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So many questions!

Posted by Ashtravel on 16/9/2010 at 21:32

Hello, I'm 23 year old female thats just starting to plan my year long solo trip to Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam,china,Hong kong, and Japan. What are all the steps i need to do before i leave? I'm just wanting to know if I need to apply for any visa before entering the country. Excluding australia, as I plan to work there. Will I be denied access if I don't have a return ticket? Will $15000.[url=tel:00-18000.00]00-18000.00[/url] be enough for a year? Is it safe to ...

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ho chi minh to hanoi 28th nov to 31st jan

Posted by valis on 7/9/2010 at 17:08

i am a 30 yo male from scotland.i will be arriving in ho chi minh on november the 29 and flying back from hanoi on the 31st jan. i dont know yet if i will be traveling by bike or public transport,i am a biker and have loads of riding experience so i may just go down that ruete,but like i say nothings for defanate yet untill i arrive ther. i dont know weather to just spend the full 2 months turing vietnam orcross borders,laos realy interests me,china also,but im kind of put off the idea of thial ...

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SE Asia then Australia

Posted by worldcitizen999 on 5/9/2010 at 12:28

hello. my name is jimmy, i am 22, and i live in China, Beijing, i am planning on go to Thailand and then Malaysia and Bali and Australia later this year anybody feel free to join me ! but i have one problem that is i want to go from SE Asia to Australia without flying mainly because i have a lot of time but not alot of money, so i am can either go from Bali to Dampier or i can go to Torres Strait and island hopping make my way down to queensland, i kinda perfer the second way(because i've got no ...

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Travelling to Pehrentian Islands in Sept 13-17 2010

Posted by Blue_GS87 on 1/9/2010 at 03:29

Hey guys, I am a 23 y.o male student from the UK. I will be travelling to Malaysia on 11 Sept and will be landing in KL on the 12th Sept 2010. I was hoping to make my way to the Pehrentian Islands after that and was looking for some company. The rooms seems alot cheaper for large groups and as i will be travelling alone, i was hoping to get some cool people together and explore the beautiful beaches available there. Anyways, get back to me if you're interested!! ...

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Solo guy in cambodia or vietnam from 11Sept to 3October

Posted by ptsneves on 27/8/2010 at 00:43

Hi I will be arriving at BKK in 9 of September and have to be back by 4 of October. In the mean time i am going to venture to cambodia and vietnam. If anyone is going there, alone or with a group, give me a knock ...

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October 2010 Thailand 1 month

Posted by Cabawe on 11/8/2010 at 08:12

Hi Have my ticket and I’m ready to go for 1 month staring October 2nd, just need someone to keep me company, unfortunately all my friends are working or married with kids. 35 male, easy going and no I’m not an old fart who should have settled down by now. I have no set itinerary as of yet, open to suggestions, only reply back if you’re up for a good time, not stubborn, love to bask in the sun and spend some time just relaxing on the beach. Email me on: - ...

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Siem Riep and Angkor Wat

Posted by rosiemuddle on 26/8/2010 at 16:24

Hi, Maybe going to Siem Riep and Angkor Wat from the 15th til the 21st October and wondering if anyone else might be around at that time or wants someone to travel with would be great to hear or meet up with people x ...

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22 yr old guy landing in singapore in 4 days

Posted by austintexas512 on 24/8/2010 at 05:17

I'm 22 yr old guy from the U.S. I am landing in Singapore on friday night at midnight and will be traveling solo for the next 6 months. If anybody will be in Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia within the next 6 months and wants a travel buddy let me know! ...

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October Fullmoonparty (Koh Phangan )

Posted by arundown on 11/8/2010 at 13:52

Any Travel fish members plannin to drop by for this party durin Oct?? Cheers ...

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Travel companion December 2010 Cambodia and Vietnam

Posted by sophina10 on 21/5/2010 at 12:51

I'm a 23 year old Australian female, looking at going to Vietnam/Cambodia for about a month to celebrate graduating from uni finally. Have looked at tours but most of them don't cover all the places I'm interested in/stop at a lot i'm not too keen on. Would like to go to Angkor temples, Sihanoukville possibly, also visit Phnom Tamao wildlife sanctuary....In Vietnam, I'm hoping to go to Mekong Delta, Dalat, Cuc Phuong National Park, Halong Bay, Sapa. Would also really like to visit Chiang M ...

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Cambodia in Oct, Vietnam in December and Malaysia/Indonesia in March, April and May

Posted by rosiemuddle on 5/8/2010 at 10:11

Hi, i'm 25 and i'm currently teaching in Thailand and have a few holidays to explore, I have 10 days in October from the 14th to the 24th where I'd like to do cambodia, and i have two weeks in December off so would love to see Vietnam, and then my contract ends in March so off for a wander round Indonesia and Malaysia before i go back to the sunny uk. If anyone is interested in joining me would be great to meet up x ...

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27 yo female, 1 mo, starting Aug. 31st

Posted by jumich on 24/7/2010 at 10:11

I am a 27 year old female from the US traveling alone for 1 month. This will be my first time to SE Asia and even though I have read mostly positive things about traveling alone in this region, I have my general concerns (I had a friend who was supposed to go with me who recently backed out). I am planning to do Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam (in that order, approximately one week in each country). I have a rough itinerary (modified from the 4 country itinerary found on this website) but ...

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arriving to phnom penh 22 september 2010

Posted by trifomech on 16/8/2010 at 08:04

i am an italian living in melbourne spending a few days in phnom penh with my wife would be nice to meet some locals or italians living there we also need a visa to vietnam and going to angkor wat by bus any comment is welcome ...

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25.F. SE Asia (Aug-Oct) Starting in Bangkok

Posted by arkrose on 29/6/2010 at 14:19

Hey everyone, I'm heading on my first solo trip to SE Asia. Yeah! I'll be starting in Bangkok on August 17th and will have to eventually make my way back to Bangkok on October 14th. I plan to travel throughout Thailand and also to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. I really have no itinerary, I am planning to do what seems good at the time. So, I don't know when I'll be where. One thing that I might actually plan is to go to the Full Moon Party on August 25th. Well, I guess I am just looking to meet ...

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27 y/o solo traveler cruising through SEA from Sept-Nov

Posted by viajero2011 on 13/8/2010 at 02:40

Greetings - I'm prepping for a 6 week solo trip through SE Asia starting 23 Sept in Bangkok. After that, it's all up in the air......I'm a 27y/o male from Florida who was tired of waiting for his friends to get motivated enough or save enough money to travel so he decided to do it on his own. I will be starting an international grad program in Jan, so I decided to quit my job early and see more of our amazing planet. I'm very laid-back, friendly, and out-going. Looking for like-minded people wh ...

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27 yo Canadian male solo, SE ASIA October to ???

Posted by VonWOOTER on 15/7/2010 at 02:56

Hello Folks! So, It's finally time for a SE Asia Tour. I have taken a leave from school and employment and plan to ( though I haven't currently booked a flight ) be in Bangkok the first week of October. This is my first solo trip and also will be my longest trip to date. I have taken 9 months off and plan to spend 6 of them in SEA. Though I am not a shy person and have no lack of confidence this being my first extended trip through predominantly non-English speaking countries I think someone(s) ...

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Thailand October 2010 for 4 weeks

Posted by Cabawe on 12/8/2010 at 00:35

Hi Have my ticket and I’m ready to go for 1 month staring October 2nd, just need someone to keep me company, unfortunately all my friends are working or married with kids. 35 male, easy going and no I’m not an old fart who should have settled down by now. I have no set itinerary as of yet, open to suggestions, only reply back if you’re up for a good time, not stubborn, love to bask in the sun and spend some time just relaxing on the beach. Email me on: - ...

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Bangkok to Chiang Mai 22 August 2010

Posted by Geezy on 10/8/2010 at 22:14

Hi, I am a 29 year old man from Liverpool, England who is travelling to Chiang Mai from Bangkok by train (hualampong) on Sunday 22nd August 2010. I am on my 2 week break from work and will probably hang in Northern Thailand for a couple of weeks before heading back to Bangkok. Does anyone fancy meeting up to do the train journey or meet up in Chiang Mai for some food and drinks? My email is - Thanks Andy ...

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Travelling around Phuket, many islands and beaches... on and off the beaten path!

Posted by Mexicano31 on 5/8/2010 at 18:16

hello!! 28yr old, photographer. Want to see the beauty of Thailand coasts and islands. Staying there for a week at least. Arriving at phuket and then start moving around. Happy easygoing guy. Anyone interested in travel company? ...

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anyone going to chiang mai? Im arriving there tomorrow and going to do the trekking

Posted by Mexicano31 on 30/7/2010 at 17:31

Hello, If anyone is up for it Im arriving in chinag mai tomorrow to do the trekking. 28yr old, male, photographer, mexican. cel phone in thailand 668 5688 2015 ...

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