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4 month itinerary help requested

Posted by travelcath on 7/6/2013 at 18:06

Hello! I will be traveling to SEA for 4 months from mid-August up to Christmas. I wanted to make the Full Moon Party on August 21 so I was thinking of the following itinerary: fly into Bangkok and head straight for Koh Phangan for FMP go south to Malaysia, through KL and maybe Singapore Malaysian Borneo / Sabah fly to Hanoi, make my way south through Vietnam Cambodia north through Laos cross the border near Chiang Rai into Thailand south to finish in Bangkok Does this sound feasible? If a ...

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cyber-illiterate seeks help

Posted by frere on 15/5/2013 at 03:45

like this as much or more than similar sites. small problem: can't even see how to initiate a post/blog let alone create it with formatting and uploading the requisite photos. anyone know where the start button is? ...

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Itinerary Help (Cambodia>Laos>Vietnam)

Posted by marisamarcia on 5/4/2013 at 20:14

Hi! First time backpacker here~ My friend (also first time backpacker) and I are planning to go backpacking next year around March. Our itinerary draft : From KL to Phnom Penh (Flight) Cambodia (12 days) -Phnom Penh -Siem Reap (Siem Reap - Laos : Bus) Laos (14 days) -Pakse -Vientiane -LP -4000 island (if time + money is ok) (Vientiane - Hanoi : Bus) Vietnam (14 days) -Hanoi -Halong Bay -Hoi An -Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City back to KL (Flight) So, I have a few questions: a)Is the ...

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Staying fit and in shape after thailand/southeast asia?

Posted by lola899 on 1/6/2011 at 03:05

Been in southeast asia for last 3 months and came back 10 pounds lighter, been trying to eat the same 'healthy' food back here, but after 2 weeks i have already put on a couple of pounds... what gives? How can i maintain my original 'arrival' weight? similar experiences? ...

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Australia/New Zealand

Posted by Nienke on 5/3/2012 at 08:22

Hi there, Do anyone know if there is also a forum like travelfish for Australia and New Zealand? We are planning a two year trip trough Asia and the pacific. Thanks, Nienke ...

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2 month Itinerary: realistic?

Posted by castillo823 on 11/3/2012 at 17:27

Hello! Long time reader, first time poster, so I apologize if this isn't in the correct section of the boards (although, I'm fairly certain it is). Anyway, planning a solo-trek through South East Asia this summer. Done the living out of the backpack thing in Europe this past summer for about two months so I'm fairly comfortable with traveling on shoestrings and the planning/issues that go along with it. I've spent many hours over the past few weeks looking at sample itineraries, looking at tra ...

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3-4 weeks in Eastern Thailand, Laos and Angor wat

Posted by Sophief on 18/3/2012 at 13:43

Hello, i have 3 or possibly 4 weeks to spend, sadly no more, some time nxt year. I would like to visit LP in laos, and VV for the scenery, some of the mekong towns on thai or lao sides like nong khai, vientiane and all the way to Don khon in southern laos, then head to Angor wat. If time left, a trip to Ko chang or ko maak. Is this itinerary realistic in 3 wks without the island bit? Is it difficult to travel in that part of asia? I,m more used to travelling in indonesia. Also I hope my choice ...

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My blog of my trip through South East Asia

Posted by ben130892 on 17/3/2012 at 14:43

Last year, starting in May, my friend and I set of on our trip across South East Asia. Here is my blog which I kept throughout our journey, hopefully it can inspire some of you to take a similar trip. I will again be travelling this summer and will be creating a new blog soon. Ben ...

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Travelling South East Asia in August, September and start of October

Posted by bryliesmiley on 6/3/2012 at 19:08

My best friend and I are travelling Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, possibly Burma, arriving start of August and leaving start of October! I have heard there are places that are still fantastic to travel during the wet season (which apparently is almost the entire time we are over there). I am after some suggested routes and places that we will still be able to get the most out of our asia adventure! Any tips or information would be sensational!!! Cheers! ...

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Posted by beemeers on 1/4/2010 at 13:43

We landed in thailand and made our way to cambodia via the koh kong border. Everything went very smoothly, no hassle, some of us had our visa's already, 2 of our group got it on arrival, no problems, no scams. We exchanged a bit of our money because the cab driver insisted none of the places took american,baht, etc. Do not listen to them, all of the places we went to in cambodia take US dollars, the menus and guesthouse prices are all in american. the machines spit out US dollars. Get the taxi ...

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vietnam part : hcmc

Posted by jonyd1 on 17/1/2011 at 02:29

Well - finally got around to finishing my HCMC report - again, can also view it here. Hope you like Arrived on the bus to Ho Chi Minh City from Can Tho at night. Wow. There are a few motorbikes in this city, and they all seem quite intent on getting to wherever they are going as quickly as possible, regardless of who is in their way. I ended up splitting a taxi with a few people from the bus to head to the backpacker area around Pham Ngu Lao – quite sure we overpaid for the ride – make ...

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Help itinerary Thai/Laos/Viet in 4-5wks possible?

Posted by helmo645 on 16/2/2012 at 01:00

Hi everyone, Me and my girlfriend (19 and 18) are planning a trip from Aus to do a backpacking trip around a bit of Asia and firstly are wondering how many days you would book for a trip like ours and how many to allocate to each place and major places to visit... Plan is to initially travel to Phuket and from there move our way north through thailand, through laos and do the vang vieng thing , then onto vietnam where we will travel to Hanoi and visit ha long bay hopefully and then travel some o ...

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Advice on China travel?

Posted by Mattvs on 20/10/2011 at 12:29

Travelfish was a godsend when my wife and I were traveling through Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia in 2009. Now we're exploring a 2.5 to 3.5 week trip to China this spring. Ack! Where's the Travelfish for that part of the world? We'd love help with either of the following questions: 1) Do you have recommendations for the best itineraries for that amount of time? 2) Can you point us toward the best forums for travelers exploring China? A bit more about our travel tastes: We don't need more than a ...

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Itineray help - 6 weeks Thailand/Cambodia with 2 children

Posted by Japtha on 9/1/2012 at 17:36

We are a family of 4 with 2 children aged 3 and 8 years. In a month we travel to Thailand and Cambodia for 6 weeks and the itinerary is roughly made. However, we are uncertain whether our itinerary is too extensive. So far, the itinerary is as follows: Bangkok 3 nights Bus / boat to Koh Chang 6 nights Bus to Cambodia - 2 nights in either Sihanoukville or Kep / Kampot Bus to Phnom Pehn 3 nights Bus to Battambang 2 nights Boat to Siem Reap 5 nights Bus / train to Bangkok 1 night Overnig ...

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Is it realistic to go to so many countris in 2 monthes?

Posted by dinnasand on 19/11/2011 at 16:41

Me and my friend are going to travel in Asia for 2 monthes - in july and august. There are so many countries we want to visit/see, but we dont know if it is realistic and stupid: We want to go to Thailland, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Borneo and the Philippines. Do you think it will be to much travel? Is there any of the mentioned countries you think we should delete from our list? Any inpunts would be great! Thank you [img]smileys/smile.gif[/img] ...

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itinerary help, Chiang Mai

Posted by 3488 on 8/11/2011 at 12:10

HI, I am going to Chiang Mai on Dec 15(for 2 weeks, solo), going to spend in the city for few days and then planing on trekking the hills tribes. Any idea where I can stay for couple days in the city then find an agent for the treks. Thanks for the info. If you have any info on how to travel to the hill tribes without the agent, that will be great. ...

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Thai or Laos New Year

Posted by katerpillar on 6/12/2011 at 20:57

My friend and I are planning our first ever backpacking trip to SEA this coming spring (wooo!) and I'm trying to hammer out some rough possible itineraries. We are planning a mostly counter-clockwise route through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, and we should be in the general neighbourhood of Laos/ Chiang Mai for the new year in April and I'm wondering where to spend it. I've heard that Chiang Mai is THE place to spend Songkran, but I've also heard good things about the Laos new yea ...

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My SEA Itinerary - worried about weather

Posted by Phiddy on 1/12/2011 at 13:16

Hi, I'm planning a trip to SEA from mid to late January to mid April next year. I don't yet have an itinerary but I know that I would like to spend the last couple of weeks to a month in the islands of south Thailand. What I have so far is probably familiar to most of you, arriving in BKK, travelling into the north (ie. Chiang Mai and Rai) then into Laos (Ventiane to Luang Prabang), across into Vietnam and then down from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, across Cambodia via Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, t ...

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Mae Hong Son Loop on bike road report: 27 March - 3 April

Posted by shing on 10/10/2011 at 19:58

hi did the the Mae Hong Soon loop a few months back on motorbike, more pictures and info on my blog:) ...

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Lao's enchantment

Posted by cybervlad on 14/9/2011 at 11:18

*** Lao's Enchantment *** Prologue I can't say that I love a winter too much, but fluffy snowdrifts and cold clear air are fun. Sometimes. Unfortunately this year there is no winter. No snow. Temperature is around zero. Is this December?! I returned from my trip to Cambodia and Thailand only 2 week ago, but I fly back there in my mind almost every day. Strange, but usually I do not feel those symptoms of "nostalgia for SEA" at least 2-3 months after returning home. Anyway, I must to ...

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