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Backpack and other travel gear: buy it when I land?

Posted by dnoriega on 10/5/2009 at 19:13

I've decided to backpack through SEAsia for 3 months but I've never backpacked and thus do not have one. I'm currently in South Korea. I went backpack shopping but it proved difficult to find anything for a guy with a 52 cm torso length. I did find ONE backpack, a North Face Primero 60, but I couldn't find a good duffle bag or a rain cover. I got the pack since it felt OK, but being unable to compare it to any other packs to compare it too, and being a newbie to begin with, I'm uncertain ...

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A question of shoes

Posted by Jen2412 on 7/7/2009 at 01:40

When travelling in Thailand if you are not actually doing jungle trekking, do you need footwear other than flip flops? I'll be going to some temples and si Sachanalai Historical park. I'm fairly strapped for cash so I don't want to have to buy trekking sandals if I don't have to. If flip flops won't do then I would assume some form of trainers would?? xx ...

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Electricity voltage / pin details

Posted by BruceMoon on 5/9/2009 at 07:28

On another TF post, Archmichael kindly made reference to a website that enables travellers to determine electricity voltage and plug size/shape for (nearly) every country in the worl. I thought I'd make a specific post of the details: Cheers ...

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Can I buy travel gear in Hanoi?

Posted by kpop on 26/5/2009 at 04:07

Hi all! I am planning a trip for the fall through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia - I have 4 months (Sept through Dec) and will be in both rural and urban areas. I am trying to minimize the weight I am carrying on my back, and so I am wondering how easy it will be to find certain items abroad, should I chose not to purchase them at home (Canada) and wind up really wanting them. Specifically, I am wondering about a sleep sheet and a mosquito net. I am pretty sure I would like to have both, but ...

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Best Boots to Buy?

Posted by anelson_82 on 15/7/2009 at 00:26

Hi there, I will be travelling round SE Asia, Indonesia and Malaysia in the rainy season. The majority of my travelling will be done overland so there's gonna be a hell of a lotta walking involved! Could someone please advise me on what boots would be best suited for both city conditions and Jungle Conditions? I'm a bit stuck on what to choose from as there are so many different options! Many Thanks ...

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dry bags?

Posted by christay2009 on 30/7/2009 at 16:29

i understand the value of having a dry that it keeps things dry! but what kind of things do you put in them and what kind of size is good to have? i see they vary from tiny to absolutely huge i guess it would be good to have one for my electronics but do you really need one for clothes too? this may sound like a total beginner question [because it is!] thanks again ...

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Ultimateaddons World Traveller Plus??

Posted by mlr on 3/8/2009 at 23:37

Hey :-) Was wondering if anyone has got one of these and if so is it worth the money? See link below: Im planning on travelling in SE Asia with my netbook, ipod, speakers, Blackberry, etc so i thought this might be quite handy!? Cheers! ...

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Footwear for Angkor

Posted by curstilace on 2/8/2009 at 00:20

Hello :) I'm starting my trip through Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos in a few days, and I intend on packing as light as possible. Shoe-wise I was going to just bring flip-flops for daily wear and maybe a pair of strappy heels for nights out. My concern is Angkor Wat. I gather that flip-flops (and definitely strappy heels) aren't recommended for climbing up the steep steps, especially in the rainy season. So here are my options: 1) bring my Nike sneakers 2) buy some sandals (though I t ...

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Backpack Help

Posted by simons104 on 15/7/2009 at 05:22

Hey all, have read loads of posts regarding backpacks etc and was wondering what you thought of this one? seems good value to me just wanna make sure its good enough!Any1 know anything about the strength of the Bioflex® back system on this backpack? Been to numerous camping shops and not found anything suitable within my price range: €100-€130. Have i set my budget to ...

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Posted by gracetandil on 22/7/2009 at 18:33

What is the best insect repellent as regards malaria? I have read that 30% DEET concentration or more should be avoided. What is the best insect repellent to buy? ...

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Dressing up?

Posted by smash on 14/7/2009 at 03:56

Hi all, Just wondering, what do you take on your trips for when you need to 'dress up'? Basically, at home, we like going to nice cocktail bars and nightclubs and hope to do this when we're away. We're also going to be meeting some friends of ours in Hong Kong who are 'society girls' and no doubt we will be taken to some rather flash venues with them. Obviously, we don't want to look out of place. Just curious to see how other backpackers get around, or deal with, the 'packing light but ne ...

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Footwear, Swimwear, and other stuff

Posted by eb on 20/7/2009 at 10:42

Trying to figure out what I should be bringing (and if there is stuff I need to buy) for my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia next month. Footwear - I have a great pair of leather sandals that I wear all the time that I'll definitely bringing, though since I wear them all the time, the traction isn't quite what it used to be, and I haven't worn them in the rain much. I'm also thinking I should be bringing my hiking boots for Sapa b/c I tend to twist my ankles if I do any real hiking without hik ...

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help buying my first backpack

Posted by christay2009 on 11/7/2009 at 23:44

hey, I've read the article on travelfish but have experienced some difficulty identifying a decent backpack. The Travelfish articule mentions that, really, you want one thats waterproof...but i rarely find any reference to this in the details. Often i just see something about a "detachable rain cover" which would point to the pack not being waterproof?! anyway, i was considering going and trying this Karrimor pack on but what do you guys think. Its the 'Bobcat' pack 60-65 lts - i found it ...

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Money belt - Where to buy one in Bangkok ?

Posted by jay66fr on 7/7/2009 at 04:31

Hi everyone, I'm going to SE Asia for a month at the end of the week. I'm quite excited as I've already been to Thailand once for a couple of weeks but this time I'll also be visiting Vietnam and Cambodia. Silly question: does anyone know where I could buy a good money belt in Bangkok? I'll be in Bangkok for 3 days so I'm planning to visit Chatuchak Market next Sunday and as my hotel is near Siam Square, I'll also go to MBK and Siam Paragon. Thanks for any info. ...

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Buying T-Shirts in SE Asia - Size?

Posted by Lawoat on 6/7/2009 at 19:47

Hi All, I have read in several articles on the forum that in order to not overpack you can buy T-shirts and/or shorts in SE Asia very cheap in comparison to "Western" prices. And as someone said its also a good souvenir to take back home. However I am just wondering if they sell XL and XXL in Vietnam/Cambodja/... Maybe I am thinking a bit too much in stereotypes but I haven't seen a lot of "big" Asian people (besides sumo wrestlers that is ;-) Greets, ...

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What do you look for in a good backpack?

Posted by somtam2000 on 19/10/2008 at 08:02

I've just updated the section on what to look for in a new backpack and was wondering what do you look for when you're shopping for a quality backpack? Got a tried and tested pack that has lasted you for many trip? Please share your advice and suggestions with others on the forum. In the story I've linked off to a few well-regarded backpacker manufacturers -- please feel free to name drop other brands you think should be listed. You can read the full backpack report here. Thanks! ...

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Is bringing a netbook (small laptop) for 2months backpacking be more hassle than its worth?

Posted by cjt on 27/1/2009 at 06:59

I have a netbook (small laptop) that I'm not sure whether to bring with me for 2 months backpacking in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The pros are: 1) can keep significant amounts of my own research / itinaries on it 2) have something for entertainment on long journeys ie films 3) can write my travel blog to later cut and paste, saving time in internet cafes cons: 1)could get nicked (if so I lose some money but not all 300 pounds as convered by insurance.) 2)not sure where do ...

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Walking boots or no walking boots?

Posted by chicho83 on 6/1/2009 at 06:44

Im travelling through thailand , upto laos, down through cambodia and then vitenam with my wife, we've already made the decision to leave the sleeping bags at home, but we are wondering about walking boots. we have some decent waterproof breathable ones, but can be a pain carrying them round. Any suggestions? ...

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plugs in south east asia

Posted by JamesHamblin on 13/4/2009 at 21:37

im planning my trip and i will be taking some electrical items and want to know what sort of adapter do i need. cheers ...

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Bike ride through Cambodia

Posted by KRStamm on 10/4/2009 at 09:32

I am an avid cyclist and DO NOT want to bring my expensive bike with me. I am not a fan of guided tours so I Am not interested in tour companies and what not. I was tossing around the idea of buying a bike in Cambodia and then donating it when I was through. Is there a possibility to do this? If so where could I buy a bike? Or is there companies who rent bikes? ...

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