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How to kill a cold quicksmart?

Posted by CrankyCarrot on 25/8/2010 at 10:44

So it turns out drinking all night and all day is actually bad for you, and now I've earned myself a nasty cold. I'm trying to work out whether it's worth the time, money and effort of going to a Dr in Phuket, or whether I should just lock myself in my hotel room and sleep it off. I think I'm just run down from not getting enough sleep and hammering my immune system with grog. I've been taking multi-vitamin pills and trying to eat fairly healthily in order to prevent this kind of thing, but it' ...

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Diabetes - how to manage in Asia?

Posted by agajarat on 7/9/2010 at 04:13

I'm going on 3-6 months trip aroud Southern Asia. I am diabetes (insulin dependent) which means, I need to be equiped in conseridable supply of insulin and other devices. It both takes lots of space and in general is a problem because of the storage indications (fridge). Does anyone have simillar experience and could kindly share some advice how to manage such 'inconvenience' on the road? Is there any opportunity to obtain insulin in local hospitals? Many thanks ...

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Taking medication to Thailand

Posted by LaraP on 25/8/2010 at 14:46

Hey, I think I'm most probably being overly worried about this but have heard how some prescription and over-the-counter drugs we take for granted in the UK are not necessarily allowed in Thailand. I'm going to be taking about 10 months' worth of the contraceptive pill with me (Cilest) - would I need a GP's letter for this or is that unnecessary? Also, with over-the-counter drugs, are there any that I may take for granted in the UK that are not allowed in Thailand? I'm planning on taking the ...

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get camouflaged to avoid mosquito bites

Posted by sayadian on 18/8/2010 at 20:51

Just read a Thai Ministry of Health guide which warns against wearing black or bright coloured clothing as apparently it attracts mozzies.White,khaki,biege or olive are the best colours to wear if you don't want to be seen. Other advice includes the obvious benefit of repellents and nets but also includes advice not to wear perfumes or after shave as that attracts them too. So no more Hawaiian shirts and Brut then. ...

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How Not to Drown

Posted by tezza on 17/5/2008 at 15:41

Most tourist drownings in SE Asia involve people caught in RIP CURRENTS on popular beaches. Thailand’s Phuket and big Ko Chang have the worst records, but rip currents can occur anywhere there is a surf running. All that water heading beachwards has to get back out to sea somehow, and that is the rip current. Waves in Thailand and Cambodia are more a wet season thing, during and after periods of prolonged strong winds. Waves are absent to very small 99% of dry season. The Vietnamese coast c ...

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Treating Malaria

Posted by esocha on 27/7/2010 at 09:39

I understand the malaria topic is vast, full of dualistic decisions and overly processed. But, it seems I have a unique question that doesn't fit the 'malaria' messages and travelfish info.... I'm planning to spend at least 3 months in SEA, up to 6 month. I am not interested in taking antimalarials as I have experience travelling for 8 months in India without the pills (mind you, in the north where malaria is less prevelent). Regardless of this, I am taking proper prevention along with me (bedne ...

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drugs(legal ones)

Posted by jezefc14 on 18/6/2010 at 23:45

am going to VN, laos and cambodia, but have had health issues in the past and when i go travelling i have taken Diazepam with me just incase i have any problems specially when flying. i have however heard it is illegal to carry this with you when on holiday in these part of the world, and people have been put in jail?? i only take a small ish number of about 20, but i dont want any problems, does anyone know for definate what to do?many thanks jez ...

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info on buying malarials in Laos

Posted by Indoluso on 7/6/2010 at 19:24

in The Times online : about local population, Laos: "“(...) continuous use of drugs which were effective 50 years ago but now don’t work.”" "On the shelves of Savannakhet’s main pharmaceutical wholesaler three types of malaria drugs are available. All are chloroquine-based" - "For decades the anti-malarial chloroquine was hailed as a wonder medicine in the Third World. It saved millions of liv ...

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Confuse Dengue Fever for Malaria?

Posted by tatham on 25/5/2010 at 18:33

Hi All, My 4 month traverse across SE Asia is fast approaching. One question I have after reading all the posts on Malaria and Dengue Fever is how you can actually tell you have Dengue Fever as opposed to Malaria. For instance, if I am in deepest darkest Vietnam and I come down with a fever, headaches etc (ie: symptoms that could point to either Malaria or Dengue), how will I know what I have? For Dengue, you generally does up on paracetamol and rest, but if it's Malaria then you had better ge ...

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Malaria (again)

Posted by Russian on 2/6/2010 at 09:02

I know this topic has been discussed ad nauseum. However, I was wondering whether we can conduct a poll here. I am traveling to Laos (Houei Xai - Gibbon Experience) in July - early August by bus from Chiang Mai, and later to Siem Reap(2 weeks total). I cannot make up my mind as to whether I should take any anti-malaria meds. Could you please take a couple of minutes to briefly answer the following questions (this information might be useful to other travelers who are in limbo as well)? 1. W ...

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Last Minute Japanese Enceph. Advice

Posted by reef829 on 13/5/2010 at 08:41

I've searched the forum a good bit, but haven't found anyone w/ a similar situation yet. I'll be in SEA for 4 months and am planning on doing a good bit of treking in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia (Borneo). I am debating whether I'll need the Japanese Enceph. shot. I'm also going in the rainy season (JUne - Oct) when the chances are higher. The other problem is that I have to get the 2 shots 28 days apart and I will be out of the country by the time i need the next shot. ...

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Stiff Muscles

Posted by susantsao2 on 8/2/2010 at 09:20

How can I avoid stiff muscles by trying to keep them in motion? They can ache from being too still for too long at a time. ...

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What is home medical equipment ?

Posted by Jenniferslisa on 26/4/2010 at 12:12

Home medical equipment is all they are looking for. Therefore, starting a business in this field can be potential to earn money. The following discussion will provide you some information about starting a home medical equipment business. ...

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se east asia vaccines

Posted by sharpie on 6/3/2010 at 13:09

hey we just booked our tickets and we we will be heading to malaysia borneo),thailand, loas, vietnam, cambodia and indonesia in october. while im aware that vaccines are needed but the list seems endless. what are the vaccines deff recomended and how far in advance should we see the doc? thanks ...

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insect repellent issues...

Posted by jack2408 on 15/2/2010 at 03:41

Hey im going to SE Asia for 3 months in March and I was just looking for some information on the best insect repellent to use. I was thinking this..... ....which I believe is 50%. Anyone used this before? How long will it last? How many canisters should I buy? Thanks a lot. Jack ...

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Visiting the doctor in Bangkok??

Posted by anthony998 on 29/1/2010 at 20:56

Hello all, Wondering if you could help. I think I need to go see the doctor, but being in Bangkok and not too clued up on how to go about it I thought I'd ask those who'd know much more. Do I just arrive into a hospital and ask to see the Thai equivalent of a GP? or, I don't know, I'm a bit lost... Thanks for the forthcoming help!! Anthony ...

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Posted by RACHYPF on 6/12/2009 at 20:33

Hi anyone got any advice for trying to conceive after taking malarone? will be trying approx 6-8 weeks after stopping malarone and concerned about birth defects. Anyone in a simlilar position or can give any advice? ...

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Posted by RACHYPF on 1/12/2009 at 21:40

Hi backpacking around Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam between January and early April 2010. Told by practice surgery that personal choice over whether to have rabies and jap b enchep jabs.Wondered what other people are doing? ...

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Posted by greenman42 on 1/10/2009 at 15:24

I am a sufferer of motionsickness, worst on a boat. On my first trip to Thailand, I found that a pill was only sometimes effective. Possibly due to varying degress of hangover. This time I'm planning on doing alot of diving, which means many trips in a small boat. I don't really wan't to have to dope myself up before every dive. Before anyone says, "You'll get used to it in time". I worked on a cruise ship for seven months, and while this is true for living aboard, I fear it will be quite diffe ...

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Availability of 2 particular medications over the counter?

Posted by Jleef on 14/10/2009 at 04:41

Hi all, I'm currently in the midst of planning a 6-month trip to SE Asia which begins in January. Although I'm remaining extremely flexible with my schedule, I hope to visit Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam during my time, although in all honesty I could end up pretty much anywhere in the area =) I have a question regarding a couple of prescribed medicines which I sometimes use here in the UK. They are: Stemetil / Prochlorperazine - a sort of "anti dizzy" tablet I've used in the past w ...

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