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I rented a luggage storage locker in Bangkok

Posted by exacto on 8/7/2022 at 01:48

I'll be in Thailand for a total of three months this trip, and brought with me a few things I will need from time to time, but didn't want to haul around with me for the duration. In the past, I often stored a bag at a hotel and picked it up later, but that worked well for a few days, not a few months.

I'd noticed several new companies in Bangkok advertising longer-term luggage storage. They are typically offering a secure 1 cubic meter locker, with prices ranging from 600 to 1,200 baht ...

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Need ideas where to go next?

Posted by ironic on 12/1/2013 at 08:12

I have created the generator of ideas for the next trip destination. It includes many Asian locations. Recommendations are based on the places you visited before. Hopefully you will find some inspiring ideas there. ...

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Travel with Drone

Posted by shaneaseymour on 3/1/2018 at 12:02

Traveling to Cambodia and Vietnam in February and would love to take my drone. Does anyone have advice/feedback based upon their own experience? I'm particularly concerned with customers entering Vietnam, where I've heard that your drone can sometimes be confiscated based upon the whim of the customs official. ...

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Printed Travel Guidebooks are Alive and Well! (At least in Mexico)

Posted by exacto on 19/4/2022 at 15:59

Based on a recent comment about printed guidebooks on Couchfish, I think Somtam would be pleased with the young French-speaking couple who sat next to me at breakfast this morning. Here is Isla Mujeres, Mexico, by the way, and this couple from Geneva was going over their copy of Routard Mexique and making plans for the next few days. I asked them about it and they said this guidebook brand is very popular in the French-speaking world and known for its straight-forward style. I remember back in ...

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Travel with a iphone

Posted by peter61 on 28/11/2017 at 17:30

Hi Guys I have never before taken my phone while traveling but have seen many others with them and using the map apps which I'm thinking would be very handy. I am about to spend 6 weeks following the Mekon River from Southern China through Loas, Thailand , Cambodia and then into Vietnam. Do I need to get a sim card from every county or is there another way. Any advice would be appreciated. ...

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Can you use a Verizon iPhone on GSM ?

Posted by pobrien1902 on 12/9/2017 at 14:14

I have a Verizon locked iPhone 6 Plus. I'll be traveling to South East Asia for a few months and would like to use the phone while traveling by buying a sim card in each country I visit. I should be able to get the phone unlocked, but am finding conflicting info on whether I'll be able to use a Verizon phone even if it is unlocked. I know that traditionally Verizon phones only worked on CDMA but have also read that newer phones are compatible with both CDMA and GSM networks. Do you know if V ...

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Size of tablet used on your travel

Posted by mikal83 on 13/5/2015 at 10:50

We have read the laptop v tablet questions and have decided that taking a laptop is not our option due to size and weight....a tablet will suffice. What size is yours? Are you happy with that size or would have thought a bigger/smaller one would have been better. We will be using ours for just storing pix from a camera, maybe a few videos but mainly for email/social media/booking flights/hotels etc. ...

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Has anyone booked in

Posted by rlpangahas on 25/11/2012 at 10:50

I really need to know if they are reliable. I am planning to book most of the hotels we'll be staying via I just don't know if it's really reliable or not. ...

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Buying local sim cards abroad. In need of some clarification.

Posted by Samuelchinds on 30/10/2016 at 16:28

I will be leaving for my trip around SE Asia in about a month, and would like to buy local sim cards in each country I visit. I have never done this before.... I am planning to unlock my iPhone 5 and just cancel my AT&T account here in the states before I leave. If I show up with an unlocked iPhone 5 with no existing account or phone number, will I just be issued a new phone number with each sim card and local plan that I purchase? If anyone has experience with how this works, it wo ...

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Plug Adapter and/or Voltage Converter in Cambodia?

Posted by annarchynyc on 16/12/2015 at 15:27

I am travelling to Cambodia in the next month. I will have an iPhone and an iPad that I will need to charge. I don't want to carry unnecessary weight or waste money on buying a voltage converter (I already have the adapter plugs) if I don't need it. Anyone? Thank you in advance. ...

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Are you planning on going anywhere for your next vacation?

Posted by duke on 16/12/2015 at 00:50

Trip is one of the important ingredients in life. They are our lifeline to refill, a chance to step away from everyday life and connect with different people in our life, a time to relax, to be the real us or indeed to be whoever we want to be. Even after the end of trip, holidays can leave us with a suitcase of life-long happy memories. On our trips, we wanted to be grouped with people who wecan laugh and share memories together. We could have saved countlesshours if we had a catered itinerar ...

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Hotel Deluxe Inn Hawthorne A Virtual Trip For Virtual Tourist

Posted by IBCHotels on 6/4/2015 at 05:47

The hotel is not only to stay on a short term basis, it's a doorway to discover the city's attractions. Situated in the heart of California, the hotel Deluxe Inn Hawthorne provides a close view of all the attractions along with all the preeminent services as a result, you can avail all the facilities which you require such as sightseeing, shopping, traveling, taking the glimpse of the region, etc. The resort is only 6 miles away from Los Angeles international airport causing in the quick ...

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Phnom Penh to Koh Chang? Tours?

Posted by meceo on 12/10/2009 at 09:36

Hey Travelfishies! I have been trying to find up-to-date information on Phnom Penh to Koh Chang. Everything that i seem to find is a few years old now, and i know there must be improved services now - even tours - that specialise in this. i have read the best route to take, but i am hoping someone has done the trip in the last few months and knows where to look/head online for this trip booking. thanks heaps matt ...

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Travel voltage converters

Posted by Donaldmbs on 19/12/2009 at 09:02

Hello guys,are you stuck with finding travel converters? gives a complete solution for all your problems. The travel guide talks about different voltages used around the globe and the adapter pins suitable for them. ...

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Cheap shopping at Taiwan/Taipei airport?

Posted by Billabong on 12/9/2009 at 20:58

Hi there, I am having an 2-hour stop over at Taipei airport on my flight to Vietnam. Since in Europe there's a lot of "made in Taiwan" for electronic stuff, i wondered if it is worth to wait buying for example Digital-Camera equipment, I-Pod stuff etc. Has anyone any experience, is there a chance to get some bargains on electronic stuff? Thanks, ...

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Thoughts on this travel site idea

Posted by marktrip on 10/10/2013 at 13:33

Hi Guys, Recently I was travelling across the world (and had no time to really plan out my trips) so I told myself after I got back, what if I made a site that helped automatically build itineraries, allowed friends to collaborate, allowed you to share the trip publicly for critiquing and basically just having your entire trip more organized. I figure this could be more useful for a business traveller, but I think if we put all sorts of all factors into play like taking Open hours into consid ...

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Electricity - convert/transform/adapt - help!

Posted by whirlwind2014 on 30/9/2014 at 11:47

Hi, So, I leave in less than a month for my long-awaited trip to SE Asia and have been diligently researching. However, I can not seem to crack the electricity question. I will be traveling with: iphone tablet camera fitbit And traveling in: Bangkok, Siem Reap, Hanoi, Luang Prabang, Chiang Mai, and Yangon. What do I need to use in order to charge my devices along the way? Thanks so much, Julie ...

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Switch your travel searching to DuckDuckGo

Posted by somtam2000 on 22/9/2014 at 04:13

Hi all, If you're bored/frustrated/annoyed/going postal with searching for something travel related and just getting back dozens of junky spam listings from TripAdvisor on Google or Bing, then I suggest you give DuckDuckGo a try. I finally spat the dummy last week and switched and so far I've found them to be pretty great. *) For starters, while TripAdvisor is still often there, they're there just once rather than 18 out of 20 times. *) Less ads *) None of the Google Travel and Google Maps ru ...

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Laptop vs Tablet

Posted by horsebox on 16/6/2014 at 03:31

Hey everyone, first post here, I'm planning a year+ trip to SE Asia and Australia at the moment, I'm not going until next January but it'll be my first time having a holiday of more than a week so I'm just trying to sort out some of the pre planning and pre costs at the moment. I'll be doing the usual hostel/backpacking type of traveling One thing I'm looking at is whether to bring a laptop or tablet, I want to travel as light as possible so a tablet has obvious advantages in that sense as well ...

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Please advice with calling card provider

Posted by MikeSanto on 19/1/2014 at 02:49

Hi all! Next month we are planning to visit Thailand with kids. Case in point is: I will requre a full-time access telephon connection, because one of my emploee's projects is on the run and my help could be needed any moment. Last year we had a similar problem when I was on a tourist trip to France, but than it was solved with calling cards, purchased here: Now, since our last trip is much longer and to Asia, not to Europe, I have doubts wether these c ...

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