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Rabies and Jap enc

Posted by alexr on 21/7/2008 at 04:44

Hi! Whilst I realise that my doctor/ travel clinic is the best place to get this kind of advice, I would really appreciate any guidance anyone can offer as I seem to be getting conflicting information from medical professionals and such like! I am visiting Thailand (inc Chiang Mai), Laos, Vietnam (including Sapa) and Cambodia over a period of 7 weeks altogether. I have had the major jabs - hep a and b, typoid, diptheria, tetanus and polio and of course will be taking malaria tablets wi ...

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Posted by mic59 on 14/11/2008 at 11:19

A tip that if you need to put your arm in a sling then the passport holder is very good for that purpose. Bandage only will not provide enough support for pain relief. ...

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Which shots will I need before Cambodia & Thailand??

Posted by Kym86 on 13/10/2008 at 10:57

Travelling from Queensland in a couple of months. Which shots will I need to get please? ...

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Weight GAIN health centres???

Posted by insearchofsunrise on 31/3/2008 at 01:06

Hi Everyone, I've been searching desperately for holistic centers that offer weight gain/fitness therapies (anywhere in S.E. Asia) Most of the ones I've come across offer fasting/detox weight loss. I would REALLY appreciate links to any holistic centers that offer nutritional counseling, cooking classes, weight training, yoga, meditation etc... Thanks ...

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Japanese Encephalitis HELP!!

Posted by wgiles1 on 31/7/2008 at 01:27

I will be backpacking throughout Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos from Aug 28-Sept 15th... do you think I should get the vaccinations? I would assume that we will be sticking to fairly major cities for the most part...maybe a few beaches here and there. I checked the CDC website and they recommend you get it. I have all of my other shots up to date, and will go ahead and do the malaria (my parents insist). On another note, I just had a friend catch Dengue Fever in car ...

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Recommended SHOTS really necessary?

Posted by sputnik0 on 4/6/2008 at 11:32

Hi everyone, My two girl friends and I are backpacking through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand this June. The doctor recommended that we get Hep A, Typhoid, Polio, Tetanus, and Malaria pill. We will only be in SE Asia for 15 days. 3 days in Ho Chi Minh, 4 days in Phnom Penh and Siem Riep total, 4 days in Bangkok, and 4 days in Chiang Mai. Since we'll mostly be in big cities and for short periods of time, is it really necessary to get all those vaccines? I heard there are unpleasant s ...

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sun block cream

Posted by NEILEIO on 2/5/2008 at 20:19

can anybody tell me what the highest factor sun cream you can buy in thailand.thanks neil ...

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Filtered water bottles

Posted by smartso on 30/4/2008 at 00:41

I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience using filter water bottles in South East Asia? ...

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yellow fever

Posted by msk100 on 25/4/2008 at 21:32

hi, travelling to BKK, then on to Cambodia and vietnam. only doing big cities. do we need a yellow fever vac? ...

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gynaecologist in bkk?

Posted by fishtails04 on 30/3/2008 at 11:05

can anyone recommend a good, English speaking, preferably western-trained, preferably female gynaecologist in bkk? thanks! ...

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orthotic insoles

Posted by seattle on 22/2/2008 at 13:15

Does anybody know where they make orthotic insoles for shoes in Vietnam? If so what city and address? Thanks ...

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Mosquito Nets

Posted by lisasc on 15/2/2008 at 19:33

There are so many different mosquito nets around, I'm confused which is the best, lightest, easiest to hang. Can anyone advise me? I will be using it in hotels and hostels, I'm not camping out. Hope someone can help. Many thanks ...

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Are Malaria pills that important?

Posted by yayo12 on 21/6/2007 at 20:56

Hi: I recently started another thread asking about my itinerary, if it sounded feasible and some other key suggestions. I have kept reading more information, and I am a little bit confuse about how important are Malaria pills for the regions and cities i'll be visiting. I know Malaria is not something you should play on, and that its a very serious disease, but I live in Mexico and have been having lots of trouble finding Malarone pills. So i dont know where could i buy them during my trip ...

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Pregnant and travelling to Phuket

Posted by mippymelbourne on 15/1/2008 at 13:48

Hi, I am planning a family and may well be pregnant by the time May comes around when I'll be travelling to Phuket. Is there anything I should look out for, not do, eat etc? Cheers! ...

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Typhoid vaccination available in PP or SR?

Posted by Tennouji on 8/12/2007 at 10:47

I live in Japan and it is impossible to get this vaccination here as the government has stopped providing licences for it (crazy but true!) I'm up to date with other vaccinations but I'm worried about spending four weeks in Camboida without the jab as I always get stomach bugs within a week of being in a developing country. Diarrhoea I can deal with, but worrying that it may be typhoid I can do without! I only ever drink bottled water and am pretty careful with food, but always get sick ...

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Cholera and Diarrhea Epidemic Outbreaks in Vietnam?

Posted by VanVan on 14/11/2007 at 04:05

Here in the U.S., I've heard the bad news about cholera outbreak and diarrheaa epidemic disease in Viet Nam, especially in the north. Is it really bad in Viet Nam? We'll be in Ha Noi next week. What should I prepare? ...

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