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Posted by tandseb on 15/2/2012 at 16:53

Hey guys, I am looking at the REI Grand Tour 80 Travel Pack - Women's for our 1 year SE Asia- Australia trip in November, but I cant find this in the UK!! If I am going to pay postage from US I want to be sure its the right purchase. Has anyone got any comments about this pack? Does anyone got any suggestions of a similar pack in the UK? I really like the front zipper style as its seems to be easy access and ( as I am a ...

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Buy new backpack or use fake TNF one

Posted by HugeCookie on 31/1/2012 at 05:37

Hey guys I need some advice. Last year while I was studying in China I bought a The North Face Flight Series 50 Electron backpack (which is fake I assume, because can't seem to find the series name on the official TNF site) at a local market. I used it for a month of backpacking and it worked fine. I think I should have adjusted it better (if possible), because it wasn't that comfortable. Now I am going to do 5 months of backpacking through SE Asia and while the TNF Electron backpack worked fine ...

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How cold is N Thailand?

Posted by Whispy on 10/1/2012 at 21:01

I am leaving this week for a month long trip through Thailand. I am using a 35L bag only so space is an issue, especially since I want to leave it partially empty for shopping. We will be starting in Bangkok and going to Chang Mai and I am worried about how cold it gets this time of year in the North. I have planned to pack a small(ish) zip-up hoodie to keep me warm. Is this really necessary? ...

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A little something from the UK...

Posted by Phiddy on 11/1/2012 at 12:34

Hi, a lot of people have said its a good idea to bring little gifts from where you live to give to couch surfing hosts or anyone else, it's a great idea but I cannot think of anything unique (and cheap - I'm not made of money) to bring from the UK. Does anyone have any ideas? What do you usually bring (if you bring anything)? I'm from the midlands if that helps! ...

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Osprey 46 in the UK

Posted by Phiddy on 30/12/2011 at 13:36

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew where in the UK to get this bag: I have been searching around on the internet but none of the UK shops seem to stock this bag, it is only the US or Aus ones that do, and this means big fat postage fees and also possible customs charges. Thanks ...

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35- 40L backpack in wet season?

Posted by palle22 on 25/5/2011 at 00:19

Hi My girlfriend and I are going to SE Asia in aug, sept, oct. We both need a 35-40L backpack. I suppose built-in rain protection and a lot of air between the back and the sack is important. We are 193 and 160cm tall. We are willing to pay around 100 Euro, and we need to be able to find it in Europe. Any suggestions? ...

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Dry Bags and Gear for 1 Mo.

Posted by alljokingaside on 26/12/2011 at 23:42

Hey all, Are dry bags easily accessible and cheap (cost-wise, not quality) in Vietnam? I'm considering getting one here, large enough for a camera and/or laptop, and don't know whether or not I should wait 'til I get there to buy one (everything will be ziplocked until then...well, most. The netbook has a DIY water-resistant sleeve) The local prices here look to be around $20-30 for a decent-sized bag. Also, how much are multi-tools there? How do airlines feel about you bringing along a multi-t ...

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Trousers !

Posted by Phiddy on 23/12/2011 at 16:32

I have just seen these trousers (/shorts) on the aus Kathmandu site but they are not selling them on the UK one ! They look so nice and comfy and not too dorky for once !! Does anyone know where to get some similar ones in the UK? Shopping online gets a bit repetitive after a while I have to say ...

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Taking A guitar or Buying Away

Posted by mrbump on 20/12/2011 at 11:40

I've been playing guitar now for 12 years and have since never been more than a couple of weeks without it. I have a small acoustic travel guitar which I was thinking of taking for my trip from Hong Kong to Singapore . I guess this would be great somtimes but a pain in the ass at other times. Anyone have any idea how easy it is to pick up guitars in Asia? Obviously its western instrument but just not sure how easy it would be to find one from another traveller or local shop. It doesn't have to ...

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Gear from NZ or Australia?

Posted by stujess on 9/12/2011 at 19:42

Hi, My boyfriend and I are both from, and currently living in New Zealand. The plan is to go on a 6 month tour of SEA in September 2012. Before we go we will be living in Australia for 5 months though, wondering whether it would be better to pick up gear and equipment here in NZ or wait till we get to Australia? Or mix and match and with which products? ...

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Posted by Earthman on 8/11/2011 at 06:14

Hi All, Due to the ever decreasing baggage weight restrictions on budget airlines tickets I've found myself with bags and boxes of stuff all over SE Asia left with locals met along the way. I'd be interested in comparing notes with those whove had a good experience with shipping and courier services to get my precious stuff back home without paying through the nose for it. No sarcastic travel snob judgements or keyboard jockey replies please just practical advice from travellers who have had goo ...

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Better backpack size for a woman.

Posted by nerja on 6/11/2011 at 17:55

I wonder which is the best backpack size for a woman travelling for 6 months. ...

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Which Backpack!

Posted by Drew84 on 6/7/2011 at 10:15

Hey guys and gals, planning a trip for mid aug for a month to Thailand and surrounding area and looking for a nice light backpack for the journey! I'm on a budget (arent we all) and have a couple in mind... lookin for opinions and possible alternatives. I'm a mid 20's male planning to pack light.... Option #1 - Osprey Talon 44 - $130 Option #2 - Lowe Alpine Zepton 50 Thanks in advance guys ...

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Gear List for 7 Continent RWT

Posted by Lostbeachbum on 12/9/2011 at 08:36

I'm leaving next month on a 7 continent RWT and figured I would share my packing list to show how light you can travel. Keep in mind I'll be riding a motorcycle much of the time. Clothing: 5 pair of underwear 3 pairs socks 2 pairs of cargo shorts 1 Pair Basketball Shorts (doubles as bathing suit) 1 Pair Mesh Armored riding pants 4-5 T-shirts 1 Long Sleeve Shirt 1 Short Sleeve Button up shirt Poncho 1 Pair walking/riding shoes 1 pair Sandals Hat Bandana Belt Riding gloves Shower Flip Flops Sungl ...

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detachable rucsuc or not?

Posted by nerja on 12/9/2011 at 21:55

I need some advice about detachable rucsucs, I think they are very practical, but on the other hand I red they are not so good when it comes to carry heavy load. ...

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Anyone use compression sacks or packing cubes?

Posted by christay2009 on 5/8/2011 at 02:42

I am debating buying a compression sack (often used for compressing sleeping bags) and using it for my clothes. I got the idea from a blog (Legal Nomads) and it seems like a good one. Especially as I will have some 'work clothes' with me that will not be needed for the first month and, likely, the 4th month. I could just make sure there were at the bottom of said sack. Also, it seems like it would decrease the space taken up by clothing. Then again, there are also packing cubes. I don't like th ...

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Anyone travel Wearing Nike Free?

Posted by Shaneo88 on 12/7/2011 at 03:32

I have these nike free 2's that i wear for general working out and im thinking that this will be my shoes for my 4 month se asia trip. I realize i will be walking ALOT but these shoes are very lightweight and the tops are mesh so very breathable. Im just worried that since they are so flexible that they may not be the best for walking long distances with a weighted backpack. Any input? ...

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protecting your gear!

Posted by mmcphee7117 on 11/7/2011 at 23:20

I tried searching for some good info and didn't find much... Does anyone have advice for protecting your backpack while traveling SE Asia? I'm wondering how people fair while leaving their backpack in a hotel room while going out with their daypack. I feel that I would be somewhat paranoid that a cleaning lady would go in and walk off with it. Is it best to just have it on you at all times? What about when swimming. I'm planning on bring a pad lock of some sort to hopefully chain my pack u ...

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Advice on Back Pack choices

Posted by ryanm24 on 3/5/2011 at 12:13

Hello, I am leaving May 22 for a 4-6 month trip to SE Asia(hopefully longer if I can stretch my budget) and I am having a lot of trouble deciding on what type of pack I should get. Here are a couple I have been looking at: I don't have a set itinerary yet and am pretty much going to travel wherever the wind blows me lol. Also, I know I am going arou ...

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3 Months in Thailand - My kit

Posted by danceswithrose on 28/12/2010 at 17:03

My kit when I left NZ is so different now to when I left. This is some of what I now have and what I ditched. 1. Rucksack 2. Universal Plug (absolutely a must) 3. Pegs (use them almost every day for all sorts of things) 4. 2 x Facecloths - very handy 5. Tissue paper and wet handy wipes (essential for toilets) (Tissue papers is easy to get here but handy wipes - haven't found any yet). 6. Toothpaste (Am now down to Thai brands which are sugary - wish I had brought more with me from home) 7. 2 ...

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