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PHU Quoc Best for Backpackers

Posted by dergreif on 22/1/2010 at 16:00

Hello i searched on Phu Quoc for ressorts. But the best price was around 100 USD a night, so i found Thanh Kieu Coco Beach Resort . its really good and only 50 USD, there is another one at the end of the beach, where you can stay for 15 to 20 USD but i forgot the name. Greetings dergreif ...

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Ha Long Bay 3 days and 2 nights on the Jolly Roger & Castaway Island

Posted by drunkeneddy on 17/1/2010 at 09:24

I'm looking to do a Halong Bay cruise in May. Has anyone done the tour organised by Hanoi backpackers? I was thinking about doing the 2 night / 3 day option. The wakeboarding option has sparked my interest. Any feed back on the boat and accomodation on the Island would be greatly appreciated. Cheers ...

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Warning: ferry fire from Phu Quoc to Ha Tien

Posted by mulaohu on 14/1/2010 at 15:07

We took the 08:30 hydrofoil leaving from Phu Quoc to Ha Tien. Shortly after leaving Phu Quoc, we smelled smoke in the cabin. We noticed the crew members moving about on the outside of the boat, but it was until the door inadvertently opened to the engine room that we saw the dense black smoke coming from within. One of the boat's engines had caught on fire. When the fire was eventually extinguished, the crew told us that they would continue on with just one engine - this despite our vo ...

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Hoi An Lantern Festival.....

Posted by MissMe on 4/6/2007 at 23:22

Does anyone know how I can find out when the festival will be each month. Somebody has posted that it is 14 days after the new moon. Is this accurate? ...

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Problems with Columbus Cruises

Posted by Rohan on 5/1/2010 at 08:56

I am now waiting to be picked up by Columbus. About 3 months ago, I booked a 3 day trip on the Pinta Gold. 4 days ago, I received an email stating that the Pinta Gold was in for repairs (I note from other posters this seems to have happened all too often lately), and offering the same itinerary in the Pinta. I accepted this. Last night I received a phone call telling me I would be at the resort for one night. I reacted angrily to this as this was not what I booked. While I type this, ...

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Golden Sun Hotel II, Hanoi

Posted by jessebear on 20/1/2010 at 01:19

We stayed at the Golden Sun Hotel 2 (I think there are 3 or 4 now) and we were very happy. The room was large and the staff was very nice. Breakfast was good and the location was great--in the middle of the Old Quarter. The only negative was that they promised us they would book tickets for us to a water puppet show, but by the time they called, it was sold out for days and there was nothing we could do. They were extremely helpful otherwise! ...

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Phu quoc highs and lows dec 2009

Posted by kbilly on 4/1/2010 at 22:23

highs +bio luminescence in the water green and blue swim at night!! +the lovely lady at viet than bungalows(she live at the mini hotel at the top of the estate), she will feed you homemade meals, cheap beer out her fridge, change your money at good rates if your nice to her. tip her well. +her associate(scooter guy) is great can organize ferry tickets at midnight and lets reliable scooters has been there for ten years and is very helpful indeed. + best way to spend a day - visit missus w ...

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10 day iterinary from Hanoi-HCMC

Posted by npar2696 on 18/1/2010 at 10:27

After doing S.E asia, i have 10 days in vietnam from the 12th of Feb till the 22nd. I need to fly back to Bangkok from either Hanoi or HCMC, so should I stay around the north or is it feasible to have a 10 day iterinary from Hanoi to HCMC? Cheers! ...

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Visa on arrival

Posted by emma066 on 19/1/2010 at 21:00

Has anyone used this website? It seems quite simple and straightforward... ...

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Arriving in Hanoi!

Posted by toxic8 on 21/12/2009 at 08:56

Hello, We are arriving at the Hanoi airport at about 1 AM on DEC 23rd. Have a few questions as I'd like to make the transition from the 20 hour flight to hotel as smooth as possible. Our hotel is in the old quarter, booked 2 nights from the 23rd-25th. If we arrive at 1am ON the 23rd, do you think the hotel will have a problem checking us in early, impose a surcharge etc? From what I've gathered: the trip from the airport to the old quarter should be about $16 U.S which leads to my ...

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Hanoi, Ha long and Sapa

Posted by mitten on 16/1/2010 at 02:35

Hi there, I'm planning a trip to Hanoi , Ha Long and Sapa . From everything I've read it seems as if the best way to get to Sapa is by over night train. I would like to know whether I can just buy the train ticket when I arrive on my first day in Hanoi for my departure the following day? Or do I need to book in advance online before I get to Hanoi? Also for the hotel in Sapa, should book online now or should i book when I arrive at Hanoi or just walk in when I arrive at Sapa? An ...

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Vinh Moc Tunnels

Posted by EdSue on 18/1/2010 at 09:34

Just read one of your travel advice pages and would like the bright spark who wrote it to confirm that indeed these tunnels don't collapse or have snakes crawling around in them!! ...

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5 Days in Northern Vietnam

Posted by mitten on 13/1/2010 at 21:51

Hi there, Im planning a trip to Northern Vietnam mid Feb for 5 days. Im thinking of going to Hanoi staying over night, then going to ha long bay stay over night. I would also like to go see the Phong Nha caves but it seems really far and Im not sure what is the best way to get there from Ha Long? And is it really worth the travelling to go all the way there? Is the best way to join a tour and if so which tour company is the best? Any tips and advice would be appreciated! Thanks! ...

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5 good codition minsk for sale with guarantee

Posted by hitravel on 16/1/2010 at 23:03

1st Minsk: Bike's number: 27f1-2930, rigisted in: 11/26th/1996 2nd Minsk: Bike's number: 27F3-6817, rigisted in: 11/15th/2002 3rd Minsk: Bike's number: 27F3-6623, rigisted in: 11/07th/2002 4th Minsk: Bike's number: 27F4-0824, rigisted in: 06/19th/2003 5th Minsk: Bike's number: 25F1-1338, rigisted in: 08/09th/2004 The bike is making more than 25 km a liter. You can run up to 85 km/hr. The tires are in very good condition. Basically, you have everything you need to hit the road immediately. ...

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7 hour layover in Hanoi. Can I leave the airport and come back with out obtaining a Visa?

Posted by jlschoenig on 16/1/2010 at 06:19

I seriously doubt it. I don't know anyplace you can do that. ...

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Vinh Moc tunnels by motorbike from Dong Hoi?

Posted by Dylan on 15/1/2010 at 15:59

Hi all, As I work my way up the length of Vietnam, I'd like to try and see the tunnels/beaches at Vinh Moc (after reading the DMZ feature articles, the many of the other sights don't seem to be worth doing on my own). Since Dong Ha seems to be an uncomfortable place to stay (and travel from), and since I'll only be hitting the north side of the DMZ, could I visit the tunnels as a daytrip from Dong Hoi? I'd hope to do it on my own by motorbike, if rental is available there; it appears ...

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Best current one way flight deal from London?

Posted by rokit on 13/1/2010 at 22:33

Hey guys I'm planning my trip for April time, and have a flight back from Bali in July. I need to book my flight to Vietnam for April now, and was wondering if anyone had found a good deal recently? Thanks for any help. ...

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Posted by mango551 on 11/1/2010 at 04:18

Hi as a virgin backpacker I was hoping some of you more experienced travellers may be able to help. I would like to travel into North Vietnam travelling Hanoi, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City then onto Phu Quoc Island. From there head to Cambodia - Sihanoukville / Phnom Penh / Seam Reap / Angor Wat. From there hit Southern Laos - Si Phan Don / Vietiane / Vang Vieng / Luang Prabang. From there hit Northern Thailand Chane Mai / Bangkok / Southern Thailand. I have looked for many differ ...

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Vietnam June 2nd-15th

Posted by Chrisalie on 3/1/2010 at 12:38

Hello all- My girlfriend and myself will be traveling SE Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand) for 2 months and 10 days. We are working on our Vietnam travel plans right now. We are both slower pace kind of people but still want to see a lot. We have each done our fair share of travel, but this will be something very new as it will just be the two of us. :) We would like to relax more than feel rushed this is our tentitative plans thus far. June 2nd -Land in HCMC/Saigon (flig ...

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15 days in North Vietnam...

Posted by starfish on 7/1/2010 at 03:25

Hi! My sister and I will be meeting our mum in Hanoi and will have 18 days before she has to fly home. Her return flights are from Hanoi. We were planning on spending 5 days in Hanoi, 4 on a Topas tour from Hanoi to Sapa, so 1 night sleeper there, 2 nights at the lodge and one night train home, before spending some time on Cat Ba Island for a bit of beach time. However, Im not sure if that is going to be too much time on Ca Ba and was wondering if people have any suggestions of any o ...

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