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Bangkok - where is the seedy neighbourhoods?

Posted by jg on 15/3/2006 at 11:23

Hi all. Trying to figure out where to stay in Bangkok. For those most familiar with the in's and out's - where are the 'seedy' neighbourhoods? I am a female that will be travelling solo... thanks! jg ...

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Diving school in Ko Tao

Posted by shefah on 13/3/2006 at 08:43

Hia Im heading to thailand in a weeks time and would like to visit ko tao, I have done my open water cetificate but its a couple of years ago so need a refresher, might do an advanced course if it goes well! Was wondering if anyone can recommend a good diving school, something not to commercial but safe and fun and friendly, also recommendations for where to rest up after all that diving! thanks shefah ...

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Thailand itinerary??

Posted by Adventurer on 28/1/2006 at 08:24

Hi; My wife and I are going to Thailand for 3 weeks and are thinking of going to the following places: 1. Stay in Bangkok for 2 days 2. Head to Kancanburi for 2 days 3. Then over to Ayuthaya 2 days 4. Back to Bangkok to take the train to Trang 1 day 5. Ferry to Ko Muk for 5 days ,maybe checking other islands like Ko Ngai 6. Head over to Krabi 1 day 7. Take ferry to Ko Phi Phi 4 or 5 days 8. Then take a ferry to Phuket for 2 days 9. Back to Bangkok for shopping and checking it out ...

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Ever heard of these hotels in Bangkok?

Posted by jg on 11/3/2006 at 10:04

Hi I found these 2 hotels on the internet and am wondering 2 things. - Has anyone heard of them? (reputation good or bad). - Are they in a central location or in the middle of nowhere? 1st one: Sawasdee Sukhumvit Inn. 123 Soi Sukhumvit 57, Sukhumvit Rd. (800 baht a night) 2nd one: Woraburi Hotel + Resort. 128/1 Sukumit Soi 4, Klongtoey (875 baht a night). I am looking for a place to stay that I guess I would describe as 1 1/2 stars. Above a hostel/dorm accommodation and ...

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Phoning Abroad - To take a cell or not

Posted by Louise73 on 8/3/2006 at 21:42

My backpack is ready there's only one decision left! Should I take my cell phone and buy a Thai SIM card? I don't know whether it's worth it but a lot of people have suggested for me to do this (prob. because I'm a solo female traveller). Calls abroad using a Thai SIM card - are they very expensive? Thanks ...

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Best Area of Bangkok

Posted by DannyJ on 6/3/2006 at 01:54

Hey people, hope everyones happy today! I've been doing a bit of research myself but would like some personal opinions from others. Which area of Bangkok would you recommend for a first timer in Bangkok? I was wanting to check out the main spots i.e. Grand Palace, Jim Thompson's etc. but also do alot of people watching and just generally get a 'feel' for Bangkok. Hopefully by the time i arrive (September) i will have got my tongue around a small amount of Thai so wouldn't mind staying in a ve ...

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Boat to Ayutthaya?

Posted by booradley on 7/3/2006 at 03:40

Does anyone know if there are boat trips to Ayutthaya from Bangkok, day trip or otherwise? ...

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day trip from Chiang Mai - Lamphun

Posted by ajlmus on 28/2/2006 at 23:19

A nice day trip from Chiang Mai is Lamphun; nice town not yet affected by tourism. It's a 30 min on the "blue bus" from Chiang Mai. I was able to see the city museum, visit a couple of wats, and had a cold beer at the quiet Ta Nang Bar & Grill (across the street from the east gate) in one afternoon. Next time, I'm going to spend less time in Chiang Mai and take more day trips like this out of town. ...

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Nancy Chandler Chiang Mai

Posted by skinnylatte on 4/2/2006 at 12:19

Anyone know where I can get a copy of nancy chandler chiang mai? I'm going to be leaving soon so I don't think I want to order it online. Is there a bookstore or something? I'm going to be staying at Pagoda Inn. ...

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Train travel - Bangkok-Chiang Mai

Posted by rayc101 on 23/2/2006 at 05:17

Hello I understand that there are 3 types of train running the Bangkok-Chiang Mai route, Rapid, Express and Special Express. The Rapids are the slowest and take 15 hrs, whilst the others travel at night and take 10-12 hrs. Only the Rapids travel during the day, but tourists seem to prefer the night trains. I want to see the countryside on my journey. Are the Rapids really bad as suggested, or am I missing something fundamental? Thanks, Rayc101 ...

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travelling alone

Posted by sofie on 27/2/2006 at 18:25

I am planning a 4 week trip to thailand during August, am very excited as I am doing it alone, I am sure I will meet people along the way but is there anywhere specific that is a good place to go if you are alone? Am thinking of travelling from Bangkok down to the south and hitting the beaches, anywhere that needs avoiding at that time of year due to weather? Thanks for any advice you can give. ...

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is it high season next month in Chiang Mai?

Posted by waterwater on 27/2/2006 at 09:20

I'm going to Chinag Mai on 9th March, and I'm thinking of getting a room only at arrival. Is it easy to do that this time in March? Thanks. ...

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From Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang by air + weather in June

Posted by PKK on 25/2/2006 at 00:54

Is this possible or not?? www gives a bit contradictive info about this. Is the Lao Airlines the only carrier at the moment when Thai Air has closed their operations on that route?? Another issue as well; I will be traveling in Thailand + Laos on June. What the weather will be like. My intention is to spend first two weeks in norhtern part of Thailand and visit Laos too. Last two weeks in islands but don't know yet where due to monsoon season. My thoughts at the moment: Koh Chang and Koh ...

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a fan room or an A/C room?

Posted by waterwater on 24/2/2006 at 14:57

Hi, is it cool at night in Chiang Mai? I'm wondering if a fan room is ok or not. Thanks. ...

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Where to stay in Khao Sok National Park

Posted by leslie on 24/2/2006 at 05:00

Has anyone out there any info on Khao Sok NP? All suggestions about where to go, activities etc. would be really helpful. Thanks. ...

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Hotel near Bangkok airport

Posted by iwillfly525 on 16/2/2006 at 10:20

Hi. We will arrive at the Bangkok airport late at night and we have an early morning flight to Loas. If we want to get any sleep at all, we are going to have to stay someplace close by. I have always stayed on Khao San Road before and that was what I was planning on doing until I found out that there is only 7 hours in between when we arrive and leave (plus we will have to allow time for customs and be there early for check-in). Can anyone recommend a good place? Is it safe to just stay at ...

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Bangkok airport at night

Posted by peter on 22/1/2006 at 18:24

I arrive in Bangkok late at night, am I better to wait until the morning and go intothe city in daytime, or is night ok? ...

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Any budget lodging in Cha Am beach near Hua Hin area?

Posted by George45 on 9/2/2006 at 10:35

I'm planning to visit Cha Am beach near Hua Hin area a couple hours south of Bangkok, and I'm wondering if any one out there can recomend a good budget lodging spot in the area. Any info would be great, and please include the price per day in bhat if you know of a place. Thanks. George ...

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Bangkok Airways Travelpass

Posted by cecile on 7/2/2006 at 23:19

Hello, Is it true that it is not possible to buy the Bangkok Airways Discovery Pass once in Thailand? ...

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Ao Thong Nai Pan / Dolphin

Posted by cecile on 3/2/2006 at 01:36

Hi, I looked everywhere on google for a e-mail or phone number for Dolphin bungalows on Ao Thong Nai Pan, but there is nothing (except very good comments!) If anybody could give me their contact ..? Cheers ...

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