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If you're a first time visitor to Vietnam, we'll point you to the Ha Long Bay thread for points to keep in mind when selecting the right Ha Long Bay tour for you. If you've questions about a potential itinerary, do take a look at the itinerary section of the site as well. We'll also apologise in advance for the persistent spamming by Vietnam-based travel agents -- we do try to delete them as quickly as they come in. Sorry!

Travel Saigon to Hanoi by motorbike asap!

Posted by dansace on 6/10/2010 at 18:42

Hi, I'm an english male looking to travel north through vietnam by motorbike. My plan is to ride a route similar to the ho chi minh highway ( through the countryside ) and to try avoid highway 1 as much as possible. I am currently in Saigon and looking for a bike and someone to join me. I am hoping to set off as soon as possible! I do not ride a motorbike back in the UK, so i am a novice rider, but i have been riding rental bikes throughout asia. My vietnamese mobile number is 0904568341 Dan ...

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Irish Male Travelling from Hanoi to Saigon on motorbike 26Oct -20Nov

Posted by Colin23 on 5/10/2010 at 13:54

Hello!, My name is Colin im 23yr's old and I am looking to travel with some 1 from Hanoi -Saigon on a motorbike in roughly about a month,I will travel by myself but i feel it would b alot more fun with more people! I think this is enough time to do this trip?????,I would like to see some of Vietnam's beautifull mountain's and scenery and stop off as many places as possible. I am a honest,genuine laid back person, up 4 a laugh open minded not fussy about how I go about this trip, just up for a ...

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A train to Sapa-Where to Book the tickets?

Posted by dganitbz on 3/10/2010 at 21:03

I would like to book the train tickets to Sapa in advance-that is before we arrive to Vietnam. (because we want to travel on weekend un a private sleeping cabin for 2). Can anyone recomend a reliable agency where I can book on web? Thanks ...

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Getting from Hanoi to Hue

Posted by Manhattan_Minx on 30/9/2010 at 17:05

Myself and my friend will be travelling around Vietnam in December for 5 weeks. I have already booked an internal flight from HCMC to Hanoi where we will be for a week before heading onto Hue. I was wondering the best way to get from Hanoi to Hue. Our plan is then to take in Lang Co, Danang before heading south towards Nha Trang. Any advice on getting form place to place would be great. ...

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Ha Long Bay in One Day

Posted by LindaLovelace on 29/9/2010 at 14:04

Hey fellow travellers, I will be heading to HaNoi in about 1 month and Ha Long Bay is on the top of my to-do list. The only problem is - I hate boats! Obviously I understand that this is a boating activity and therefore can cope for awhile - however I'd prefer to only do it one day. Is it worthwhile doing a daytrip? Or are you really missing out by not doing an overnight trip? Also is sea-sickness an issue or is it relatively calm/flat being a bay? Cheers Linda ...

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12 days, hanoi to hcmc

Posted by kellipoop on 24/9/2010 at 01:56

Hello, I'm currently planning my trip to vietnam and I have 12 days to get from hanoi to hcmc... Tentatively it goes like this: Day 1: hanoi Day 2: hanoi Day 3: hanoi Day 4: ha long bay Day 5: hoi an or hue Day 6: hoi an or hue Day 7: nha trang Day 8: nha trang Day 9 hcmc Day 10: hcmc Day 11: hcmc Day 12: hcmc Is this itinerary doable given that this is all overland travel, using train or buses? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks! ...

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Cookery class recommendations? Hue and Hoi An

Posted by ruthabelle on 14/9/2010 at 02:22

Hello I'd love a recommendation for a Vietnamese cookery class in either Hue or Hoi An. I'm a really keen cook so I'd like something hands on, not just demonstrations. Has anyone had a good experience? Thank you! Ruth ...

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Phu Quoc Boat Shakedown

Posted by petrarch1603 on 28/9/2010 at 18:47

So I bought a ticket from Kampot to Phu Quoc island from my guesthouse. We cross the border and its mostly fine. One girl didn't have her visa, so she got stuck, but other than that it was a breeze. So the minivan drops us off at a tour agent in Ha Tien. The tour agent give me the boat ticket and tries to sell me transportation to my hotel once I get to Phu Quoc. I politely decline and she continues trying to sell it to me. It was only $3 but I didn't like the hard sell and just wanted to try ...

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Hoi An to Dalat by motorbike around Oct 7

Posted by IdRatherTravel on 28/9/2010 at 04:39

I have recently hired Genuine Easy Rider of Dalat to take a 4-5 daymotorbike tour from Hoi An to Dalat. I will be traveling solo andwanted to post to see if any other travelers will be in the same areaand are interested in joining me. I am a 30 year old female fromCalifornia. My dates are a bit flexible but I plan to arrive to Hoi Anfrom Hanoi around the 4th. ...

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Affordable Ha Long Bay Kayak tour advice

Posted by shanghaimike on 24/9/2010 at 10:49

Hi, My girlfriend and I are going to Vietnam in a few days and are thinking of checking out Ha Long Bay . As I have been there before on the normal boat cruise before many years ago, we are thinking of doing some sort of adventure tour. So far Ocean Tours and Handspan seem to have what we want however Ocean Tours "Mythical Ocean Style" tours are not available till November and Handspan tours seem quite expensive at $175 and $197 pp for the 2 and 3 day kayaking tours. I was wonderi ...

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Vietnam in February - North to South

Posted by dipesh16 on 27/9/2010 at 00:54

Hi all, I am going to be heading to Vietnam in February 2011 as a solo backpacker. Coming from UK I am looking to see who will be around there during the times to hook up. I kind, fun and sociable male 25yrs old.... Let me know. Tara for now ...

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Phu Quoc Island Solo trip

Posted by sophierose87 on 24/9/2010 at 14:34

Hi all Have posted on here before fretting over my itinerary but have finally decided what I'll be doing....Starting in December I am spending 10 days in Northern Thailand, then 2 weeks in Cambodia including a week of volunteer work at a bear sanctuary, then my last 2 weeks in Vietnam (Hanoi to Saigon)....I was thinking of flying home to Melbourne the day before my birthday (will be my 24th so nothing special) but am now thinking of maybe going to Phu Quoc island instead and extending my trip b ...

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"Fifteen tips for a great holiday" needs repeating

Posted by daawgon on 23/9/2010 at 00:28

This is such good advice, I think it needs repeating. I've already told everyone at Tripadvisor to read this advice: ...

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buying a cub.ho chi minh/hanoi

Posted by valis on 19/8/2010 at 03:46

hello all. im going to vietnam for 2 months,im flying to ho chi minh on november the 28th and flying back from hanoi on jan 30th. i dont know yet if il go to cambodia and laos or just stay in vietnam. anyway i would like to get a honda cub for my travels,i know these little bikes are pretty bullit proof. i usualy ride a 600 bandit but im strangley enough attracted to the cub,preferably the 90cc. are thse bikes easy to come accross in ho chi minh,and how mutch should i pay for one? i see mo ...

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Christmas in Vietnam - Yes or No?!

Posted by jjireland100 on 21/9/2010 at 19:47

Hi Guys, I am in a bit of a panic about my travel plans. I was suppouse to be heading mid Nov and going to Oz and spending Xmas in Sydney and then returning to Asia in Jan for some travelling. Now things have changed so I am going to Asia first. I dont know where to spend Xmas and New Years? Following my original itenary that I had set out for Jan I think we would end up in Vietnam (south) for Xmas. Can anyone recommend where my friend and I would have a lively Xmas ? We are both in our earl ...

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Climbing Mt. Fansipan - reputable guide/tour package

Posted by shanghaimike on 24/9/2010 at 13:02

My girlfriend and I are travelling to Sapa around October 3. We are looking to climb Mt. Fansipan and are looking for a reliable tour/guide operator. Does anyone have any recommendations? How much do they charge? We are relatively fit, would a 2day/1 night tour be sufficient? Thanks. Regards, Michael ...

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Xmas/New Year Honeymoon Cambodia and Vietnam

Posted by rose51 on 18/9/2010 at 10:17

Last year we used the Travel Fish website & forum to plan a month in Thailand and it was so helpful. We had the most amazing trip - in fact so amazing my partner proposed in Koh Yao Noi and we got married back in the UK two weeks ago! We are now planning a month in Vietnam and Cambodia for our honeymoon in December and so we are back on this site to plan! Originally we had hoped to travel through Cambodia and Vietnam for 3 and half weeks ending up in Hanoi before flying to Hong Kong for N ...

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Availability of train/bus from Thap Cham to Nha Trang?

Posted by cloud on 23/9/2010 at 07:00

I am setting up a plan for my travel during the coming October and have difficulty for the segment from Thap Cham to Nha Trang . If I can move the segment between 9:00~14:00,i.e., leaving Thap Cham after 9:00 and arriving at Nha Trang before 14:00, it’s the best. I searched the train time in the internet and found several time tables of different times. One of them shows that SE8 departs Thap Cham at 11:02 and arrives at Nha Trang at 12:33 but I wonder whether the table is the current one o ...

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Punctuality of trains in Vietnam?

Posted by cloud on 19/9/2010 at 09:55

I plan to stop by at Thap Cham on the way to Da Nang to visit the Po Klaung Garai ruins, which is near, probably less than 500m away from the Google Earth, the train station at Thap Cham. I checked the train time table and the arrival and departure times are as follows. TN2 Sai Gon 10:05->Thap Cham17:03, SE6 Thap Cham18:41->Da Nang 05:38 If the train TN2 arrives at Thap Cham on time, then I can have one hour and forty minues at Thap Cham and that is, I guess, sufficient for me to visi ...

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jabs for traveling vietnam

Posted by valis on 20/9/2010 at 03:26

hello all. im traveling thrue vietnam dec/jan and so far i have had hepititis a and b,typhoid,tetnis and my first rabies shot. the thing is the nurse also wants me to get swine flue,mmr and jap-b. are these jabs realy nessacery,i dont drink alcohol yet i feel like ive had a hangover every morning since the first rabies shot,i realy dont want to put anything else in to my body that i really dont need so if i could do without the rest of the jabs i will happy. pluss the jap-b jabs are £160.ive ...

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