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If you're a first time visitor to Vietnam, we'll point you to the Ha Long Bay thread for points to keep in mind when selecting the right Ha Long Bay tour for you. If you've questions about a potential itinerary, do take a look at the itinerary section of the site as well. We'll also apologise in advance for the persistent spamming by Vietnam-based travel agents -- we do try to delete them as quickly as they come in. Sorry!

accomodation in Nha Trang Vietnam

Posted by KristineLokmer on 8/10/2007 at 08:59

Hi, i am looking for accomodation from 31/12/07 to 3/1/08 for 2 people. I have had no luck with travel agents for this time in australia. Can anyone recommend any of the following Golden Hotel Swan44 Hotel Vietnam seaview hotel I can book one of the above on line if they are nice. thankyou ...

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Biking from HCMC to Hanoi

Posted by Collin on 6/10/2007 at 07:43

Hello. I was hoping this could be a good place to get some help from experienced travelers. I am planning a trip from Ho Chi Mihn City to Hanoi by bike. I will be flying into Bangkok and then out of Hanoi. So I was wondering if anyone has suggestions of a route between Bangkok and Vietnam and also any sort of tips/experience/warnings/suggestions on the journey from HCMC to Hanoi. The trip is planned for January 16th thru February 27th or possibly a little longer. I have not travelled in SE Asia ...

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guesthouse in Siem Reap

Posted by kilat on 6/10/2007 at 21:59

we are a family of 4 (kids 8 & 13) looking for a decent place to stay in SR. Having the kids we do need a pool! Any recommendations for a resonably priced spot? txs ...

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Viewed 2,598 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 6/10/2007 at 22:40

Lockers and/or left luggage at HCMC Airport!

Posted by MaPeKue on 6/10/2007 at 20:24

Are there lockers or is there a left luggage office at the airport of Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon? ...

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Hoi An tailor

Posted by Whitehall4 on 4/10/2007 at 13:10

Anyone know of a good reliable and ggod value tailor in Hoi An? ...

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Going to Sapa? DONT DO THIS!

Posted by sine on 3/10/2007 at 16:29

Please don't buy off the children selling goods in the streets!!!! It's directly supporting them to not get an education. But do buy goods, just make an effort to buy off the older generation... Was sad to go on a trek and see one of the schools - practically no girls there, Why? As our guide said 'they're selling to the tourists...' If the kids come home everyday with no money from selling, they wouldn't be continually sent out to 'sell, sell, sell'. The reason they're not in school i ...

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Suggested Itinerary

Posted by poofie555 on 1/10/2007 at 07:58

I will be in Siem Reap for 20 (travelling and volunteering) and would like to spend the other 10 travellling in Vietnam. Given, the limited time I have i don't know where to start. I have looked at the suggested itineraries but am not sure what the best route would be. Are there flights from Siem Reap to Hanoi? Or can I take a bus to Danang? Appreciate your help. ...

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Viewed 2,269 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 1/10/2007 at 09:09

Danang to Hue

Posted by archiebaby on 29/9/2007 at 14:39

I want to travel on a train between Danang to Hue, what is the best train & can I book when I get there? I heard there was a train that you can sit on top of the roof for a better view, which train is this? Thanks. ...

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Viewed 1,635 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 30/9/2007 at 14:00

Flying from Saigon to Danang

Posted by archiebaby on 29/9/2007 at 14:37

Hello, I will be in Saigon late OCT 07 & wish to fly to Danang. Should I book my flight when I get there? How much should I expect to pay? Thanks ...

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Viewed 1,624 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by tails101 on 29/9/2007 at 21:26

Transportation from Hue to Da Lat

Posted by VanVan on 28/9/2007 at 00:46

After reading "Getting There and Away" for Da Lat section from Travelfish, I guest we cannot fly to Da Lat from Hue. What is the best transportation we should take? We'd like to take airplane and avoid taking bus as much as possible according to the advice fr Travelfish. We plan to skip Nha Trang because we prefer mountains, not beaches. But seems to be we have no choice. Seems to be we must fly from Hue to Nha Trang. Then from Nha Trang we should take some kind of transporation to Da Lat. I ...

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Viewed 7,719 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by VanVan on 29/9/2007 at 04:56

Reunification Express Train

Posted by archiebaby on 27/9/2007 at 10:56

Should I pre-book my ticket or get it when I arrive. I want to travel by train between Hoi An & Hue, any suggestions please ...

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Viewed 2,544 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by CatBa on 28/9/2007 at 09:04

What to do in Mai Chau?

Posted by ivo_24 on 18/9/2007 at 14:11

Hi all, I have decided to go to Mai Chau rather than Sapa. It seems to be more appealing from what I have heard. I was wondering if it is possible to hire motorbikes in Mai Chau? Also how many days should be spent in Mai Chau? I prefer to stay away from tours, are there any activities that anyone recommends? Thanks, Ivo ...

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Viewed 4,493 times, with 7 replies. Last reply by manooe on 27/9/2007 at 11:59

Tan San Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh city

Posted by vietguide on 23/9/2007 at 15:13

Want to inform all of you that, New part of Tan San Nhat airport has finished building and is in use. ...

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Viewed 3,870 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by CatBa on 26/9/2007 at 22:32

Budget accomodations during Christmas in Phu Quoc?

Posted by jackieanddavid on 17/9/2007 at 05:32

Am planing to be in Phu Quoc during Christmas week. Any ideas on weather finding accomodations would be a problem? ...

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Viewed 2,310 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by lisajanes on 25/9/2007 at 12:26

itinerary advice: Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, HCMC

Posted by shinynewcoin on 11/7/2007 at 08:48

Hi i'm trying to squeeze a holiday to Vietnam and Siem Reap into the school holidays in October. I'm planning on spending: 2 nights at Hanoi 1 night at Halong Bay fly to Hue 1 night in Hue bus/car to Hoi An 2 nights in Hoi An fly to HCMC 3 nights HCMC fly to Siem Reap 2 nights siem reap fly home I know i'm trying to fit too much in but I don't know what to cut out. I'm really keen on the Halong bay boat cruise and on Hoi An. But I've heard mixed reports about a visit to Hue ...

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Viewed 2,433 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by shinynewcoin on 24/9/2007 at 14:13

can I book vietnam airlines flights at bangkok airport?

Posted by lindaparry on 23/9/2007 at 07:54

I will be in Bangkok airport for 3 hours end of March 08, I wish to book at least 3 vietnam airlines flights for vietnam travel in April 08. Is there an office there? I am told the prices are better here than doing it in Australia. Can someone please confirm it is a better price. I also want to book one flight from Siem Reap to Bangkok for April 08, I am told Bangkok airways is best for this? also please confirm. Many thanks, ...

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Viewed 5,364 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 23/9/2007 at 13:32

Looking for English speaking guide

Posted by archiebaby on 13/9/2007 at 04:44

Hello, I am looking for a local english speaking guide to take us for about 5 days along the east coast of Vietnam. There are 2 of us & would like to see as much how the locals live. How much should I pay? Many thanks. ...

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Viewed 2,969 times, with 6 replies. Last reply by archiebaby on 23/9/2007 at 05:51

Any budget guesthouse/hotel in Phu Quoc that can be booked by inet ?

Posted by matsstenfors on 14/9/2007 at 03:43

Trying to find a cheap place to stay in Phu Quoc , but all places that can be bookd costs $$$$$$$ Is there only this fancy hotels or can we find small huts on the beach for a good price. Vietnam seems to be more difficult to explore than Thailand,seems to be more expensive and a lot of antibackpacking rules ??? ...

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Viewed 2,108 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 22/9/2007 at 22:22

New Vietnam sections added

Posted by somtam2000 on 18/9/2007 at 08:27

I've just added the two following "pre-departure" sections for Vietnam: Getting to and from Vietnam Getting around Vietnam They're aimed at readers who are still in the planning part of their trip, and I'd be interested to hear if anyone has suggestions on other material that could be included that would be useful. Once I've got all the information in there that you think is useful, I'll expand it to cover the other countries. Thanks in advance! ...

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Viewed 1,591 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by manooe on 21/9/2007 at 13:43

fights to Ko samuai (full moon)

Posted by twiceinyellow on 20/9/2007 at 22:05

Hi Guys Im just planing my trip at the moment and im trying to find out if its possible to fly from Ho Chi Minh to Ko Samuai (not sure of the spelling) for a full moon party? and if so where would i find info on these flights or airline for that matter? Thanks for any help C ...

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Viewed 1,486 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by exacto on 21/9/2007 at 00:08

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