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Malaria Medicine

Posted by crystalrsh on 27/8/2013 at 10:20

I will be going to Thailand the beginning of March 2014, then Laos in April, and Cambodia in May. I have talked with a doctor and I will be getting my vaccinations that are needed for the trip. She said she recommends it but its not required to take malaria medicine. I'm not sure the exact whereabouts I will be in these countries but of course I want to be prepared. Some people have said its not something you will need if you stay more in the touristy areas. Advice? ...

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Immunization or Vaccine Clinic in Denpasar, Bali? (WHO or Red Cross maybe?)

Posted by sdel on 17/1/2013 at 17:23

Hi All, I realize this is a first post, but I've been reading the site for a while while planning a trip to SE A for August/September. I've read here and other places online that it is much cheaper (and not too difficult) to get some of the recommended vaccinations while already in SE A. We'll be starting in Bali, then going through Singapore to begin traveling toward Bangkok, then to Vietnam (Laos if time) over 7 weeks. Ideally, I imagine that I'll do a split between getting some vaccinations ...

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Question for the Ladies... Gentlemen Don't Bother

Posted by justdroppingby on 25/8/2009 at 06:50

Pretty simple. I'm going to be traveling in Southeast Asia for a few months and I'm concerned that my period is going to be a huge pain. Is it a big deal? Has anybody ever used the Pill to stop their cycle temporarily? I heard you can do that. ...

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Travelling With Diabetes!?

Posted by Donman1990 on 13/6/2012 at 02:34

I know that there are a few threads on this already, but most of these are a few years old and I wanted to see any new information that people might have. I'm a type 1 Diabetic, and I'm in the process of planning a 5-6 month trip into south east Asia and Japan next year, which will include Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. I have done a small amount of travel with my diabetes before hand (2 weeks in Thailand), but this time I will be going for longer and into arguably less developed areas. I just won ...

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Experience with depo-provera birth control abroad?

Posted by Rachltan on 24/5/2013 at 08:13

Greetings&Salutations! I am in the beginning stages of prepping for my first long-term SE Asia backpacking/expat trip (at least one year) and am currently researching the topic of birth control. I have already looked into the pros and cons of other BC's, but have not found sufficient enough information on the depo-provera shot. I know that a number of users opt to carry refill syringes with them. I'd like to know more about the availability of this form of BC in the different countries. ...

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High incidence of Typhoid and Dengue Fever at the moment

Posted by busylizzy on 6/5/2013 at 15:16

This is just a bit of anecdotal FYI from Indonesia: A colleague of mine here in NZ is from Indonesia and is currently visiting family in Bandung . Last week she was visiting other family in Sumatra (in Bukittinggi area). Her young daughter became feverish and after some blood tests, etc, it turns out she has both dengue fever and typhoid. She's responded well to antibiotics and is well on her way to recovery which is good - but camping out in the Bandung Hospital for a week has definitely p ...

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Cambodia/Vietnam/Laos Vacations Questions

Posted by dspudwill on 28/4/2013 at 21:17

Hi everybody. Me and three others are planning a trip to Southeast Asia. We are deciding on where we should go and our biggest issues is we can't decide how long it takes to get everywhere. We are thinking we want to take the bus most places and we have heard it takes a long time, but nothing much more specific than that. We have a weak itinerary that we have made up but we are not sure if we have packed to much into the time we have or maybe not enough. Our trip is going to last exactly three w ...

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Safety of Dorms

Posted by DanielJWalker on 23/4/2013 at 03:28

Hi All Me and My Friend are planning on travelling in South East Asia early next year and are currently looking at different types of accommodation. We have looked at Private Rooms in hostels/hotels as well as Dorm Rooms, and even though we like the idea of having a private room it appears that dorm rooms are invariably cheaper. But my main question is, are dorm rooms safe? I mean in general. I'm just a bit nervous about it because I've never been travelling before and don't really know what to ...

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A criticism of Thai fishing practice which might turn your stomach

Posted by sayadian on 16/3/2013 at 03:15 ...

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When to come doxy?

Posted by GhostOfTomJoad on 2/3/2013 at 09:21

I've been on dozy for about 3 months now, I started taking in Laos, as I spend some time in the north, then stayed on it for Cambodia, and then was going to take it for 2 more weeks to finish the course in Vietnam. However, I then decided to go to Malaysia, and decided to stay on it especially for going into the national parks in sarawak. I am going to be in Thailand again for about 6 weeks, starting in the south and finishing in the north. I don't know if the south is malarial, there is a lot o ...

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doubts about Malarone and ideal treatment

Posted by sofiamacedo on 22/6/2012 at 07:24

Hello all, i am with a big doubt about Malaria. Next week i will go to Thailand and also Cambodia, Vietnam and maybe Indonesia. On the hospital they only give me the Malarone to take just in case the syhtonms appear and i have no doctor around. But my friend who will go with me, in other hospital (and country) was recommended to start to take the Malarone and do the treatment, before she lives. Malarone is so toxic and expensive that i really need an advice and opinions about that question. ...

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Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis?

Posted by stujess on 26/7/2012 at 03:22

Have just visited the travel doctors today and he has scared me into second guessing my choice not to get vaccinated against rabies and japanese encephalitis. I wanted to get some opinions of more experienced travellers. My boyfriend and I are going to be travelling through SEA and Nepal for 6 months starting in September this year. In this order Borneo - Nepal - Laos - Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand and possibly Myanmar/Burma with around a month in each. I would happily get both vaccines if i ...

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hypertension meds

Posted by eyebones59 on 12/1/2013 at 16:19

Hi folks,hope someone can help traveling to s,e,a, 5th feb ror 2 months,i currently take meds for high blood presure (Ramipril 10mg)otherwise nown as Altace. my questions are a,can ibuy this in Thailand ? and b,how much does it cost ? Many Thanks. ...

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Posted by bullred1 on 6/11/2012 at 16:20

Hello folks! Travelling to SE Asia next year and looking for a cheap place to get vaccines for that region. Does anyone knows any in London? Thanks for the answers ...

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Malaria Tablets

Posted by C3DRFC on 6/3/2012 at 12:00

Are these readily available in Thailand an if so how much should I be looking to pay for a 3 month dose? GF an I are off to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, we know that the majority of countries are low risk if any at all, but thought we better be prepared. We have a 4 months supply, would this be suitable for a Three month trip for us both? Any advice is greatly appreciated Thanks ...

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Taking 6 months of Doxy to SEA

Posted by GhostOfTomJoad on 3/10/2012 at 11:49

I've just gone to the chemist to get my 6 months worth of Doxy for malaria prophylaxis, and have come back with a huge bag full! I'm going to need to take them out of their boxes and just take the strips, I will have about 22 strips, will this be a problem, or do I need to keep them in their original boxes? I will have a copy of the script. If I do need to keep them in their original boxes I will have to figure something else out because they are going to need their own backpack! ...

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Boating Accidents

Posted by daawgon on 3/10/2012 at 12:02

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 was not a good day for boating in SE Asia. 38 died in a ferry accident in Hong Kong as well as 5 deaths in a small boat accident on Halong Bay, Vietnam ...

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Antimalarials into Singapore?

Posted by lylzezane01 on 11/9/2012 at 03:50

Hi all, I will be travelling with doxycycline from Melbourne to Singapore and to Phnom Penh. This isnt a transit flight, and I will be leaving the airport, spending possibly a week in singapore. I have many left from my last trip so buying them isn't a problem. I'm just a bit worried if I need any papers or anything taking them into Singapore? They have crazy laws and I dont want to be imprisoned! So does anyone have any idea on the topic? I tried to read up about it but I didn't get very far ...

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Permethrin directions

Posted by lylzezane01 on 11/9/2012 at 04:37

I have left over permethrin solution from my last trip. I thought I might make use of it for this trip. I dont have the pack- only the bottle. And the label is all washed out so I cant read it! It is this baby : Or for you who dont want to click on the link its Equip Permethrin Treatment 20mls. Also, my face is very sensitive. Do you recommend soaking my hat in it? I know that I have to ...

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Rabies is it worth it?

Posted by Tomhamish on 4/5/2011 at 23:25

going to be all over South East Asia this summer, should i get the Rabies Jabs? i here it only gives you an extra 24 hours to get to a hospital if you are bitten etc... the cost of the injection isn't really an issue for me.... but to be honest i really really really hate getting injections and the rabies one is a course of three!! so as long as i'm carful (no patting street dogs/ no playing with monkeys) do i really need it? Thanks ...

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