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itinerary help, Chiang Mai

Posted by 3488 on 8/11/2011 at 12:10

HI, I am going to Chiang Mai on Dec 15(for 2 weeks, solo), going to spend in the city for few days and then planing on trekking the hills tribes. Any idea where I can stay for couple days in the city then find an agent for the treks. Thanks for the info. If you have any info on how to travel to the hill tribes without the agent, that will be great. ...

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Thai or Laos New Year

Posted by katerpillar on 6/12/2011 at 20:57

My friend and I are planning our first ever backpacking trip to SEA this coming spring (wooo!) and I'm trying to hammer out some rough possible itineraries. We are planning a mostly counter-clockwise route through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, and we should be in the general neighbourhood of Laos/ Chiang Mai for the new year in April and I'm wondering where to spend it. I've heard that Chiang Mai is THE place to spend Songkran, but I've also heard good things about the Laos new yea ...

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My SEA Itinerary - worried about weather

Posted by Phiddy on 1/12/2011 at 13:16

Hi, I'm planning a trip to SEA from mid to late January to mid April next year. I don't yet have an itinerary but I know that I would like to spend the last couple of weeks to a month in the islands of south Thailand. What I have so far is probably familiar to most of you, arriving in BKK, travelling into the north (ie. Chiang Mai and Rai) then into Laos (Ventiane to Luang Prabang), across into Vietnam and then down from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, across Cambodia via Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, t ...

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Mae Hong Son Loop on bike road report: 27 March - 3 April

Posted by shing on 10/10/2011 at 19:58

hi did the the Mae Hong Soon loop a few months back on motorbike, more pictures and info on my blog:) ...

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Lao's enchantment

Posted by cybervlad on 14/9/2011 at 11:18

*** Lao's Enchantment *** Prologue I can't say that I love a winter too much, but fluffy snowdrifts and cold clear air are fun. Sometimes. Unfortunately this year there is no winter. No snow. Temperature is around zero. Is this December?! I returned from my trip to Cambodia and Thailand only 2 week ago, but I fly back there in my mind almost every day. Strange, but usually I do not feel those symptoms of "nostalgia for SEA" at least 2-3 months after returning home. Anyway, I must to ...

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downloading travelfish guides

Posted by caroljohnson on 11/9/2011 at 18:36

can i download guides to my hardrive for free. When i try to do this i am asked for a subsciption to adobe ...

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Anyone flown United to Asia

Posted by averydka99 on 25/8/2010 at 23:17

Can anyone tell me what the plane was like on United for International flights? I know Cathay is very nice, but United is a few hundred $$$ cheaper. Comfort is important for 19hr flights! Thanks! ...

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Ko Phra Thong

Posted by tezza on 27/4/2011 at 19:48

Ko Phra Thong is one of the least developed islands in Thailand from both the domestic and tourist points of view. When I visited in March 2011 there was one high end beach villa place, two budget bungalow joints with another soon to open, and a village home stay operation. Domestic activity seemed mainly confined to a couple of fishing villages. I only saw one small agricultural operation. This is the place to go for those wanting to get right away from it all. Phra Thong is a reasonable siz ...

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Is my itinerary too ambitious

Posted by konnan101 on 31/3/2011 at 21:29

Hey, so I was unsure of which forum to post this in, seeing as to it was a little broad for any one of the country specific forums, so I put it in this one. Anyways I have two itineraries below, one is taking my time, not rushing, having an extra week or so in the Thai islands. The other one is more rushed, and a lot of movign around, but it has Laos (Luang Prabang and the gibbon experience) which is supposed to be incredible. Either way I think this trip is going to change drastically once I ge ...

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Help please

Posted by EdSue on 19/6/2011 at 17:52

We have used Travel Fish for the past three years which has been absolutely brilliant, and have visited and re-visited Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, using all the advice and tips from you guys which has enabled us to travel for 4/5 weeks independently each time. However, next year we would like to revisit India. Previously when we were still working, our visits there were for 2 or 3 weeks through a travel agent but now we want to explore on our own, taking 4/5 weeks. Any advice on travelling ar ...

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Ko Phayam

Posted by tezza on 19/5/2011 at 20:17

Last visited March 2011. Ko Phayam is a small attractive island situated near Ranong and the Burmese border, with several nice beaches and a good supply of old style budget bungalow resorts. But it is an island in development. When I first visited in 2006 aircon and pools were largely absent. In 2008 some had appeared. In March 2011 they were more wide-spread. However it is still a pretty relaxed place. Often on my latest March 2011 visit I was the only person on 400m or so of beach. I've nev ...

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Bang Saphan Yai- Fantastic Beach

Posted by forestmat on 21/3/2007 at 11:45

Hi, just spent 17 days in Bang Saphan Yai, Prachuap Khirikhan province. I live in BKK and have been coming to Thailand since 1994. I highly recommend the beaches of Bang Saphan Yai and Bang Krut, they are some of the most beautiful i have ever seen anywhere in the world...20 or 30 miles of white sand with only a handful of travellers. Whatever you do, don't tell the LP guide book about this place, it's clean, cheap and quiet. I stayed at the Suan Luang Beach which is right on the beach (not to b ...

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Our 9 week itinerary, Are we trying to do too much? all opinions welcome!

Posted by Tomhamish on 20/4/2011 at 03:50

Hi Me and my girlfriend are arriving in bangkok on the 15th of June and flying out again on the 18th of august. (around 9 weeks of travel) (side note: where i say the number of days we are going to stay somewhere, this is only a rough estimate, this itinerary isn’t set in stone and i understand that sometimes ‘less is more’ in terms of planning) The basic plan is a SEA loop, including: Thailand (obviously) Cambodia Vietnam Laos in that Order.... so.... arrive in Bangkok, 2-3 days Camb ...

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2 Month SE Asia Itinerary- Possible?

Posted by squirk on 9/11/2010 at 02:45

Hello, I am traveling with my girlfriend from California to Southeast Asia in January/February (~55 days).  Below is the itinerary we were thinking about following.  I was looking for some thoughts from experienced travelers to this part of the world if this is possible, or if we should thin it out a little: Vietnam 1. Flying into Hanoi (2-3 days)-- Ha Long Bay (3-4 days) *1 Day Bus to Phang Na or 1Hr Flight* 2. Phong Nha/Ke Bang National Park/Hue (3 Days) *4 Hr Bus or 2 Hr Train to Hoi An ...

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luang prabang to sapa in july

Posted by pjc57 on 2/4/2011 at 04:12

Hello, I will be in Luang Prabang in July this year and hope to travel to Sapa inVietnam overland and incorperating a river trip on the Nam Ou between Nong Khiaw and Muang Khua . Has anybody done this at this time of year before? Does anyone know how frequently the boats run? Also, if anyone could tell us the condition of the roads after Muang Khua it would be greatly appreciated. We are in our fifties and travelling outside of Australia for the first time and any information would be a gre ...

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havent a clue!maybe thailand-vietnam-indonesia??

Posted by clumsykiwi1 on 19/3/2011 at 02:34

hey guys!! hedin to oz in sept for a year bu realli wanna squeeze in a few wks travel before settlin in oz! im thinking thailand vietnam then indonesia! is this possible?? never travelled before? love to c all the main attractions an get as much in as i cud! whats the cheapest way of goin about this!! any route suggestions?? me an mi boyfrien goin!! tanx xxxx ...

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Some advice for 3 girls that never backpacked before....please :-s

Posted by rstovold on 30/11/2010 at 07:12

Hi, We are three 21yr old girls planning a mega trip to Asia in January 2011 and just want some advice about arranging travel, accomdation etc... One of us has family in India so we plan go to NewDelhi first and then train it to Nepal and then next train to Tibet - we then plan to fly to Thailand and do the whole thailand, cambodia, laos, vietnam adventure... None of us have really backapacked before so we just wondering if it better to arrange all in uk? or arrange once in India? also is thi ...

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Our (late) Vietnam Trip Report

Posted by lexkssnbrg on 15/12/2009 at 17:34

Hi everyone, First of all, our apologies for the delays in posting our trip report. My girlfriend and I came back from Vietnam a couple weeks ago, were quite hesitant to write this report but think it’s important for us to share with you all when the memories are still fresh. Halong Bay: We were booked one night aboard the Pinta Gold on the strength of the reviews on here and like countless others weren’t disappointed. We transferred a 30% deposit by Western Union before we left home ...

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My personal travel blog

Posted by Jleef on 13/12/2009 at 23:37

Just a quick message to say Hi to all and to share a link to my travel blog which I've just set up: My travels don't officially begin for another month yet but thought I'd share this with you all now. If you think you might enjoy my writing or have any suggestions feel free! ...

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Trip from Ranong to Nong Khai

Posted by danceswithrose on 23/12/2010 at 18:55

We took the bus from Ranong to Bangkok and picked up the overnight train to Nong Khai . The bus trip was great and certainly Australia and NZ companies could take a few tips on how to treat their customers well. 2 rest stops and one lunch stop. They serve towelettes and sugary cordials and a snack during the trip. (They might not be to your taste, but its the thought that counts!). The bus was really comfortable. It cost 350BHT to get from the bus station to the train station by taxi. ...

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