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Entering Vietnam from Cambodia

Posted by JessicaPereira on 5/6/2017 at 23:22

Hi, I'm sorry if this question has already been answered, but I cannot find anything exact. I currently live in Sihanoukville, Cambodia and am wanting to move to Vietnam. Which border crossing would you recommend and how should I organise my visa? If anyone has experience please could they give some advice it would be much appreciated. thank you! ...

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Overland Crossing in Thailand for ASEAN

Posted by Baksi on 27/5/2017 at 03:55

"In late 2016, Thai authorities went further by introducing a rule that bars citizens from non-ASEAN countries from crossing into Thailand overland and receiving visa-exempt stays more than twice in one calendar year. If strictly adhered to, this restriction will disrupt the plans of some regular travellers, who will now be forced to acquire a tourist visa or arrive by air if entering Thailand for a third time after already entering overland twice on visa-exempt stays, regardless of how muc ...

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Have you used the new online e-visa system for Vietnam (begun Feb 1, 2017)?

Posted by slibertus on 15/3/2017 at 22:12

I am trying to get my e-visa on line for Vietnam under their new program and it is not accepting my credit card information. My credit card company (Visa) says that it is not giving approval because the zip code is incorrect, but the application doesn't require a zip code so I do not know what they are talking about. The card company says that the Vietnam visa people must call Visa to confirm. I cannot believe that this is typical as it is late March and they say that thousands of people have ...

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Kep to Can Tho travel advice

Posted by Hbuttemer on 17/12/2013 at 19:47

We are currently in Kampot , headed to Kep and then onwards to Can Tho, Vietnam We have our Vietnam visas. We are having a debate about whether we should hire a minibus tour (eg Kampot Tour and Travel) to take us through to Can Tho, or just go it ourselves - take a tuk tuk to border, hire a moto to bus station in Ha Thien, get a bus to Can Tho. In some ways, the minibus tour seems easier since everything is arranged. Any advice would be welcome. ...

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Vietnam visa extension 2017e to

Posted by Domski on 10/2/2017 at 05:20

Hello Can anyone help? I'm currently in Tuyen Quang city for a few days and would like to extend my visa whilst here (if possible) so I don't have to wait around in Hanoi on my way south. I can't find any reliable info online about how to extend either here I need TQ or in Hanoi. One site said there was an immimgration dept here but I can't find it on the street it's supposed to be on (of course it didn't have a building number listed. Gotta love the vague Vietnamese directions) Anyone know ...

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Thailand reinstates 30-day visa exemption at land crossings

Posted by DLuek on 1/1/2017 at 02:01

Seems they've thrown a bone of good news to go with the previously announced bad news of a maximum of two visa-exempt land border crossings per calendar year. So now a bunch of nationalities, not just G7, will get 30 days visa-exempt whether crossing by land or air. More here: ...

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Can I still get a 90 day Vietnam visa at the embassy in Bangkok?

Posted by lsanders490 on 25/12/2016 at 13:35

I arrive in BKK next Saturday and want to pick up my Vietnam visa there. I read in a couple places that U.S. citizens can't get 30 or 90 day visas anymore, and must get a year long visa instead. Can anyone confirm this? Are you a U.S. citizen and have you obtained a 90 day Vietnam visa recently? Also, am I correct in assuming that the Vietnam embassy in BKK will be closed on Monday, January 2? ...

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Do I need a passport size photos for visas

Posted by Sopatykone on 22/12/2016 at 19:30

Arriving in Bangkok in two weeks for the first time. I am wanting to go to Cambodia and Vietnam as well, do I need to have passport size photos for visas ? ...

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Ranong - kawthaung border crossing between Thailand and myanmar (most southern crossing

Posted by Michalgilo22 on 24/10/2016 at 08:57

Did anyone here cross the border from Thailand to myanmar through the ranong - kawthaung border crossing? I am almost sure that it is possible to enter myanmar through there, but the question is if it's possible to take a bus from kawthaung north to Yangon, or dawei or myeik which are on the way to yangon? I have read on this website that there are buses, but am not sure the information us up to date (since everything is changing all the time)? And also, it would be nice to hear from someone w ...

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Viet Nam Visa...

Posted by psyklik on 23/11/2016 at 11:34

I just received my US Passport back from the VN Emassy for my trip early in 2017. It is a multi-entry visa as I requested. Yet the entry & departure dates are only a month apart rather than my request. My departure from the US has been delayed now, so I will have less than 3 weeks remaining for my visit, which I had hoped to be a month to six weeks. What should I do? ...

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Le Thanh / O Yadao crossing

Posted by nickamin on 21/2/2016 at 21:18

Hello We are keen to cross the border from Vietnam to Cambodia at Le Thanh / O Yadao. Does anyone have more recent information about how easy or difficult it is to make this crossing? Ideally, we would like to take a bus from Pleiku to Ban Lung. But realise this might not be easy! The hotel we are staying in at Hoi An seems to think that this border crossing is no longer available to international travellers. We would also need a visa for Cambodia. Any information would be most appreciate ...

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Thailand visa

Posted by Navy058 on 21/8/2016 at 15:28

Hi, I'm a little confused on which type of visa I require. I'm a uk citizen and I'm planning a three month journey around Thailand, Laos and Vietnam , one month in each country. I'm arriving in Bangkok, then after around 28 or 29 days moving on to Laos, then Vietnam and finally flying back to Bangkok. So whilst I'm only less than 30 days in Thailand my return flight is 3 months after my arrival date! So what sort of visa do i need? Incidentally I shall be crossing into Laos by land and the same ...

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Thailand visa

Posted by Zoesamwell12 on 16/8/2016 at 10:34

Please can someone help, I'm going to be flying into Bangkok airport where I will then be in Thailand for 2 days, I then reenter by a Laos border for another 15 days, on my 15th day in Thailand I fly home would this be okay as I know the term extension is for 15 days? The thai embassy said I need apply for a visa but I didn't think I would need to do this? Can anyone please urgently help me ...

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Thailand Trip > 30 days! Visa help!

Posted by carlotafariar on 6/6/2016 at 06:48

Hi there! I need your help please! I'm a little bit confused with Thailand visa! I'm Portuguese and I'm going to Thailand on 5th of July and came back on 16th of August (= 42 days). I only have booked this flight (Emirates flight), however I pretend to visit at least one more country. I pretend to choose the country and book the flight when I'm already in Thailand due to obvious reasons: weather, date, in which city am I, ... I don't have any proof that I'm going out yet, but could this be a ...

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Thailand to Cambodia border crossing

Posted by Konks on 10/7/2016 at 03:46

need some help! Planning on going to Cambodia in the morning but the hostel were staying at is offering the bus from the hostel including the visa for 1700thb but says we We will still have to pay fees at the border! From what I can see all we should pay is the visa charge?!? Is he just trying to rip us off? ...

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Calling visa -french resident with cameroonian nationality

Posted by Maeva on 9/5/2016 at 22:52

Hi My husband and I were silly enough to buy tickets and plan our 29-day honeymoon in Indonesia before the visa being granted. He can get his on arrival. I knew that I had to ask it from Paris but man that calling visa thing is such a mess. Feels like I am on kind of stinky uninteresting people list (less than 10 countries in the word are concerned)... I am asking here because I starting to feel depressed as the departure is 50 days now and I have no sponsor in Indonesia. I am looking for any n ...

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Prek Chak/Xa Xia Crossing: Cambodian & Vietnamese Visas

Posted by chriswotton on 6/4/2016 at 08:15

Hi all I'm travelling from Kep, Cambodia, (having come from Koh Tonsay) to Phu Quoc, Vietnam, later this month. It looks as though I'll be crossing into Vietnam at the Prek Chak/Xa Xia border. I'll then be spending three days/four nights on Phu Quoc, before crossing back into Cambodia at the same Prek Chak/Xa Xia border, and continuing onwards to Sihanoukville and Koh Thmei. A few questions about visa/border practicalities, if anyone can shed any light for me: 1. On the first Cambodian leg, ...

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Posted by RitaJardim on 20/3/2016 at 04:39

Hello guys! So I'm going from Laos to Thailand in April, crossing a land border. As a portuguese I'm visa free but only for 14 days as I read on this site. I wanted to have more days. Once in Thailand I'm flying from bkk to ko samui, would it be possible at the airport to get a 30 days visa free? I know it's not crossing a border but it is kinda of coming by air so... I don't know. Can anybody help me with is? Thank you very much! ...

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Getting a Chinese visa in Thailand

Posted by KirstyB on 14/10/2011 at 15:42

Some up to date information on getting a visa for China in Thailand as I just dropped off my passport at the Chinese embassy in Chiang Mai. The process was pretty straightforward although the application form required a bit more detail than it did last year when I applied here. The visa section is open Monday to Friday (except public holidays) 9am to 11.30am for applications and collections. According to the girl working there procedure and costs etc are the same as if you apply in Bangkok. A ...

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Applying for Austrailian work visa in se asia

Posted by annaedsevla on 28/12/2015 at 20:57

Hi! I am going to thailand/cambodia/vietnam in the spring and wanted to apply for an Australian work visa whilst over there if possible. I was thinking it would be a good way to continue my traveling and replenish my funds so I don't have to go home as soon. Has anyone done this/would recommend this? ...

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Viewed 2,143 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by annaedsevla on 30/12/2015 at 22:10

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