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If you're a first time visitor to Vietnam, we'll point you to the Ha Long Bay thread for points to keep in mind when selecting the right Ha Long Bay tour for you. If you've questions about a potential itinerary, do take a look at the itinerary section of the site as well. We'll also apologise in advance for the persistent spamming by Vietnam-based travel agents -- we do try to delete them as quickly as they come in. Sorry!

travel via mekong delta to cambodia

Posted by netstar on 3/1/2007 at 09:27

A friend and I want to travel to cambodia via the mekong delta (starting out in Saigon). I have heard people talk about delta adventures. Do they do a 2 day trip? We have a pretty tight schedule. thanks net ...

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northeast vietnam: how easy to travel in?

Posted by eversjef on 21/5/2010 at 02:55

Hello travelfishers, First of all thanks for all the valuable information this community produces. When we’re back we will certainly share any useful info, like the whole idea of swapping info. Me and my girlfriend are from western Europe and are planning a trip to South east Asia (Vietnam & Cambodja,, maybe Laos). We booked a airplane-ticket arrival: Ha Noi; departure: HCMC. We stay for 2 months (begin july till end of august). We are planning to travel low-medium budget, and are in to ...

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Hong Kong to Hanoi by train

Posted by hfergu on 17/5/2010 at 23:08

Hello, Has anyone here done the train trip from Hong Kong to Hanoi (HK to Guangzhou, Guangshou to Nanning, Nanning to Hanoi)? If you could share your exeperiences with me that would be wonderful! If this portion of my trip occurs, I'll be getting my Chinese visa in Toronto and my Vietnamese visa in Hong Kong (since I won't be flying in an evisa won't be possible). Thanks! ...

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Visa application over 30 days

Posted by doolough on 18/5/2010 at 23:46

Hi, We fly into Hanoi on June 28th. We return home, to Ireland, on August 14th. We will travel south through Vietnam - maybe for 3/4 weeks, and spend the rest of the time in Cambodia and Laos and then fly back into Hanoi for a night or two before our flight home. I have looked up the Vietnam Embassy website and the FAQ section here. My understanding is that you can get a 30 day Visa and that you can extend it when you are out there. Do I just apply for the standard 30 day Visa and then get ...

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1 Month in Vietnam

Posted by Barghy on 16/5/2010 at 08:09

I will be arriving in Vietnam around 4th June and leaving around 6th July (no plane booked yet). The plane will arrive at and leave from Ho Chi Minh City. I will be travelling with another friend and am reasonably well travelled but have never been to South-East Asia. Just looking for some advice really. The initial plan was to take in Laos and Cambodia as well although I am unsure we'd have enough time to enjoy 3 countries in a month so I think we will stick to just Vietnam. Planning to obviou ...

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Vietnam in 7 days. Is it possible?

Posted by farsidetravel on 5/5/2010 at 22:00

I have 7 days to see Vietnam (at least a glimpse). I plan on flying into Hanoi , go see Ha Long Bay, take the train to Hoi An, and the train or plane to Ho Chi Mien City (Saigon). I think the overnight train from Hanoi to Da Nang is ok. But not sure about Da Nang to HCMC (Saigon). Should I skip that train section and just fly? ...

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Hotel warning in Saigon

Posted by Mwags on 3/5/2009 at 14:36

Ive been in Vietnam for about a month now and just wanted to give a heads up to people about a not very good hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. The hotel is called Xinh Hotel and its at the Pham Ngu Lao end of Mini Hotel alley. The staff are very rude and as soon as you leave you room let themselves in. We went to a restaurant next door and went back ten mins later to get something to find they had been in our room. Also we asked them to do some laundry for us, they told us we could get it back ...

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Malaria & anti-Malarials --> Do I really need them?

Posted by tatham on 10/5/2010 at 22:43

Hi everyone, I will be embarking on a much needed and anticipated trip of SEA (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and N. Thailand in particular) and am gradually working through my research. I am however split between taking anti-malarials (where needed), and not doing so. I am a South African and am only too familiar with the disease as I have done quite a bit of Africa travel. The general thinking amongst my friends and family is that the medication makes you feel sooo bad that you may as well be s ...

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Tropical Sails/ Emeraude prices

Posted by jmdma808 on 3/5/2010 at 17:28

Hi fellow travelfishers :) i searched quite a bit before posting this and i couldnt find my answer so i hope im not bothering anybody. im thinking about checking out ha long bay this summer in august. dont want to deal with sketchy tours so im thinking about tropical sails or emeraude. i want to do a 3 day 2 night or 4 day 3 night tour but i cant find any prices on their website. Does anybody know the approximate price for them for a tour of this length? thank you!!! ...

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sapa and fansipan

Posted by genne on 10/5/2010 at 12:11

hi there! i'll be arriving in hanoi in a week's time and am hoping to go sapa and fansipan. i've checked out tour packages online and they are rather steep. i understand planning the trip on your own is much cheaper. am jus concerned that i might not be able to get the train tickets when i reach there. i'm arriving tuesday and hope to board the evening train from hanoi to lao cai. do their tickets sell out very fast? also will it be possible to get a guide to fansipan from sapa itsel ...

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How do I book a train from Hoi An to Dalat

Posted by Lora on 11/5/2010 at 21:03

Hi, does anyone know how I would book a train to get to Dalat from hoi Ann? Do I have to go to Nah Trang first then bus? If so, is the only way to book a train by going to Danang? I checked with a travel agent in Hoi Ann and they said they could book the train at a cost of $30, which sounds high to me. Is there a Sinh Cafe in hoi Anne? Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks kindly ...

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Posted by AlexBCN on 11/5/2010 at 00:07

Hi, I am planning to fly into Hanoi from Luang Prabang in july, and I have seen that it is possible to get a Visa On Arrival (VOA) for Vietnam. I am not sure when I'll be flying into Vietnam exactly as I might buy the tickets just few days in adavance. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a VOA arranged? Has anyone anyone who can have 2 arranged for my with just a couple of days notice? Or is there any agency in Luang Prabang doing this? On the other hand, is it possible to ...

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Ho Chi Minh vs. Bangkok

Posted by LGR_2010 on 13/4/2010 at 14:08

I'm spending about 3 days in HCMC and about 3 in Bangkok in early Sept. Is there anything in HCMC that's not in Bangkok? never been to either and i'm starting to think the sites are similiar. Too similiar - temples, great markets, food. Hope someone can convince me! So I can also tell my travel mates (who are more looking forward to the Bangkok part the the HCMC part - it was really my idea to go to HCMC vs. going straight to Bangkok and staying there longer - esp. since the beaches are be ...

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Best way to get from Hoi An to HCMC??

Posted by antoinetiux on 8/5/2010 at 12:23

I am visiting Vietnam north to south so I will be getting to Hue before heading to Hoi An. After that I would like to go to HCMC but I am not sure what is the best way to get there. Help is much appreciated. Thank you! ...

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Vietnam in Late October to Early Novemeber - best places?

Posted by LindaLovelace on 29/4/2010 at 12:37

Hi All, I need some help! I've been trawling through all the wonderful info on this site on Vietnam but now cannot make up my mind where to go/what to do. I will be in Vietnam from 26th Octber til the 9th November. Flying in and out of HCMC. From what I can understand this is relatively good weather for HCMC and Hanoi. I really wanted to go to Hoi An/Danang area and a beach destination like Nha Trang or even Mui Ne - but apparently this is the worst time of year weather wise?? Is it s ...

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Minsk for sale in Ho Chi Minh

Posted by maxmccabe on 11/5/2010 at 13:30

Minsk for sale in saigon, great condition..just ridden down from Hanoi. Comes with maps, and a real motorbike helmet 350$ please contact me at ...

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New book just published 'Vietnam: rising dragon'

Posted by billhayton on 8/5/2010 at 07:57

Excuse the plug but Travelfish readers headed to Vietnam might be interested in my new book about the country. It's called 'Vietnam: rising dragon' and it's the result of the year I spent reporting the country for the BBC plus a couple of years of further research. It tries to answer most of the questions I had about the country - what's driving the changes in daily life? who runs Vietnam and how? how is the environment coping with economic development etc etc. You can find it in Englis ...

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See Things Before Traveling To Vietnam

Posted by hai00 on 8/5/2010 at 11:09

Overview Climate Sourced By; Hanoi Peace Tour Vietnam is located in both a tropical and a temperate zone. It is characterized by strong monsoon influences, but has a considerable amount of sun, a high rate of rainfall, and high humidity. Regions located near the tropics and in the mountainous regions are endowed with a temperate climate. The monsoon climate also influences to the changes of the tropical humidity. In general, in Vietnam there are two seasons, the cold season occurs from ...

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Road from Nha Trang to Dalat

Posted by mlr on 11/8/2009 at 13:25

Hey! I have been noticing from a few posts on this website that there seems to be a new, shorter road connecting Nha Trang and Dalat now, is this the case and if so how long does it now take by bus? We were planning on going to Dalat from Nha Trang by bus and then flying to HCMC from there. I have also heard alot of mixed opinions about Dalat, is it worth visiting or should we just add on a few extra nights somewhere else instead & fly straight from Nha Trang to HCMC? ...

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Solo 24(m) Halong Cruise for either 1 night-2 day or 2 night-3 day

Posted by DarylTravel on 4/5/2010 at 10:27

I am 24, traveling through SE Asia by myself for a few weeks. While I dont necessarily need to fanciest cruse I also dont want rats, bugs, etc. as I have read can sometimes happen on these boats. Does anyone have a suggestion about a good boat/company for someone my age? Also, I dont have a set schedule of when I will be in Halong/Hanoi so I cant really book too far in advance, will this be a big problem? Any advice would be appreciated. ...

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