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Posted by SoonLoong on 13/11/2012 at 11:05

Hi. I'm on a solo backpacking trip through SEA and would love to meet other like-minded individuals (if our dates and places clash of course) along the way. The dates for each location is pretty much fixed, but who knows right. Here goes: Vietnam (11th-21st Dec) Laos (22nd-27th Dec) Thailand (28th-7th/8th Jan) *Diving at Koh Tao and FMP on Koh Phangan Malaysia (8th-11th Jan) Drop me a message if your plans clash. Cheers. 24/M from Singapore ...

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Traveling buddies

Posted by Peachie1961 on 12/11/2012 at 13:15

I know this is a little early, but I am going to the following Countries next September and am not sure in what way to do this. I want to go to Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand, I am hoping to go for 6 months, I am going solo, and am a 51 year old female who is doing this for the first time, and on a budget, it would be great to hook up with other people along the way. I am currently living in the UK. ...

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SE asia (thailand, laos, cambodia) nov 12 - jan 13

Posted by emsterlikewhoax on 4/6/2012 at 18:58

Hi! I'm planning a trip from mid november to mid january, perhaps we can meet up and travel a bit together. My plan right now is to start in Thailand and then head to Laos and Cambodia as well, but besides that I don't have a specific itinerary mapped out yet so I'm open to any ideas. I'm planning on keeping it pretty cheap when possible, I don't mind taking long buses or trains, or staying in dorms to save a little extra and make the trip last a bit longer. I don't mind travelling alone but I'v ...

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South East Asia - Dec & Jan

Posted by Greatlookinguy on 3/11/2012 at 12:06

Heylo folks, am starting my backpacking tour of SEA from Singapore in the first week of December. Am travelling solo as of now, so happy to meet up with fellow travellers and make new friends. Always more fun when there is someone cool to share stories and experiences with. I don't care if you're a boy or a girl, am looking for fun peeps with a sense of adventure - with a cool & mature head on their shoulders at the same time (read: no jumping off bridges with your hair on fire) I am fro ...

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Bangkok and Cambodia 11 Nov to 24 Nov

Posted by pootle on 6/11/2012 at 07:24

Hi I'm female, UK, early 30s... landing in Bangkok on 11 Nov... I don't have definite travel plans but roughly thinking of travelling to Siem Reap and then southwards via Phnom Penh and on to the coast, before heading back to Bangkok to fly home. I will be traveling solo so looking for others travelling similar route (or have other better suggestions!), reply or PM me on here... Happy travels! ...

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Taxi Share - Bangkok to Aranyaprathet on 14th Nov?

Posted by lifeonboots on 9/11/2012 at 03:32

Hi - I'm travelling in a taxi on 14th Nov from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet, crossing the border and all the way upto Siem Reap on the same day. I have a taxi booked for 2000B with tolls included and looking a folks to share the ride and split costs. I am flexible on the starting time, although prefer the morning so as to reach the border by the afternoon ...

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26,female will be in koh sumui in January

Posted by Sarah1986 on 7/11/2012 at 15:59

Hi everyone I am doing the Thai Intro tour week commencing 14th January in Bangkok and I will be finishing the tour with a few days in Koh Phengan. I think most of my group will be staying in Koh Phengan but I will only have one week left so I'm going to go to koh sumui on my own on Monday 21st jan for one week. Will anyone be around to meet up? I don't know where to stay yet, just looking for people to enjoy a few Changs and buckets with Sarah ...

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Solo traveller!

Posted by Pettyd on 6/11/2012 at 16:07

Hi everyone! I know there are LOADS of posts already out there and I have looked at quite a few but rather than spamming people into talking to me I thought I would do my own post. I am a female lone traveller leaving oh so sunny England to travel all around SE Asia starting December 4th. If anyone wants to meet up at any point in my journey please let me know! I will be starting in Bangkok for at least the 1st week, after then who knows, I have no plans that are set in stone! Also if anyone h ...

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Travel Buddy(s) Nov 13-24 Bangkok to Cambodia

Posted by lifeonboots on 7/11/2012 at 02:12

Hi folks "“ am travelling to Cambodia from Bangkok b/w Nov 13and 24th with no fixed plansyet, though I intend spending a few nights (and days) in SR, PP, maybeSihanoukville checking out the ruins,more ruins (ie the bars) and anything local that is of interest. Am flying intoBKK on the 13th aft so can't leave before that. Even as I plan on the train/bus/tuk-tuks/pickups and therest that the places have to offer"¦.would be wonderful to just travel along withsome folks who might ...

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Island Hopping

Posted by j4s on 5/11/2012 at 11:20

Hey everyone! Anyone planning to be in Bangkok or the islands December time, from 10th... Let me know as I have a pretty open schedule for a week or two. PM me for any questions. F, UK, 33 ...

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in bkk from 04/11/12

Posted by 0481908 on 4/11/2012 at 06:38

in bkk from 04/11/12 for few days then heading north to chang mai ; let me know if you want to join me / meet up for a beer ? M/27/UK add FB = lee thomas felton ...

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34M Thailand 23rd-30th Jan 2012

Posted by boardstupid78 on 1/11/2012 at 20:14

Hi, I'm travelling around Indochina with friends from December 2012 to January 2013 and have a week to kill in Thailand from 23rd January until i fly out on the 30th ( my mates leave earlier but i fancied staying a bit longer ). I'll be in Laos until the 23rd. If anyone fancies joining me, gimme a shout. I'm open to suggestions but am considering Chiang Mai or Khao Yai trekking or Ko Samet ( or another island nearby ) for some diving. If you're doing something else and want a companion, ...

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26 Female - Nov 2012 - March 2013 Thailand, Laos,Cambodia,Vietnam,

Posted by LondonHoney8286 on 14/2/2012 at 14:52

Hi all, Im 26 female from London and planning my first solo trip travelling SE Asia from Nov 2012 - March 2013. Know its prob abit early to be posting but thought Id give it a try ! lol Starting off in Bangkok, and then no real set to suggestion, just want to see as much possible and have lots of fun nights and lazy days on a beach. Would be great to meet other female travellers ( solo or in groups ) to potentionally share room costs with ( more money to splurge that ...

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Vietnam - 1 Nov to 15 Nov

Posted by lfitz17 on 31/10/2012 at 21:32

Hi, I am traveling solo up the coast of Vietnam for 2 weeks and looking to meet fun, like minded people. If you are on same route get in touch! ...

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solo 30 y.o female traveller from UK Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia

Posted by beatgirl98 on 19/11/2010 at 15:31

Hi everyone! I'm looking for a companion for my trip. I'm starting in Cambodia, where I've been volunteering teaching English for 4 months. I plan to spend 2 weeks or so exploring the bits of Cambodia I haven't been to (Koh Kong and Mondulkiri), then Vietnam (3-4 weeks) for the cities, coast and mountains, then to Laos for maybe 3-4 weeks and Thailand (North and islands) for a month before going to down to Singapore via the Malaysian jungle train. None of my plans are set in stone though - and ...

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2 Fs 22 yo SE Asia late Aug-December

Posted by cajaquiss on 10/6/2012 at 16:39

Hey everyone! My cousin and I, both 22 yo females from the US, just graduated and have decided to head over to Asia for awhile. We're going to start in Japan and then head over to China before entering SE Asia. We don't have a completely set itinerary cause we want to have flexible plans and allow for some spontaneity. Roughly we're thinking sept in Vietnam, october Cambodia and Laos, Nov in Thailand, and dec in Indonesia. However, these will certainly change a bit. We'd love to meet up with ...

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22 Female Chiang Rai 2012-2013

Posted by Kmoy on 22/10/2012 at 09:18

Just moved to Chiang Rai from the US. If anyone is passing through or living here as well, would love to meet up! ...

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22/F Heading to Thailand for a month!

Posted by genanz on 9/7/2012 at 11:20

Hey Guys, I'm a laid back kiwi girl looking to travel after my teaching contract finishes here in Korea. I will head to Japan and China first - visiting family and friends then will arrive in Bangkok on or around the 30th of October. I haven't sorted out exact itinerary yet as I'm still figuring stuff out. I'll probably be in Thailand for 3 weeks to a month and will venture up North first. Love to do a bit of hiking, national parks, elephants etc then will head down to the Islands for a bit of b ...

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26/Male/Canada/Nov 1st 2012 Thailand-Vietnam-Cambodia-Laos

Posted by christophr on 28/10/2012 at 18:13

Arriving in Bangkok on nov 1st for 3 nights then off to Ko Chang, Ko Samet, Ko Phangan, Ko Tao, Trang, Ko Phi Phi Ley , Phuket, Similan Islands. To be honest there will definitely be some changes on where to go first in the list of island hopping. From bangkok i was thinking of heading up north but haven't decided on that one yet due to meeting friends south after 2weeks i guess going with the flow is what i'm going to do. I'm looking for any travellers that would be interested in meeting up f ...

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31/m backpack tour Thailand NOV 2012 - looking for travel buddy(s)

Posted by dragon_at on 16/9/2012 at 09:29

Hi My name is Chris, I'm 31/m. I want to make a backpack tour through Thailand in November (exactly Oct 26 - Dez 3). At some point I would like to see Chang Mai, Bangkok and Ko Samui, but besides that I have no clue where to travel. I am looking for a(some) travel buddy(s). My friends would call me funny and open-minded, but I guess you have to find out for yourself;) Write me a PM if you are interested in meeting me:) Yours, Chris ...

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