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If you're a first time visitor to Vietnam, we'll point you to the Ha Long Bay thread for points to keep in mind when selecting the right Ha Long Bay tour for you. If you've questions about a potential itinerary, do take a look at the itinerary section of the site as well. We'll also apologise in advance for the persistent spamming by Vietnam-based travel agents -- we do try to delete them as quickly as they come in. Sorry!

Flights from Saigon to Siem Reap

Posted by Stigron on 29/3/2009 at 06:59

Has anyone had any experience flying from Saigon to Siem Reap? Cost - Airlines - Times etc. Are Jetstar now flying between these ports? ...

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Traveling with a toddler in Vietnam

Posted by missmessy on 29/7/2009 at 23:03

Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences traveling with a toddler in Vietnam. I've been there 3 times before, but in November, it will be the first time with my almost 2 year old. Any pointers? Tips? Things to look out for? Should we take an umbrella stroller or perhaps an Ergo carrier? We're only going for a week and will probably just visit HCMC, Da Lat and maybe Mui Ne. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks ...

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Avis Car Rental Opening in Vietnam

Posted by stubbornchirpy on 13/7/2009 at 16:28

Vietnam, 01 July 2009 – Avis, the leading global car rental company, recently announced its entrance into Vietnam as the first leading global car rental brand by 1 July 2009. Avis Vietnam will offer business and leisure customers the full spectrum of car rental, car leasing and chauffeur drive services. Besides the latest range of compact, mid to large size, sports and luxury vehicles from popular brands such as Mercedes Benz, GM Daewoo, Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Audi and many others, a pro ...

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Halong Bay tour with Sihn Cafe

Posted by rmena21 on 23/7/2009 at 13:35

Hello. I have been reading all the wonderful stories, articles and forums here on Travelfish on Halong Bay. I defenitely know that Columbus is the best one. I just visited them and would love to go with them, however, I don't have the budget. I was offered by Sinh Cafe (the real one)a tour of 3 days, 2 nights, in a "deluxe" boat, 1 night at the junk, 1 night in Cat Ba Island in the Holiday hotel, all meals and transportation included for US$83 per person. I wanted to know if anyone had d ...

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HCMC or Hanoi?

Posted by sea_newcomer on 23/7/2009 at 20:03

Hi there, I would be interested to find out what people's thoughts are on whether HCMC or Hanoi is a better place to visit. I will be spending a few months in Thailand this winter, but plan to fly to one of these two destinations for a few days. Which would people recommend and why? Thanks in advance for your advice. ...

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Firts Trip To Vietnam Itinerary (Can someone please add their comments?)

Posted by gracenpaul on 29/7/2009 at 07:42

Hi, My wife and I are planning our first trip to Vietnam in SEP/OCT and was wondering if someone could please add comments/suugestions? We only have 14 days to spare. Arrive HCM (3 Nights) Fly to Na Trang (2 Nights) Train to Da Nang (1 Night) What we are stuck on is the best way to get to Hanoi from Da nang? We would like to spend a few days in Hoi An and Hue and a least 3-4 days in Hanoi before we head home. Is this a realistic plan? If someone can add their suggestion ...

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Arranging a 3 day cruise from Halong Bay

Posted by TomSawyer on 10/7/2009 at 13:40

I attempted to arrange a cruise with Saigon Cafe Tours after reading TF's "Ha Long Bay for flashpackers" article. After 8 days and many emails to Saigoncafé Travel (I’m not even totally sure if these are the same people, as mentioned in the TF article?) I have no tour, primarily due to the fact that they wanted me to make 20% deposit into a personal Vietnamese bank account, the deposit was only $18US and the (international) bank transaction fees were $30US! This seemed unrealistic, however th ...

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To book or not to book?

Posted by stephmccabe on 23/6/2009 at 15:08

My partner and I are traveling from Hanoi to HCMC then across to Cambodia in August this year (2009). We are wondering wether it is necessary to book accommodation via the internet before we go. Do places book out? We are looking at about US$10-30 price range per night. Can you get a better deal if you show up on the night? Also, any information/ideas on things to do in Vietnam would be greatly appreciated. e.g. we are unsure which overnight junk boat Halong bay tour to do as there are so ...

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flight HCMC to Siem Reap

Posted by LindaBuskin on 5/2/2009 at 10:55

We arrive from Canada in HCMC on 17th Feb late night (after 10 pm and very long flight) and want to get to Siem Reap asap i.e. next day - I can only find a flight on Vietnam airline. I've been reading that buying flights once we arrive in Vietnam is much cheaper but not sure how to go about doing that in advance and at reasonable cost. Is there a travel agent in HCMC I could contact, or Vietnam airline office? Any other suggestions about other airlines & flights much appreciated. ...

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HCMC to Siem Reap Flight

Posted by gschwarz9981 on 27/7/2009 at 07:23

Anyone know the cost of a return flight from HCMC to Siem Reap is going for these days?? Also is the VN Airways office in HCMC open on a Saturday? ...

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Viewed 3,010 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by somtam2000 on 27/7/2009 at 08:08

Five days in Vietnam - Please vet my itinerary

Posted by Shahmatt on 30/6/2009 at 14:45

Hi, I'm trying my best to schedule an itinerary for a 5 day trip. It looks like its going to be tight. The trip stops can be summarized as follows: Hanoi -> Halong -> Hanoi -> Dong Hoi -> Hanoi Day 1: Thursday night. Land at Hanoi at 8pm. Travel to Halong City during the night. Stay overnight at Halong City. Day 2: Friday - Visit Halong Bay. Stay overnight on boat. Day 3: Saturday - Halong Bay, get back to Hanoi by evening. Take sleeper bus to Dong Hoi. Day 4: Sunday - ...

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Flights between Hanoi and HCMC

Posted by lolilu on 22/7/2009 at 02:28

Hi - My friend and I want to fly from Hanoi to HCMC in mid-August. We were considering booking a flight before we leave the States, but a lot of people have warned us that it might be cheaper to book once we actually get into Vietnam. We've looked on Skyscanner and it looks like any non-stop flight is running around $315 per person (with Vietnam Airlines)! I checked what I believed to be Vietnam Airlines website (, and it quoted me a significantly lower price. ...

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Amigo Hotel Hue Hotle

Posted by Solofl on 11/7/2009 at 04:13

I just visited Vietnam from the Mekong to Hue and all in between. I asked a taxi driver if he new a good place to stay. He took me to an ally that I was not sure of going down yet then about 50 yards I came to the Amigo Hotel It was strange to see it in the ally like an oasis in the desert. I was to stay only one night yet stayed three nights. I would have stayed longer if I could have changed my plans. The hotel was very clean and the hospitality was exceptional. From the moment you arrive ...

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Taking classes in laos and vietnam

Posted by MariaT on 23/7/2009 at 09:38

Hello everyone! I am planning a 1-2 month trip to laos and vietnam. I am trying to find out if there are any places in these countries that are offering any sorts of courses besides cooking, language or yoga classes. My idea for this trip is less traveling around and more finding a nice laid back place to stay for a longer period of time and exploring the surroundings and the culture little by little. I have seen posts about different courses one can do in ho chi min and in hanoi, but from ...

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Need a favor from anyone in Sapa

Posted by squong on 22/7/2009 at 11:01

Hi fellow travelers. I'm trying to reach a friend in Sapa. His name is Nam and he owns the Viet Emotion restaurant at 27 Cau Mai. If anyone is in the area, can you ask him to contact me at squong a(t yahoo d)ot com Thanks in advance. Spencer ...

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Feedback on Itinerary for August

Posted by eb on 5/7/2009 at 22:21

Any suggestions or advice for this itinerary for August? As a bit of background - I'll be arriving in HCMC with a friend. She'll be flying out of Hanoi on day 11, and then I'll be flying out of HCMC at the end of it. Also, I figured we should book the flights as soon as possible. Anything else we should be trying to book now? Thanks in advance for any help! Day 0 - Arrive in HCMC Day 1 - HCMC Day 2 - HCMC. in the evening, fly from HCMC to Hue Day 3 - day in Hue, then evening to Hoi ...

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Trip to Sapa and Bac Ha in Aug

Posted by IsaacLam on 17/7/2009 at 07:16

Hi there, We just spent 15 days in the South and Central. Due to the nice experience (because of my time suffing in travelfish), we are going to spend another 11 days in the North. Besides of Hanoi , we would spend most of our time in Sapa and Bac Ha areas, below is my draft of itinerary: Aug 13, Thur 09.30 arrived Hanoi and transfer to Lao Cai by night train (is it worth to spend $15+ more on a better train? Any place allow us to take a shower before we get onto a train in Hanoi?) ...

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Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Posted by angfonz on 8/7/2009 at 22:59

Can anyone please help me with the exact period of operation? My trip would be much simpler if I could avoid starting in Hanoi, and ending there instead. Unfortunately, from what I've read the mausoleum is closed in September. Is that from the 1st or later in the month? My travel times are August 20th to September 20th. I'm bringing a rain coat! Thanks in advance. Depending on your answers I'll probably bombard this forum with questions since Bruce kicked me off the Indochina section! ...

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Nha Trang Acommodation

Posted by clarerarks on 16/7/2009 at 08:15

Hello, Was wondering if anyone could help me, has anyone stayed at the sunlight Hotel (Thai Duong hotel) in Nha Trang. Basically im looking for accommodation in town with a triple room and a pool under $50 a night, there are so many but alot do not do triple rooms! ...

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Pinta/Pinta Gold good for the middle/old aged only?

Posted by lexkssnbrg on 4/7/2009 at 11:57

My partner and I are considering either the Pinta or Pinta Gold cruiser (as recommended by contributors here), but it seems that the boats are just suitable for the middle/old aged. Will we feel lost in the mix if we're booked? Much appreciate your advices. ...

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