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If you're a first time visitor to Vietnam, we'll point you to the Ha Long Bay thread for points to keep in mind when selecting the right Ha Long Bay tour for you. If you've questions about a potential itinerary, do take a look at the itinerary section of the site as well. We'll also apologise in advance for the persistent spamming by Vietnam-based travel agents -- we do try to delete them as quickly as they come in. Sorry!

Help in Hanoi!

Posted by Bradders on 3/7/2013 at 06:25

Hi all, have been here in hanoi for a few days and having a great time but with all the sweating etc, i've started to get some chafing\rubbing going on, can anyone reccomend a barrier cream or something of the like that I could pick up here??? Any help would be muchly appreciated!!! ...

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Posted by David_Benavides on 3/7/2013 at 18:40

We are a couple from the Philippines on a 5-day budget tour to Vietnam. How much do we need to bring including show money? ...

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Cheap place top stay in Hue

Posted by Pocohantas on 30/6/2013 at 03:43

Hi Can anyone recommend a cheap and clean place to stay in Hue please? I dont mind if its a dorm. cheers ...

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Best way to travel through Vietnam?

Posted by IndiaGabrielle on 6/6/2013 at 10:36

Hi All, I'm currently planning a trip to Southeast Asia, where I'll be staying at a friends in Bangkok and then hopefully travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia etc. I wondered if I could get some advice on how best to do Vietnam. Would it be best to fly from Bangkok all the way up to Hanoi and travel down by land? How is best to travel over land? I was just reading about the open tour system. Or would it be best to travel over land across Thailand and enter Vietnam that way? To hear some stor ...

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Excellent place to stay in Hanoi

Posted by Pocohantas on 30/6/2013 at 03:46

Little Hamoi Diamond is a great cheap clean welcoming hostel. Staff are friendly and incredibly helpful. Dorms are spacious and clean as is the shared bathroom. You get a clean towel everyday and breakfast is included in the price of $6. Complimentary fruit and juice is provided every afternoon. There are lockers in the room. Overall excellent value for money! ...

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Vietnam in 3 weeks July/August... too many things! What would you do/have you done?

Posted by Teschiop on 27/6/2013 at 10:21

Hi there, I'm going to be in Vietnam from 19/7 to 11/8 with a friend and I was trying to decide what to do... quite hard as there are so many places to be and a little more than 3 weeks makes it necessary to exclude something (for the next trip!) I arrive in Saigon while my friend is in Hanoi , then we both fly back to Saigon, so my idea was to join her in Hanoi and travel south to Saigon. But then I read about the north part and saw some amazing pictures of the landscapes on the mountains ...

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XO tours??

Posted by Emma23 on 3/6/2013 at 05:27

Hey there! Has anyone done a motrobike tour with this company? It looks like fun but I am not sure that going on the back of a morotbike in Vietnam is wise? I guess it's like everything though - if you don't take the risk oyu'll never know. Thanks ...

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Hanoi to Saigon Motorbike Tour

Posted by khm293 on 24/6/2013 at 01:22

Hey folks, I'm flying in to Hanoi on July 5 and gearing up to ride south to Saigon. I'm flexible on the route and am planning for about 3 weeks to make the trip. I'm 24F and looking for a travel buddy (or several) to join. Give me a shout if you're interested! ...

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North Vietnam - Hanoi

Posted by ViajeroJacques on 6/3/2013 at 08:37

Hi everyone, I'm embarking on a trip to Hanoi in April and main intent would definitely be Halong Bay (don't we all?). This trip will take only a week but I do not wish to rush everything in as there's always a next. I've got some queries and please do advise. 1) Which tour operators or cruise operators do you all recommend? I saw a lot of good reviews of Paradise Cruise and Paloma Cruise. Prefer one with good service and in-depth exploration of Halong Bay. 2) Thinking of visiting the caves ...

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Viewed 3,582 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by london_micheal on 23/6/2013 at 21:28

my journeys through Vietnam

Posted by Antina on 6/6/2013 at 07:53

I am a Vietnam girl, but I never take the time to travel in my country. Now I decided to implement it in my journeys through Vietnam My plan is to meet the flight from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Noi and start from Hanoi Fly From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh : Stay 4 days ( travel around Hanoi ) From Ha Noi go to Ha Long Bay : Stay 3 days From Ha Long go to Lang Son : 2 or 3 days From Lang Son go to Cao Bang : 2 days From Cao Bang go to Yen Bai : 1 days From Yen Bai go to Son La (Sapa ...

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ATM with high limit

Posted by QWE on 27/5/2013 at 23:38

If you're, like me, dependent on atm withdrawals for cash when traveling you may find this info useful. I've traveled from Hanoi down to Saigon and had to take money out more than once because ATMs in Vietnam have a very low limit (usually 2mil. Dong at a time) which is very unfortunate if you have to pay yr bank every time you withdraw money. I found out that City bank's ATMs have a much higher limit (8mil. Dong), unfortunately they are only in Hanoi and Saigon. So, if you need to take mon ...

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motorbike travel buddy

Posted by msyber on 4/6/2013 at 22:57

heya, 22m from melbourne looking for a travel buddy for a motorbike tour through july, starting up north in hanoi and flying out of ho chi at the end of july, open to any travel ideas! ...

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Viewed 2,385 times, with 9 replies. Last reply by homesvet on 19/6/2013 at 01:11

Vietnam - Visa On Arrival Photo Requirements - help please

Posted by kjsuf1 on 16/6/2013 at 07:33

Hi there, I am about to go to Vietnam in 6 sleeps (bit excited). I am using the Visa on Arrival service and have just noticed that it asks for a 4 cm x 6 cm passport photo. I have obtained regular Australian Passport sized photos which are considerably smaller than 4 x 6 cm and do not show shoulders. I am arranging the visas for four people one of which obtained the correct size and now im stuck trying to decide if myself and the other two travellers should go and pay to have more pics taken at ...

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Viewed 11,292 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by daawgon on 17/6/2013 at 23:00

Halong Bay - Worth it?

Posted by crazylegs on 21/5/2013 at 05:52

Hey, A friend and I are travelling around Vietnam and Cambodia for a month In July / August (I know that's not ideal in terms of time but its all we could do) I have been reading lots and have already posted and had some wonderful advice regarding my itinerary but having read more I'm wondering if I'd be better going somewhere else and missing out Halong Bay? From what I've read Halong City is a bit of a mess and I'm not a big fan of grotty touristy places but is it worth the dirty water and ...

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Camping around Vietnam Cambodia & Laos

Posted by gill1 on 9/4/2010 at 17:58

Hi I am new to this forum and would like to know if anyone has any experience in camping in Vietnam, Laos or cambodia? Is it safe? Thanks in advance Gill ...

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Viewed 14,691 times, with 14 replies. Last reply by IceOleg on 12/6/2013 at 23:51

Hotels in July - to book, or not to book?

Posted by Dutch on 27/5/2013 at 09:24

Hi everyone, I've been having a hard time trying to find a conclusive answer to his question: is it advisable to book hotels in advance for the month of July? We'll be travelling from south to north, on the typical tourist trail. HCMC to Hanoi + Halong Bay. We're trying to go for the midrange hotels. We would prefer to be able to move around freely (without being too much committed to an itinerary/booked hotels), but are a bit worried about all the hotels being full. It would be great to ...

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Hoi An to Danang Airport in the early airport

Posted by arenalk on 11/6/2013 at 03:26

I'm currently trying to buy a flight from Danang to HCMC after staying in Hoi An for a few days. Currently the cheapest ones are early in the morning or late at night. I would rather deal with getting to Saigon in the morning rather than at 11pm at night but am concerned about getting a 7am flight out of Danang coming from Hoi An. Is it doable to get there at that time? Is there any additional cost usually? Thanks for the help. ETA: just realized that I meant early morning in the title ...

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Viewed 2,711 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by mikepoppe on 12/6/2013 at 14:57

Vietnam temporary passport

Posted by Lindsayshuttle on 3/6/2013 at 00:26

Hi there I urgently need to know if as a South African I can apply for a temporary south african passport in Vietnam at the South African embassy as my passport is going to expire in less than 6 months which I have just discovered!! Also how long would the visa take to process? Any help would be hugely appreciated. ...

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Frist time!! No idea!!

Posted by Emma23 on 29/5/2013 at 03:48

Help needed please! This will be my first time in Vietnam and I really have no idea where to go or what to do. I will be travelling end of August/beginning September for 9 days max. I would like to visit Saigon as well as some other interesting places to get a feel for the country but would also like some beach time so: The best airport to fly into would be??? How much time in the capital??? How to then travel to a beach resort??? Any tours recommeded??? Thank you for your help. ...

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Free volunteering in Vietnam?

Posted by QWE on 12/5/2013 at 12:14

Hi guys, I was wondering, does anybody know about some free volunteering opportunities in Vietnam? I'm currently travelling around Vietnam but would like to do some volunteering by the end of May for about 1 month (possibly longer). I'm a trained English teacher but rather than teach English I'd like to train teachers or work in the field of human rights. I also have a degree in Social Work. Besides English, I speak some Vietnamese. Thanks for yr tips. ...

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Viewed 4,150 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by ivy7117 on 30/5/2013 at 11:21

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