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DIY Mai Chau one night

Posted by aritossa on 9/1/2016 at 16:15

My Husband and I plan to travel by ourselves from Hanoi to Mai Chau for 1 night in the end of Jan 2016. Getting there sounds easy enough, we are just concerned about getting a homestay. There is a lot of info and reviews on guesthouses/homestays online, but I wonder if we need to reserve ahead of time? Which is not widely offered for the buget homestays... all we have are the phone numbers. Should we just show up in town, go to one of the choices we have researched and hope its ...

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Need transport to Da Nang from HCMC for TET

Posted by canoedaboo on 23/1/2016 at 11:52

So I'm terrible at making plans ahead of time and now I'm paying for it. I need to get to Da Nang by the 5th or 6th of February and apparently so does everyone else. Everything is booked up... I'm new to this site and never traveled in Vietnam before. Are there any websites similar to Craigslist or a way to find ride shares? In other places I've been to it's easy to find other tourists going in your direction and hitching a ride. Or just hitching period. Does anyone have any thoughts about thi ...

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Hoi An to Da Nang public bus warning

Posted by ricthomas70 on 23/1/2016 at 05:04

The public bus is a great way to meet locals and experience the country as it is really lived by locals. But BEWARE, westerners are targeted by unethical conductors on the bus who will try and screw you for as much as they can. A commercial transaction is two way... unknowingly many have been extorted from and have inadvertently contributed to this problem... letting this matter slide has lead to extreme and growing demands for money. Our journey to Na Dang they demanded 150% of the legitimate p ...

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Questions about Vietnam work visa

Posted by donngoan on 6/1/2016 at 22:46

Anybody here used to apply for 1 year Vietnam visa? I plan to find a job in Vietnam. My question is I will need a work visa or a business visa? Do I need a sponsor to have work visa? And how long the work visa will be valid? Any help is appreciated. ...

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Avoid The Real Kangaroo Cafe Halong Bay Tours

Posted by Loulou96 on 28/5/2013 at 23:35

Just had a terrible experience with The Real Kangaroo Cafe, Hanoi. In a nutshell, poor quality boat, poor itinerary, bad guides and when we complained (as the itinerary asked us to) we were told by the owner he is a member of the 1%er motorbike gang and would have people waiting for us when we got back from the tour to hurt us (his exact words were more obscene!). When we did get back we were faced with an irate and irrational owner talking over us with a video camera in our faces. Please don ...

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Internal flights

Posted by moira on 2/1/2016 at 04:43

Is is advisable to book flights in advance from the UK or is it easy to get affordable internal flights a day or two beforehand in Vietnam - e.g. Hanoi to Da Nang or Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City? What are people's experiences of Jetstar, Vietjet and Vietnam Airlines? thanks ...

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Landing late in Hanoi

Posted by halthedean on 27/12/2015 at 11:21

Hello there. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a place to stay, and easiest way to get to a place to stay, with landing after 10pm in Hanoi . I saw that there are sleep pods in the airport, I didn't know if it was easier to do that for the night, and then catch a ride into Hanoi the next morning. If I do go into Hanoi, after landing, would you all recommend me making a reservation somewhere in advance, or just walking up to someplace that night? I'll be arriving on April 19th 20 ...

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Want to talk some new event in Tet holiday!!!

Posted by lilith235 on 2/1/2016 at 09:10

Yeah, a year had passed and I wish for all a new year with happiness and successful! Now I'm on HCM city and there some event will happen soon. Around Jan 17th-31st, there are events with new and unique, especially for who love photography and photographers. I saw it in FB's page and think this maybe interested for us. All comment are welcome!!! And if you want to go and see by yourself, here the link: ...

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From the railway station in Nha Ttang to Da Lat

Posted by baruch88 on 29/12/2015 at 01:06

I arrive to Nha Trang on a train at 8:27 am and would like to continue by bus to Da lat. Are there buses from the railway station or should i arrive to other destination in Nha Trang? What is the easiest and cheapest way? Thanks ...

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Posted by Thebushman13 on 27/12/2015 at 08:09

Hello there I do apologize for the dramatic title, but it seems fitting considering my circumstances. I have been traveling on a Vietnamese plated motorcycle through Vietnam and Cambodia (where I am now) for the past seven weeks. My itinerary involved me going to Laos today as my Cambodian visa expires tomorrow (the 28th). The customs agent at the Laos/Cambodian border had other plans for me.... he gave me a big fat, "No! Your moto no good". So now I'm stuck in Stung ...

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Dien Bien Phu loop

Posted by flano_2 on 2/10/2015 at 20:38

My wife and I plan to leave Hanoi on March the 3rd to drive the loop. We want to be in Coc Ly for the market on Tuesday the 8th. To do this we will have to drive directly from Mai Chau to Dien Bien Phu a distance of 320ks, and miss stopping in Son La . We are worried that we may miss some great scenery by rushing. Do we stop in Son La and miss the market? ...

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Cat ba island on Halong bay tour or not

Posted by Raaikie on 26/12/2015 at 13:08

Hello, We are planning to do a 3 day/2 night tour in Halong bay at the end of January. Now we are wondering if we would stay 2 nights on the boat or 1 night Boat/one night Cat Ba island. Since temperatures are not high in January and most tours offer a lot of swimming and kayaking during the 3 day our, we are more thinking about one night on Cat Ba... Anyone with experience on both options? Thanks ...

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Posted by MrBean09 on 23/12/2015 at 21:14

Sao Mai Resort covers an area of 10.5ha. advantage lies next to highway 51, opposite the industrial park adjacent to the Phu My, My Xuan, Cai Mep International Port SPPSA, Port, Thi Vai and Dai Tong Lam Pagoda, adjacent to the rear port Thi Vai. How famous tourist city VietNam. City 70km, 25km Long Hai, Vung Tau 40 km. Sao Mai Resort has 99 rooms and bungalows equipped with modern facilities. Meeting rooms are fully equipped with modern equipment can accommodate 30 to 300 seats. Besides the re ...

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Vietnam for 3 weeks, avoiding nasty locals

Posted by fontbleu on 3/7/2012 at 07:13

Hey, I have 3 weeks in Vietnam, part of a year long trip in Asia, and the number of horror stories about travellers getting ripped off is incredible. So, going there, I am looking to do something a bit different. I'd like to avoid the usual tourist traps, which I assume attract those looking to rip off travellers, and see a different side to Vietnam. This is pretty open ended I know, but if anyone has any ideas as to how this could look, or has experience of doing something similar they'd like ...

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Need info about tet festival.

Posted by sheetalpasad1 on 23/11/2015 at 06:29

Hi..anyone plz suggest about tet festival. How many days this festival celebrate.and all holiday..we don't get bus or any sapa, mai chau, halong bay?all close during fest..kindly suggest so accordingly I can plan my travel.what I can do in that day..all suggestion welcome. Obviously I ll celebrate this fest..but don't knw much about. ...

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Dong Anh train station

Posted by baruch88 on 14/12/2015 at 17:43

I land in Hanoi at 16:30 and want to continue that day by train to Sapa. At first I thought of going to the city center and take a train from the main station in Hanoi. But I found (alone, from Google maps) that there is a train station near the airport called Dong Anh. No reference about it in English on the web, but I found in that SP3 train stops there at 22:54. There is a public bus (line 17) from the airport which stops near the station. Does anyone know about this station? ...

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Travel Buddy Wanted! 3 weeks motorbike trip from Hanoi to HCMC (starting around 24th Dec)

Posted by jakub1ch on 15/12/2015 at 15:55

Hi, I am excited to discover Vietnam and to travel from North to South on a motorbike, so far solo traveller. I will be landing in Hanoi 24th December, want to buy a motorcycle and will have 3 weeks to travel all down to HCMC. If anyone wants to join me (or a group to accept me) for this crazy thing, it will be even more fun, I guarantee. ...

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Motorbiking the North in January

Posted by stef25 on 14/12/2015 at 04:15

I'm riding a motorcycle from Hanoi to Sapa , starting Jan 4th. I understand this isn't the best time of year for it. How bad does the weather actually get in the beginning of Jan? Can I expect constant fog & drizzle? I'm guessing temperatures in Hanoi / Son La will be ok but get worse as I climb further up the hills toward Sapa? Will the accommodation along the way have heated rooms, or is heating totally absent like in much of the rest of SE Asia? Finally, to p ...

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Planning for a trip to Northwest Vietnam

Posted by giangnt60014 on 25/11/2015 at 06:18

We are planning to go to Northwest Vietnam for pleasure with my ex-colleagues. With very few experiences about this place although I'm Vietnamese(Shame on this) The time is from 02/12/2015 to 07/12/2015 Our budget is 3.500.000 VND per person(air ticket is seperated) Our plan will go through below place: - Love waterfall(Sapa) - Pha Luong mountain(Moc Chau) - Garden of Tropical Flowers(Moc Chau) - Ham Rong mountain(Sapa) - O Quy Ho hill(Sapa) - Muong Hoa valley(Sapa) - Rose valley(Sapa) - Silve ...

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Itinerary help for South Vietnam start to mid January 2016

Posted by romka42 on 6/12/2015 at 13:39

Hello Everybody, we (wife & me, late 30s) are planning a trip to South vietnam for January (until 15.). We would be happy about suggestions on where else to go / what to skip and whether booking hotels in advance is necessary. Our schedule so far is (roughly): 2 d in Ho Chi Minh 2 d excursion to Mekong Delta 2d excursion to Cambodia (maybe with drop-off in Phu Quoc) 3-4 d in Phu Quoc 3-4 d Mui Ne (train from Ho Chi Minh) As for Phu Quoc, I heard there is a bus connection ...

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