Photo: Canals of Ca Mau, Mekong Delta.

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Transit....HCMC to Mui Ne

Posted by Greggor58 on 31/12/2009 at 10:36

Hi all...Im looking for bus companies that transit between HCMC and Mui Ne...and Im struggling to find anything on-line...other than Hanh and Sinh.. Would anybody be able to provide any info that could help... If I dont have to I WONT use the open bus system...Ill certainly be avoiding Hanh Cafe and Sinh is only a last resort.. Ive read here and there about other buses that night do this run but I can find any info.. Would anybody know how much a taxi might cost? Thanks in advance ...

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HCMC to Muine

Posted by mabrock71 on 23/4/2008 at 16:40

I want to take a bus to muine from HCMC but don't want to take the 'open tour' buses. does anyone have any info on the buses from mien dong station. I want to go around midday is that possible? ...

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Bus schedule from Mui Ne to HCMC?

Posted by beckim79 on 19/12/2009 at 00:24

Have limited time in Mui Ne and need to get back to HCMC as soon as possible. Does anybody know when the buses run to HCMC? ...

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2 Week Vietnam Honeymoon in December

Posted by CBaker on 23/9/2011 at 04:59

My husband and I are flying into Bangkok in early December and want to make a swift departure from Thailand to start exploring Vietnam for our 2 week long honeymoon. We want to stick to just Southern Vietnam for time and weather (we'll be coming from the snow and would love to spare ourselves any coats). But would like to take a possible side trip to see Angkor Wat. What would you suggest? Heading straight to Angkor from BKK - or going to Ho Chi Minh first and then down. I have my heart set ...

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If you had to choose- Hanoi, HCMC & Con Dao

Posted by sansucci on 17/9/2011 at 11:43

Yes, another itinerary help request! If you had 10 full days, only 3-4 places in Vietnam where would you choose? Adventurous couple trying to get a mix of touristy can't-miss with off-the-beaten track in ten short days...would like to fit a remote village in here like mai chau but don't want to rush...would love feedback...any recent travel reports on Con Dao? Like the idea of secluded beach fix to end the trip. 1: Hanoi 2: Hanoi 3: Halong Bay (overnight/kayak) 4: Halong Bay 5: Hanoi- Ho Chi M ...

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Mekong tour: advices / companions in Vinh Long or Ben tre, now ?

Posted by juju007 on 21/9/2011 at 07:16

Hello, I'm currently in Vinh Long and plan to go to Ben Tre tomorrow (probably through taxi+ferry+public bus path instead of the bus through My Tho ) before heading to HCMC. I'm trying to find a cheap tour on mekong river. For now, - in Vinh Long, only had 300k Dong/15$ tour through hotel or street offer for ~5h tour (An binh, Cai be floating market, bonsai garden, ...; not sure if per person or per boat). Cuu Long Tourist has 25$ per boat for the same trip. - in Can Tho, starting price ...

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1 month in Vietnam South-North Itinerary! Is it any good?

Posted by Peachula on 10/6/2011 at 12:05

Okay, so I am a 20 yr old female from Canada traveling solo through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and ending in Thailand. This is my first ever backpacking trip and after much searching the culture, beauty and excitement of SEA has drawn me in. I don't want to miss out on anything and have been doing a TON of researching (amazing help from this site, especially) so if anyone could help me out, I have a general itinerary planned out. I will be heading to HCMC last week of September and arriving back ho ...

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Vinh Moc tunnels from Hoi An?

Posted by stefanw on 19/9/2011 at 10:30

I'm wondering what the travel time from Hoi An to the Vinh Moc tunnels are and if anyone has done it. I probably doubt many people has organised tours from there but I could be wrong. Is it worth it? ...

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3 Week Itinerary - Any tips to improve it?

Posted by lithium on 6/9/2011 at 00:48

I've finalised my itinerary for Vietnam and would appreciate any suggestions on how to improve it. Sunday 20-Nov Arrive Hanoi @ 8am and make arrangements for Sapa / Halong Bay Trip + book train ticket from Ninh Binh to Hue Monday 21-Nov Hanoi Tuesday 22-Nov Leave for Halong Bay @ 7:30 am. Leave luggage @ hotel. Sleep on Cat Ba Wednesday 23-Nov Halong Bay. Sleep on Cat Ba Thursday 24-Nov Return to Hanoi @ 4pm and get overnight train to Sapa @ 8:30 pm. Leave luggage @ h ...

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Mekong Delta

Posted by Vero123 on 7/7/2011 at 06:15

Hello everybody, we are 2 people and we are going to arrive to HCMC by train at 5a.m on the July 19 th and to leave the HCMC in the moring of the 21st of July (to continue our trip to Combodia) . We'd like to spent our 2 days in this place visiting the Delta of Mekong. I spent a lot of time in the internet trying to find the best way to do it, but I didn't succeded. What it the best way? I found 2 types of organised tours 2 days/1 night in the delta. One type is about 170 USD per person and oth ...

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Halong Bay vs. Bai Tu Long Bay

Posted by karuthless on 21/6/2011 at 15:53

Hello. Has anybody visited Bai Tu Long Bay (immediately Northeast of Halong Bay)? We were initially planning to visit Halong Bay and Cat Ba, but have the option of doing a tour (overnight on junk, kayakking, with Handspan) in Bai Tu Long Bay instead (which is supposed to be far less crowded and less developed). However, I was wondering whether the scenery in Bai Tu Long is quite as dramatic as in Ha Long Bay? Is it just a Lite-version of Halong Bay, or is it just as stunning in natural beauty? T ...

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Na Trang or Mui Ne

Posted by benh on 12/6/2008 at 20:15

Which would you chose if you could only visit one? We are on holiday in Jan 09 & cannot decide which would be better for a 3 day visit. ...

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Visit Cu Chi Tunnels, Ben Tre, Cai Be by speed boat from Saigon

Posted by Travelindochine on 25/7/2011 at 13:57

Hi travelers. I just got information that, now you can visit Cu Chi Tunnels, Ben Tre, and Cai Be floating market by speed boat from HCMC. I hope this is a good news for travelers love traveling by speed boat. ...

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Posted by taffyted72 on 23/7/2011 at 16:05

Hi I have been searching the net looking for a crossing from Vietnam to Cambodia up the Mekong and have com across a 2 night 3 day trip ending up in Phnom Penh for $54.13 per person.... I have to say this sounds too good to be true it's with The Sinh Tourist, does anyone have any experience of this trip and is it tooooo good to be true or are they legit??? and is it safe??? ...

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Bus travel HCMC - Cat Tien - Dalat

Posted by rjewell on 17/9/2011 at 17:27

Can someone fill me in on bus travel to Cat Tien Nat Park from HCMC and then from Cat Tien to Dalat. My preference would be to travel by bus rather than expensive customised travel. My main question is where do buses leave from in HCMC and do they go through Tan Phu, how often per day. I figure that I can buy transport back to Tan Phu from Cat Tien and thence to Dalat, but it's the outward trip I am unclear about. ...

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3 day motorbike Vietnam

Posted by aubuchGJ on 17/9/2011 at 11:11

I will be in Vietnam for 22 days in October, flying into Saigon and out of Hanoi. I originally wanted to do the DBP loop but it seems like I won't have enough time, so I'm looking for a nice 3-4 day trip that can be done by motorbike. Right now I'm thinking about renting a bike in either Sapa or Dalat and just taking a few days to explore the surrounding area. Any recommendation for a good 3 day trip? Looking for something similar to MHS loop in Thailand. As far as I could tell this has not be ...

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Posted by vuh on 21/8/2007 at 20:10

From Sapa, there are a lot of trekking possibilities and we decided to go directly to tribes to stay overnight without going through travel agencies. BE AWARE OF THE DISHONNESTY OF THE TRAVEL AGENCIES TOWARD TRIBES PEOPLE: Most of travel agencies in Sapa offer trekking tours to several villages with overnights at tribes villages and the cheapest price is 18 USD per day per person. Unfortunately, most of these travel agencies under pay the inhabitants of these villages. It can even be consi ...

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Phu Quoc, Nha Trang OR Hoi An??

Posted by honeymooner33 on 24/8/2011 at 17:13

Hi everyone, My fiance and I are currently planning our honeymoon for March next year, to spend about four weeks travelling around Northern Laos and Vietnam. We are planning on spending 10 days in Laos, before flying to HCM and slowly making our way to Hanoi . We are planning to visit the Mekong delta when we get to Vietnam, and later spend 5 days in Hanoi at the end of our trip, including a trip to Halong Bay. We have time to visit 2 other places in between, and are trying to choose between P ...

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Best place in Vietnam, Phong Nha Farmstay

Posted by PeteandBeaver on 26/3/2011 at 19:44

If you are traveling Vietnam and don't want to miss out on the best trip possible then go to Phong Nha Farmstay in Quang Binh central Vietnam. We have travelled all over Aisa and this is one of the best highlights, you will be greated by Ben and Bich and their friendly staff for an amazing time. They have got everything right the location, the accomodation and the best trips available around amazing Phong Nha National Park mixed with the comfortable home vibe. It is like visiting jurrasic pa ...

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Family Travel

Posted by jasmichf on 8/9/2011 at 17:37

I was hoping to get a little advice on travelling to Vietnam with my two small children. My husband and I would like to go next year, still not decided on when as it will depend on his roster. Our 2 boys will be aged 2 and 5. I have been doing some reading and want to visit so many places but need to consider the kids. i would love any advice: how long to spend in places, must sees and great visit for the kids. Reply to this I have in mind sapa hanoi / halong bay (not to sure about that with ...

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