing and some shopping ) or middle of nowhere? Thanx in advance ...

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Best route around Thailand/Laos/Vietnam

Posted by jan_ice on 17/3/2006 at 15:18

Hi all ! I would love to get some advice on what the best route to take would be through Thailand/Laos/Vietnam. I've got 5 1/2 weeks with my boyfriend (first trip together, eek!) starting in late April from Bangkok.. I'm not sure which direction I should go about getting to the following places.. and by bus/train/plane? Was thinking of heading down to the south first to Krabi (to try to avoid the rainy season in May?) then I'd like to somehow travel to Laos (Luang Prabang) and Vietnam (H ...

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Looking for Coco Garden Bunglaow

Posted by erangro on 16/3/2006 at 14:03

Hi, I'm looking for the phone number of "Coco Garden Bungalow" resort in Baan Tai beach in KohPhangan. It's a small resort close to ThongSala. there is some reviews of the place in the site from March 2004.Can you please help to find their phone number? Thanks, Eran Gronich ...

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Accommodation Pai

Posted by Louise73 on 16/3/2006 at 17:53

I'm in Chiang Mai and plan to go to Pai for a few days on Saturday. I would prefer to stay in a bungalow or at least somewhere with a pretty garden or riverside. I would like to meet some other people, so prefably somewhere that's easy to make friends. I want a basic clean room with a fan, private hot shower and western toilet. (willing to pay up to 600 baht/night) I have selected a few: Nena's House Breeze of Pai Golden Hut Does anyone know if these are along my requiremen ...

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fish allergies??

Posted by fishless on 15/3/2006 at 06:47

I have all fish and seafood allergies, do you think its a good idea to travel thailand and are there many other types of food to eat? thanks. ...

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Viewed 2,472 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by somtam2000 on 15/3/2006 at 12:40

Bangkok - where is the seedy neighbourhoods?

Posted by jg on 15/3/2006 at 11:23

Hi all. Trying to figure out where to stay in Bangkok. For those most familiar with the in's and out's - where are the 'seedy' neighbourhoods? I am a female that will be travelling solo... thanks! jg ...

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Diving school in Ko Tao

Posted by shefah on 13/3/2006 at 08:43

Hia Im heading to thailand in a weeks time and would like to visit ko tao, I have done my open water cetificate but its a couple of years ago so need a refresher, might do an advanced course if it goes well! Was wondering if anyone can recommend a good diving school, something not to commercial but safe and fun and friendly, also recommendations for where to rest up after all that diving! thanks shefah ...

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Thailand itinerary??

Posted by Adventurer on 28/1/2006 at 08:24

Hi; My wife and I are going to Thailand for 3 weeks and are thinking of going to the following places: 1. Stay in Bangkok for 2 days 2. Head to Kancanburi for 2 days 3. Then over to Ayuthaya 2 days 4. Back to Bangkok to take the train to Trang 1 day 5. Ferry to Ko Muk for 5 days ,maybe checking other islands like Ko Ngai 6. Head over to Krabi 1 day 7. Take ferry to Ko Phi Phi 4 or 5 days 8. Then take a ferry to Phuket for 2 days 9. Back to Bangkok for shopping and checking it out ...

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