Photo: Canals of Ca Mau, Mekong Delta.

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If you're a first time visitor to Vietnam, we'll point you to the Ha Long Bay thread for points to keep in mind when selecting the right Ha Long Bay tour for you. If you've questions about a potential itinerary, do take a look at the itinerary section of the site as well. We'll also apologise in advance for the persistent spamming by Vietnam-based travel agents -- we do try to delete them as quickly as they come in. Sorry!

Mekong Delta and Sapa

Posted by soomei on 9/11/2016 at 08:18

Hi, Help is needed. I am planning to travel to Vietnam on 1st Dec, for an approximately 10 days trip. I will be flying out from Kuala Lumpur. Would it be better to fly in to Hanoi or to Ho Chi Minh first? Safe to travel on my own in these places? How is the getting around in Sapa and Mekong should i travel on my own without engaging any travel agency? Thanks. ...

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Internet Speed Tests - pls participate if you're in Vietnam

Posted by ElizaBrit on 18/11/2016 at 09:30

Hello, if you're in Vietnam right now please can you go to and post the results along with your location and internet provider? I'm interested if it's possible for me to work and play in Vietnam in Jan and Feb 2017. I'm in Xitou, Nantou, Taiwan and I have Chunghwa tourist sim (unli data!) and my results are: Ping 18 Download 27.52 Upload 9.18 Beat that? ...

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Itinerary South to North in 17 nights...

Posted by basilisp on 14/11/2016 at 13:58

Hi guys, My wife and I will be in Vietnam (HCM) on the 3rd of February 2017 (after spending 4 nights in Siem Reap, considering Tet) and we would like help with our itinerary . We would leave Vietnam on the 20th of February (from Hanoi at 15:00) , so we have got 17 nights. Please do consider that we are low budget travelers ... Obviously because of the airplane tickets we have we will be traveling from South to North. We love landscapes,food,beautiful sites and people. Interested in seeing caves ...

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Vietnam or Thailand beach

Posted by Charlotte004 on 7/11/2016 at 19:56

my friend and I are travelling Vietnam North to South, currently heading to HCMC. We head back on Nov. 18 via Bangkok airport. For our first trip to Bangkok/Vietnam, we're doing all the classic stops (Hanoi, Sapa, HCMC, Mekong...) but we'd like to end our trip on a sunny beach somewhere. I've noticed Vietnam doesn't guarantee sun in November. What beach in Thailand or Vietnam would you recommend for a couple of days' visit? ...

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TET 2016 - travel restrictions

Posted by rh on 9/11/2016 at 16:51

I understand TET is Jan 29th officially but understand that there will be difficulty traveling around 3-4 days before and after. Do you think I could get from Danang to Dalat Feb 2nd? ...

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Phong Nha or Ninh Binh, or neither?

Posted by Danila on 30/10/2016 at 00:01

Greetings, firming up our Vietnam trip. Here's what I have so far: HCMC 10 nts Can Tho 3 nt side trip during Saigon stay Fly to Da Lat: 3 nts Fly to Da Nang for Hoi An: 7 nts Train to Hue: 5 nts EITHER train to Hanoi OR train to Dong Hoi for Phong Nha , stay overnight then train to Ninh Binh, stay overnight or both! then train on to Hanoi: 10 nts, with 2 side trips Ha Long Bay 1 or 2 nts Sapa: 2 or 3 nts. Wondering whether we should add in either Phong Nha or Ninh Binh, or not? Not su ...

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HCMC to Phnom Penh, via bus, with an evisa, and proof on onward travel - advice needed!

Posted by Brightmaw on 3/11/2016 at 17:43

Hello everyone, Please take the time to read this post. I have looked over this forum for the answer but honestly can't see a comprehensive, or recent response. My girlfriend and I will be travelling from HCMC to Phnom Penh in late December, via the Moc Bai Bavet Border Crossing. I would be really grateful for any advice regarding getting through the border with an evisa. I understand many bus companies insist on a $5 processing fee to administer visas on arrival. However, as we do not need t ...

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Luggage storage at HCMC hotel?

Posted by Danila on 25/10/2016 at 01:43

If you're staying in Saigon and go out for a 3d/2n to Mekong Delta, would you ask the hotel in Saigon to store it, and check out/check back in after your tour, or would you keep and pay for the hotel in Saigon? (so you're double-paying, but places are inexpensive!) Which is the best option for security? Thanks! ...

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Where to go during Tet

Posted by Bridgequeen on 4/9/2015 at 14:18

I have stupidly booked a (non changeable) ticket into KL and out of Bangkok from 28 Jan to 18 Feb which coincides nicely with Tet. The plan had been to do Hanoi, Nha TRang, Hoi An and Phuo Quoc but now I am wondering if that is such a good idea. Any advice would be welcome - I don't have to go to Vietnam, happy wandering around SE Asia and have done Cambodia, Lao and Malaysia trips - in fact I arrived in Kuching this year at the beginning of New year and everything was dead and closed - exce ...

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Hue or da nang

Posted by didi71 on 18/4/2016 at 04:43

With limited time in vietnam which place has more to offer as a traveller hue or da nang . Like historical and gastronomical and meeting true local people. Thanks in advance ...

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Vietnam's tourist return rates

Posted by somtam2000 on 8/10/2010 at 14:46

The Economist has a very interesting story on Vietnam's tourism mob, discussing how some aspects of the promotion of Vietnam as a destination haven't been handled perhaps as well as they should be. You can read the full story here The quote that really stood out for me though was this one: "Vietnam has a return rate of just 5% compared to Thailand’s whopping 50%." Wow. Vietnam tends to elicit strong reactions from people -- they either love it to bits, or loathe it with a passio ...

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in Hanoi a few days

Posted by slugga21 on 8/10/2016 at 16:26

Hi travelling with my wife on a organised tour, but have some free time in Hanoi,what would be the best things to see in such a small time frame(one day),thinking about the old quarter and recommendations on best places to eat,as we have a few nights there,any help would be appreciated ........Thanks ...

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Boat from HCMC to Can Tho

Posted by apertyx on 24/7/2009 at 20:24

Good Day, I've seen some references to a public boat running from HCMC to Can Tho, but haven't been able to nail it down. Does one exist? If so, has anyone an experience to share. Thanks ...

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Visit Southwestern region after wedding party in Hanoi

Posted by CharlesJonas on 25/10/2016 at 23:24

I will be invited to attend the wedding of my friend in Hanoi , Vietnam. After the wedding, I will spend some days to visit Vietnam. I heard much about floating markets in the Southwestern region and ancient constructions in Hue and Hoian. In this occasion, perhaps I will visit Southwest first. I also ask my friend's wife to give me some suggestions about the trip to Southwestern region but she doesn't know much because she hasn't come to visit this region. Anyone had a real trip to this ...

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Mekong Delta tour?

Posted by Danila on 24/10/2016 at 03:06

Greetings! just beginning to plan a trip to Vietnam, in Feb/March 2016. Husband & self are def interested in Mekong delta. I've done a load of research, read the articles here and some forum threads, pros and cons of booking a tour, or doing it by ourselves. Background: we're not young backpackers, we're 60 & 66, but reasonably fit. We can probably leave a bag in Saigon, and travel the Mekong with a small overnight bag each. Not really sure that we want to wander round looking for local ...

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any ideas for 2 days between halong bay and hanoi?

Posted by benji123 on 17/10/2016 at 08:15

Hi everyone, i will be arriving Hiphong next week, and intend to do the halong bay cruise. after finishing the tour i will have 2 more days to get to hanoi for my flight back home. any suggestions for something intersting to do on the way (possibaly with 1 night sleep)? please note i have luggege and going around by bus, or getting to hotel at night is not an option. thank you very much, Benji ...

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15 day itinerary- advice please

Posted by LauraLeaf on 11/10/2016 at 16:45

Can I please have thoughts/advice on my 15 day itinerary from North to Central Vietnam. I found a travel blog that suggested this itinerary and it includes all the places in Vietnam I would love to visit. Day 1- Flight into Hanoi early morning- spend day and night exploring Hanoi. Day 2-5 - Depart for 2 day 1 night cruise on Bai Tu Long Bay with Paloma Cruise. - Get back to Hanoi around 5pm on day 5- grab some food then get night train to Sapa for 2 day 1 night trek an ...

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Halong Bay

Posted by wsaunders45 on 6/10/2016 at 10:56

We are a retired couple who wish to take a two night cruise in Halong Bay during January, 2017. We seek recommendations on the best company that is reasonably priced with whom to book. And should we make our booking prior to departure or in Hanoi? Thanks much. ...

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Where to go when Con Dao is sold out?

Posted by ZoeRR on 30/9/2016 at 16:48

Hi My boyfriend and I are visiting Vietnam in February for two weeks, visiting HCMC and Hoi An. We then planned to go to Con Dao for four days but have fallen victim to the flights suddenly being completely sold out. So disappointed as had done lots of research and Con Dao sounds brilliant. Where would be the next best place to visit? Phu Quoc sounds like it's a big building site and we're really looking for somewhere more or less untouched to relax, but with the opportunity to explore a littl ...

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legenda travel? any feedback?

Posted by mcorv on 11/10/2016 at 15:26

Hi! I was looking online for cruises in HalongBay, and someone from this agency "Legenda Travel" sent me an email (via tripadvisor) with some tour options, but I cannot find much info or reviews on the inernet about it! does anyone knows if it's trustful and a good travel agency? thanks! ...

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