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insect and midge repellent

Posted by komal1290 on 24/6/2011 at 07:52

Hi all, I have recently discovered a fantastic insect repellent product, vie patch. The Vie Insect Repellent Patch is a godsend to midge-bitten hillwalkers and mosquito-plagued tourists. This ingenious transdermal patch delivers Thiamine, a natural ingredient, straight into the bloodstream. Because insects a reverse to all things Thiamine-related, when the substance excretes naturally through the body’s sweat pores, the insects buzz off in search of someone else to bother. Providing 36 hour ...

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Using Kindle 3G in Asia

Posted by busylizzy on 18/6/2011 at 06:15

Here's a question for Kindle users who have used the 3G version in Asia. I am tossing up between the WiFi only and the WiFi/3G versions. By the time I comvert the price from USD to NZD, there's a fair bit of difference in the price. In terms of downloading books, I would be happy with WiFi only capability - I just need to be organised to get download books ahead of time. The only reason that I am really considering the 3G is for travelling - it has the potential to provide internet access wh ...

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35 + 8 or 65?! 9 weeks in SE Asia

Posted by stephee on 8/6/2011 at 23:57

Hey, I'm going to be travelling for 9 weeks through Singapore, Malaysia, Thaialand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and South Korea between August and October and I'm struggling a bit with luggage choices! I have a Berghaus Verden 65 +10, and a freeflow 35 & 8. I have no idea which one to take. Also I'm a bit confused with clothes choices for that time as I'm hearing mixed advice, some are saying shorts and tank tops, others are saying trousers and shirts as to not insult any cultures. Any ...

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What sort of torch (flashlight) would you buy?

Posted by bedu on 19/1/2010 at 17:03

Would you buy a metal torch, like a Maglite or a plastic one, e.g. a Pelican. Both in Bangkok are around the same price. Are the metal ones as strong as the new plastic types and are they as weatherproof as well? ...

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Tevas or just cheap no-name sandals?

Posted by Jleef on 6/7/2009 at 01:28

Hi everybody, just a quick question about footwear - was looking at getting myself a pair of Tevas for my 6 month-or-so trip around SE Asia (and possibly onto HK via China) starting in January, but read on another forum that nicer sandals often get stolen on the road as footwear has to be left outside many public buildings in SE Asia. Is this true, and am I better buying cheap footwear or going with the Tevas? I would rather buy better sandals since I don't plan on taking any other footwear ...

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Travel pak/gear on a budget for 3-6months

Posted by csawala on 24/4/2011 at 14:02

After nearly 2 years teaching English in Japan, I am taking off on July 29th for China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, (maybe) Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and whatever else I can see before I run out of money. I bought a used travel pack from a former teacher -- Solo-Tourist bag (found on "value products Japan" website) -- a year ago. It has served me well enough for a couple short trips to Taiwan and Okinawa, but it wasn't the most comfortable. I also felt that the top loadi ...

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Travel footwear?

Posted by chicoelnino on 25/1/2011 at 08:06

Looking to bring one pair of decent all around shoes like the "Merrell Chameleon" and one pair of sandals(covered) like the teva dozer for my 6 month trip. Has anyone any suggestions on what make/brands to go for? I know alot of them are expensive but if they are something thats comfortable and lasts for the 6 months then I'm fine with that. Any help would be great ...

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Berghaus freeflow 35 +8

Posted by britishhippy on 25/11/2010 at 08:18

Hi guys, I've bought a Berghaus freeflow 35 +8 to travel with for 3 months. I thought I'll travel light and save some energy rather than swing a huge pack around with me. What's the view on this? Is this pack too small? I know I can fit all my stuff in it but how much is one likely to pick up along the way? Cheers in advance Sam ...

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Closed toed shoes any(one/more)

Posted by caseyprich on 21/2/2011 at 09:06

As an addition to 'travel footwear?' what is the word on closed toed shoes for temples. At this point I've seen countless folks wearing flip-flops (thongs) and sandals at temples throughout Thailand and Laos. Do the locals not care anymore or are tourists just being insensitive and they're letting it go because of consideration for our ignorance? It seems covered shoulders and long pants are still necessary (especially at important sites in BKK). I'm just curious. ...

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Front load backpacks?

Posted by acanedo on 2/1/2011 at 14:10

I'm going to SE Asia for 2 months. After reading some reviews I think I want to find a front loading backpack. They seem to be rare. Does anyone happen to know of some they like? And I'm thinking I will need somewhere from 50L-60L? Thanks! ...

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What size backpack should i take to SEA

Posted by skg5589 on 12/1/2011 at 03:33

Hey there! I'm travelling round SEA for 4 months in March, female, 5"4, so not very strong lol. I already have a 40L backpack and was wondering if this is big enough and should I take a smaller rucksack for daytrips??? Also what are the essentials things to take on my adventure!! ...

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Take tent or not?

Posted by Ignas on 18/1/2011 at 23:18

Yep, soon heading to SE Asia, and I am on low budget, I was just wondering if it would be good idea to take a tent with me. Is there many guesthouses who offers like a garden or place to camp for a night cheap? Idea is not to camp all over SE Asia but to save up some money by not living in guesthouses rooms... Is it worth to take a tent? Thanks. ...

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back-packing: what to bring/ what not to bring

Posted by ryder80 on 7/1/2011 at 12:42

hi, been frequently visiting this website, trying to absorb as much info as i can, as i prepare for a possible 3 month excursion to SE Asia... i bought myself a gregory triconi back pack, size small, 55L.. i feel pretty happy with my purchase? any feed-back?, i can still return it if anything. and as always, i've been reading, it always seems difficult to decide what to bring and what not to bring. starting off light is the way ...

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last minute packing panic

Posted by savorygal on 29/12/2010 at 14:00

I will be leaving in 5 days for a 14 month trip through SEA, bhutan, nepal & India & I am having a few last minute packing panic attacks. The big dilemma: shoes. ( Gawd, it's ALWAYS the shoes, isn't it girls?) I was thinking of bringing tevas & flip flops until i arrive in bhutan (my sister is mailing a package to my bhutanese guide that would include a lightweight pair of low hikers.) Can I manage without closed toed shoes until then? I will be in thailand, cambodia, indonesia & ...

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How cold is cold?

Posted by busylizzy on 6/8/2009 at 15:02

I will be spending 6+ months in Bali/Lombok/Flores (Sep-Nov), Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand (Dec - Mar). Most of the time it will be hot and humid obviously, so I want light-weight clothing. However, I am aware that some places I plan to visit will be 'cool' - particularly in the higher altitude places. I'm trying to work out exactly how much I need to take to keep warm. For example, the cooler places that I may end up at include: * Kelimutu in Flores * Rinjani in Lombok ...

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Shoud I take my netbook?

Posted by ocohen on 19/8/2010 at 02:37

Hello, everyone. I'll be in SEA for 6 weeks starting in October. First time back to Asia in a long time. In the past I haven't travelled with a comuter -- generally they were too heavy, there were internet cafes everywhere for not much more money than the access fees that guesthouses were charging to use their internet, and I didn't want to have to worry about it. But now it seems like a lot of guesthouses advertise free wireless. And the netbook is nice and small. And it would be really n ...

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Shoe for Temples visit

Posted by lunzeea on 5/11/2010 at 20:34

Hi everyone, I will be traveling to SE Asia this December, Thai - Lao -Vietnam to be exact. I need advise for those visited temples in Thailand and Lao before since I will be visit temples when in Thailand and Lao. I want to bring only 2 pair of Teva hiking shoe and fitflop. But now I'm thinking of getting these Teva Sport sandal instead, would this be passable for Temples visit footwear since it closed totes sport sandal. Thanks advance ...

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T-shirts - Best Fish on the Net

Posted by daawgon on 9/9/2010 at 07:54

I just received my Travelfish T, and it's super. Exceptional quality - not your everyday t-shirt at all. By the way, they're available here: (edited by somtam2000 to the page for the new tshirts) ...

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Traditional backpack -vs- hybrid pack

Posted by busylizzy on 6/6/2009 at 14:58

Hi guys, Just wanted some opinions on the virtues of using a traditional style backpack -vs- the newer travelpacks with wheels and harness? I used a standard backpack last year on my 6 week trip, but I think it's 85l, and it was too big. And being an out-of-practise traveller, I took the ridiculous view of 'since I have the space, I might as well fill it'. BIG mistake! :-/ I also found that in many of the places that we went (Thailand and Cambodia), having a set of wheels would have ...

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Portable water purifying pump, makes sense?

Posted by Mexicano31 on 6/7/2010 at 01:39

Im thinking about buying a water purifying pump so that I can fill up a bottle with tap water in SEA. I know I will be drinking a lot of water and it probably will be expensive to buy water bottles all the time (plus the plastic contamination this creates). So this purifying pump removes solid particules and even bacteria, it says it removes everything bigger than .3 micron... seems to be very good compared to other much more expensive pumps which remove the same, although its designed to be use ...

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