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29 July Bangkok - 24-f-UK (onto Chiang Mai, Laos, Vietnam)

Posted by Sima87 on 24/7/2012 at 22:45

Hi All, My name's Sima and I'm 24, Female from the UK (Leicester). It's my first time travelling alone, and although I'm really excited - I'm a little nervous too!! I'm heading into Bangkok on 29 July 2012 and then going with the flow really! I'm travelling for just over 2 months starting with Bangkok, then North Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia & then finishing off at the Islands. I'm laid back, up for a laugh and really want to meet new people! So if you're around these countries at th ...

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29/f travel in thailand india july august

Posted by lunallenagr on 12/1/2012 at 18:33

Hello there, I plan to go to thailand and then india around july and late august 2012 anyone going these dates? namaste Nikol ...

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Looking for travel companions - Thailand Mid-August

Posted by Chuw56 on 16/7/2009 at 13:10

Hi fellow travellers! I will be arriving in Bangkok on August 15, travelling around Thailand for 3 weeks. It would be great to find other fun people to explore the country with. My itinerary is quite flexible and I'm open to suggestions. 20/Female/Canada - Preferably other female travellers, anyone interested? =] ...

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Travel companion on august 2012...cambodia-thailand

Posted by charina on 12/6/2012 at 14:07

Hello I'm 22/F..i'm filippina but i live in milan,italy...on july i'm gonna be vacationing to the philippines for a month and i'm planning to visit bangkok-siem reap on aug 18 to august 25...anybody who wants to join me? I need companion to share experience, expences and culture...i'm travelling alone and i definitely need a travelmate... Cheeers! ...

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Aug 11th-26th (Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia)

Posted by MT_Travels on 24/7/2012 at 22:44

Hello, My name is Marybell, and I am 23 years old. Originally from Mexico, but currently live in the U.S. I will be traveling alone to Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia from Aug 11th-Aug 26th. I want to get a little bit of everything, therefore, my trip will start in two big cities, then I will go up to Langkawi and Ko Tarutao, from there I plan to go to Indonesia and hopefully see some volcanoes, lakes and famous temples. I would love to find a travel buddy! Let me know if you are interested! ...

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Travelling solo from the 30 of july to the 28 of august

Posted by medinet on 24/7/2010 at 00:49

Hello guys/girls my name is Daniel, Im a venezualan really excited about finally getting to thailand. Im arriving in BKK on july 30th. and leaving to phi phi until august 6th, then going to chiang mai on the very 6th, and from there to laos and find my way down to bangkok around the 20th to finish in koh samui or koh pagang for some days of relax! I have been in almost all america and europa, but this is my first time into Asia. Im been living the most part of my life in Barcelona, Spain, then ...

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31/M Thailand and elsewhere trip Aug 10th-Sept 22nd 2012

Posted by andrefuture on 24/7/2012 at 13:58

Hey guys, I'm a 31/M from Vancouver travelling SEA solo for the first time from August 10th until September 24th and am looking for some fun people to potentially travel with. I'll be flying into Bangkok and staying for a few days at least exploring Khao San Road, chasing the sun on Kho Phi Phi and/or Kho Phan-ngan (I hear they have the best weather in the wet season), and then possibly heading up to Chiang Mai. I'd also like to visit either Cambodia, Laos, or Vietnam but probably not all of th ...

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August2012: Viet/Camb/Thai: looking for backpackers

Posted by Scimmia on 10/7/2012 at 11:04

Hi! I'm Alessia, 34 years old, from Rome, Italy. I'm going to spend my summer holidays travelling through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. The "draft" idea is to land in Saigon and leave from Bangkok after a month (or the other way round!). It means that I would basically visit the south area of the three mentioned countries. Since i'll be on my own i would love to find somebody to plan and share the travel (or part of it) with. Hope to receive some answers and inputs (or tips if you do ...

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23yrs/F traveling SEA Aug 10th-26th

Posted by MT_Travels on 17/7/2012 at 22:40

Hola traveling friends, I am a 23-years old female. I am Mexican but live in the US where I also study. I am currently living in Bangkok and will be traveling alone through SEA from August 10th-26th! I do not mind traveling alone since it is easy to meet people on the way, but it is always more fun when you have company! I am very out-going and I am not afraid to try different foods, attempt to communicate with locals, and be out of my "comfort zone". Traveling with an open-minded bud ...

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23yr/F August 11th-26th Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia

Posted by MT_Travels on 23/7/2012 at 20:37

Traveling Friends, Hello. Earlier, before my travel plans were finalized, I posted some information on the places I was planning to visit. I was quite ambitious and wanted to see a lot in 15 days. After some research, I've decided to visit three countries instead of five. I would love to have a travel buddy, hopefully, your itinerary is similar, or perhaps you don't have one yet and decide to join me. Thus, here it is guys: 1. Bangkok- Phnom Penh (Cambodia) 2. Phnom Penh - Kuala Lumpur (Ma ...

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47/m solo traveling thailand Aug 16-23

Posted by LRangeRcn on 22/7/2012 at 22:29

From USA, presently in middle east and need to shake the sand from these boots, strap on my ruck and see some green mountains! Looking to fly into Bangkok and head north. Prefer the less traveled paths..still searching for that perfect guide that knows the real people and villages of the north. Ill pass on the metered elephants! Heard Soppong might be the spot. Also being exmilitary, might be nice to visit a little history in Kanchanaburi. Good people, simple life..if your around in that tim ...

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Koh Tao this weekend, anyone?

Posted by khunger on 20/7/2012 at 00:21

Hi all, I'm in Koh Tao right now, traveling from Delhi (31/m). Just finished a couple of advanced diving certifications over the last few days, and now I'm looking at just chilling, reading and meeting some new people for a few beers over the next 3-4 days. Anyone around? ...

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37/M Siem Reap August 2-7

Posted by bnoman on 22/7/2012 at 03:13

Hi everyone! I'm travelling solo and looking for a travel buddy to go around Siem Reap and the temples from August 2-7. PM me if you're interested to meet up. Alvin ...

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30 f, traveling to Thailand, Laos, Camboya and Vietnam, nov 2012

Posted by shauri on 24/6/2012 at 16:03

Hi! I'm looking for travel buddies to join our team of 3. We will be heading for Thailand around November, for a 6 weeks trip around Tahiland, Laos , Camboya and Vietnam. We are looking for nice people who want to share this experience. If u are traveling to the area and u want to meet contact us. ...

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Vietnam&Thai: looking for travel mate

Posted by Scimmia on 13/7/2012 at 04:10

[img][/img] Jul 13, 2012 2:02 AM Posts: 1 [li] [/li][li] [/li][li] [/li][li] [/li][li] [/li][li] [/li][/ulist] Vietnam/Thai looking for a travel mate! ...

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Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia August - September - 36/m solo

Posted by Trainsmash on 17/7/2012 at 18:02

Hi All I'm planning my trip to SEA. I am from South Africa. The plan is to arrive in BKK around mid August. From there I want to do the clockwise route. I am not going to plan too much but if anyone is in BKK at the same time give me a shout. We can work our way around Thai, Laos etc. Even if we just travel together for 2 or 3 days it would be great. Would like to move up Northern Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. All depends on time I have available. Might skip Vietnam if that is the case ...

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Solo Traveller Southeast Asia Mid Nov 09 for around 7 months

Posted by kelsey09 on 25/8/2009 at 03:29

Hey there I am a solo 22 female Canadian planning on doing like ALL of Southeast Asia, Heading over Mid-November hopefully after a stop over in Taiwan. I want to run a half-marathon in Angkor Wat on Dec 6 (which of course you don't have to do!) and eventually complete my divemaster somewhere. But those are really my only plans! I have been to Thailand and Cambodia before but am definitely looking to discover more of them!! I am very adventurous and will try pretty much anything once!! Hit me b ...

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Need a traveling buddy for thailand, Singapore and Malaysia for 10 days or two weeks!

Posted by blynn09 on 12/7/2012 at 00:52

I am 22/Female, from New York, would love a traveling companion for my whole trip from Malaysia to Singapore to Thailand or Thailand to Singapore to Malaysia. I am planning to leave from Taiwan around beginning or mid august. If anyone want to travel around in Taiwan in the beginning of Aug, it will be great as well. Please message me here or at ...

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Looking for travel buddies, landing in Bangkok on 8th July

Posted by NeilMc on 6/7/2012 at 16:29

Hi Everyone, I'm landing in Bangkok on Sunday morning and looking to head down to the islands for a spot of scuba diving. Looking to stay in Khao San Rd for a day or two at the start and end of my trip but apart from that have no concrete plans. It would be good to meet up with others along the way. Please drop me a line if you think our paths may cross. I'm open to a couple of drinks as well as soaking up the culture. Thanks, Neil (M, 30, UK) ...

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30/M Looking for a Travel Buddy End of August-Early Sept (Laos and Hanoi)

Posted by Bawhite125 on 10/7/2012 at 02:42

I'm 30/m, from Chicago, and will be in SE Asia for 6 weeks beginning July 30. I am starting my trip in HCMC and will be heading up through Cambodia and into Bangkok by the third week in August. During that time I will be with a friend from graduate school, but will be going solo after that and was looking for some like-minded person(s) who would be interested in joining up with me. I am not a rowdy state college partier, nor am I a hermit. I am interested in going with the flow but know that ...

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