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when leave Phu Quoc to HCMC / flying out of HCMC

Posted by gromi1705 on 24/7/2008 at 01:35

Dear all, can anybody advise if it is ok the take the plane before the last on to HCMC? My flight out of HCMC leaves at 8pm The plane before the last one leaves at 1:25 (1 hour flight) the last one at 2:20. How is the weather in NOVEMEBER / how are the chances the plane will not leave? Would you leave earlier or eaven a day before? As Phu Quoc will be the end of some weeks of traveiling I do not really want to stay the last night and day "in town". Many thanks in advance for every advise! ...

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Going to Vietnam March 2009

Posted by abellim on 7/8/2008 at 16:44

Hi everyone! AirAsia were giving free tickets in May 2008 so I booked a ticket to Vietnam and Cambodia next year. As I was looking up travel information I came across this wonderful site. Research is ongoing so I will ask when I have any questions that I am unsure of. Hanoi Youth Hotel has 4 dorm beds at USD5. How early in advance do I have to book to secure a bed? If it happens that the beds are sold-out, what other good hostels nearby (along the same street) that offers quality at less t ...

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HLB Ocean Tours

Posted by rmb on 8/8/2008 at 11:26

I know there are a ton of posts but when I was reading the following post it seemed to say good things about "Ocean tours" but then I noticed that the post was from 2006. I was wondering if anyone had any recent experiences with them. ...

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Viewed 2,362 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by andrea73 on 11/8/2008 at 13:35

Hanoi Guesthouse

Posted by berendino on 10/8/2008 at 18:12

Located on 14 Bat Su street (in the old quarter) the Hanoi guesthouse is a convienient guesthouse. They have a few small rooms, but if they are full they know good guesthouses and hotels in the neighbourhood against good prices. Ms. Ling, Ms. Chang and Mr. Zung know a lot of Hanoi and can arrange good excursions to Halong, Sapa and Nam Coc/Hoa Lu. They offer a good breakfast and they offer you a room for a shower if you are coming back from excursions and travel further the same day. ...

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3 month Vietnam visa possible?

Posted by martwinson on 6/8/2008 at 23:42

I'm British and want to visit vietnam for 3 months. Can i get a tourist visa for 3 months or renew a 30 day visa twice to get a total of 90 days? i need to know this before booking my return flight. thanks for any help, Martin ...

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Hue to Hoi An

Posted by blackcap on 3/8/2008 at 11:12

Hi there My wife and I are traveling to Vietnam December and January. We have been quoted anything from $US80 to $135 for a private transfer between Hue and Hoi An. Does anyone know what we should expect to pay for door-to-door service? Alternatively, are there any mini-vans that perform that service at a cheaper price. Cheers, Black Cap ...

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Hanoikids new website (free guide service in Hanoi City)

Posted by daawgon on 8/8/2008 at 01:56 ...

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Vietnam Visa

Posted by rsthomas on 24/7/2008 at 13:17

Greetings! I was wondering if it is essential to aquire a visa prior to traveling into Vietnem. I am an American citizen, can I buy a visa upon entry? I actually sent off the application and the money for a visa to the Vietnamese Consulate in Washington D.C. and they sent it back with no visa and no explanation why. Any help on this matter would be great. I am traveling to Cambodia, Laos and Thailand as well. I heard you can get your visa upon entry for all of those countries. ...

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Nha Trang to Hoi An

Posted by hunter on 15/7/2008 at 21:59

Will be travelling overland in late Dec 08 I have figured out the first leg of HCMC/Dalat/Nha Trang from the forum, all these are doable in short journeys within 6 hours by open bus. From Nha Trang to Hoi An, would it be preferable to take an overnight train versus bus, what is the schedule and relative cost ? What is the recommended hotel at Hoi An ? What is the preferred accomodation for Hoi An, an alternative to ...

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Viewed 24,807 times, with 6 replies. Last reply by somtam2000 on 4/8/2008 at 07:11 broken... temporarily

Posted by smokesthecat on 3/8/2008 at 15:59

I just made a call to vietnam as I could not access - the website was not working and their emails were bouncing back. My call was quickly answered by a lovely girl who informed me in perfect English that the site was down as they were having trouble with their domain name and that they are temporarily on and I was very relieved as had been trying to get in touch to change a booking and was starting to worry that perhaps I'd paid for a booking that d ...

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Route between Can Tho and Kampot, Cambodia

Posted by maliamaui on 1/8/2008 at 12:43

I'm wondering if from Can Tho it is better to go through Chau Doc, cross the border, through Takeo and then down to Kampot? OR over to Rach Gia up the coast to Ha Tien,cross there (having my Cambodia visa already of course) to kampot OR Go to Chau Doc, then to Ha Tien and then cross Has anyone done any of these routes? Does anyone have updates on road conditions between Chau Doc and Ha Tien or has anyone been on a bus or boat between those two towns? In one forum from about a year ...

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Flights from Hanoi to Luang Prabang?

Posted by liv97 on 24/6/2008 at 04:11

I know this has been asked, but can't find updated information online. How much is the flight from Hanoi to Luang Prabang (one way)? Thanks. ...

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Viewed 6,377 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by maliamaui on 1/8/2008 at 12:20

Found this website very useful

Posted by hotdiggeydog2 on 18/7/2008 at 20:32

I was reading some posts on Tripadviser and Daagwon(I think thats his handle) gave a link to this site: Check it out maybe someone will find it useful. I sure did. Hotdiggeydog ...

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Mudslide on way up to Sapa?

Posted by flash99 on 30/7/2008 at 06:48

I just heard from the hotel manager where we will stay in Sapa that there was a mudslide that blocked the train from reaching all the way to Lao Cai...and that trains are stopping one stop before (from Hanoi)..... (meaning up to a 3 hour transfer to Sapa). Can anyone confirm? ...

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Da Lat - Thao Nguyen Hotel $5 and $6 rooms; Very happy with price and accomodations

Posted by allen_moretsky on 16/3/2008 at 12:21

114 Bis Lo B10; Duong 3/2, Da Lat Tel:(063)542 404 - 286 628 We have been staying at what I consider the best deal in lodging that I have seen in Vietnam. There are only 8 rooms in the hotel, 2 rooms on each floor. The hotel is very centrally located. 2 young ladies recommended the place; I ran into them outside the hotel as they were leaving. $5 got us a completely tiled, large room. The whole outside wall of the room is glass, looking out past a narrow balcony onto the street. Ceiling to flo ...

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Travelling during Tet

Posted by corbie on 23/7/2008 at 04:39

Hi guys, We are travelling through Vietnam this coming January during the Tet period which I have heard is a very busy time for travel. We arrive in Hanoi 6th Jan, then planning to head to Halong bay for a couple of days then make our way down the coast via train (with some stop overs) to Saigon, before we go to Cambodia. We have allowed approx 15 days for this (the Hanoi to Saigon leg, minus halong bay). Is this enough time? Also any special tips for travlling during Tet period? ...

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Beaches in Ho Chi Min?

Posted by sophistications on 14/7/2008 at 15:43

Hi all, I've checked online and found out that the closest beach to Ho Chi Min is Vung Tau? What's the name of the beach (or beaches -if there is more than 1 beach, which is the nicest?) How can I get there from Ho Chi Min city? How much does it cost and how long is the journey? Is it worth it to travel to vung tau just for the beach, and back to Ho chi min? (meaning not staying overnight at Vung Tau) Is there anything else to do in Vung Tau, other than the beach? Thank ...

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Warning re taxis in hanoi

Posted by thegingerbird on 14/6/2008 at 13:22

Just to let you know that if a taxi is using a meter in hanoi you will be ripped off. After getting off the night bus from Hue there was a load of taxis to take us to the hotels. Oddly no motos I initially thought great he has a meter i don't have to worry about getting overcharged, and then i saw the meter creeping up to 100,000d. I started telling him to stop and let me out but he kept going and had child locks in the back. I kept saying i only have 100,000 at this time the meter said 1 ...

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Hue to Hanoi in Jan 09

Posted by hunter on 15/7/2008 at 22:10

Researching alternatives for my last leg Hue to Hanoi 688 km found several options: Bus 200,000 overnight, takes 12 hours Train 470,000 overnight soft sleeper Plane $ 74 one hour, VN airlines managed to find the overnight train schedule from Hue SE2 15.55 arr 05.40 SE4 16.38 arr 04.30 SE4 departs later but arrives earlier, is this possible ? I have read the accomodation listings, but do you have any rec hotel for Hue ? ...

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Posted by macman1945 on 30/5/2008 at 16:12

Hi people, Just a quick note that catba seems to have not posted lately. I have got so much up to date info from this guy and somtam that I am really looking forward to my trip. Hope you are well mate and looking forward to hearing from you again. ...

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Viewed 2,439 times, with 12 replies. Last reply by somtam2000 on 22/7/2008 at 12:35

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