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Visa exemption for Vietnam

Posted by Lother on 7/4/2009 at 21:34

Hey, my turn to ask the questions for a change. We're planning to take the boat from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc next June, and I was wondering about the crossing at Kaam Samnor / Ving Xuong. I know that most nationalities need to have a visa beforehand, as they don't give them on arrival. Luckily however, I carry a passport from a country listed on the "No visa required for travel less than 15 days" list. Now, I was just wondering do I need to have some sort of proof with me that I'm leaving ...

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Visa Help Needed

Posted by JamesHamblin on 7/4/2009 at 20:54

I arrive in Bangkok on 28th April and need some help with my visa/visa's as even the Thai consulate does not have time for me. I arrive on the 28th April and have a flight leaving Bangkok on the 31st May. I have been told I have to get a longer visa as my stay goes over the 30 days you are granted on entry. I called the Thai consulate in Hull and was told that they were busy and couldnt give me the time to go through my visa application form. Is there anyone that does have the time to explain s ...

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motorbiking across borders Vietman/cambodia/laos/thailand

Posted by stewraz on 25/3/2009 at 08:00

Hi guys, can i please get some advice for a trip i will be performing very soon. Me and a friend are planning on flying into Vietnam, purchasing a motorbike, and proceeding to ride for 3 months. We will be crossing the borders into Cambodia, Laos, Thailand. now. we understand that it is actually not legal for a tourist to purchase a motorbike in Vietnam, but the authorities turn a blind eye, is this correct? but everyone gets away with it, so im not to worried about that. what i cant f ...

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Border update Na Meo / Nam Xoi

Posted by SimonD on 24/3/2009 at 20:10

I was searching a bit around before I crossed this border between Vietnam and Laos, and it seemed like a lot of people were confused about it, and there were no really recent information, so here goes: First thing first, the border is still open. I crossed the border form the Laos side. You still CANNOT get visa's on arrival either way. From Sam Neua and Vieng Xai you can get sawngthaew's, jumbo's and the like to the border, but I wouldn't recommend that, as it seemed like it was hard ...

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Extending tourist visa in Thailand

Posted by scarletina on 25/3/2009 at 07:00

Hiya! I've got a single entry tourist visa, valid for sixty days, and I wanted to extend this for another thirty. Question is, does my original tourist visa have to be close to expiring before I can get the other thirty days, or can I just add them on to the sixty as soon as I get into bangkok, to give me a full ninety days out there? I'm wanting to be doing island hopping and it would be such a nuisance to have to do a visa run or to hurry back to bangkok half way through my trip to extend my v ...

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thai visa abroad.

Posted by randymarsh on 13/2/2009 at 06:44

new to the forum but have used this site alot while planning my trip.. just wondering.. how reliable/easy is it to get a thai visa in vietnam or cambodia...dont mind using an agent or anything but would prefer just to sort it out at an embassy or consulate.. i only need a single entry visa. ive been waiting for this free visa to come about and it hasnt and i leave in a week so dont really fancy sending off my passport atm... should i be ok... cheers ...

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Thai Visas in Hanoi

Posted by runningcate on 22/3/2009 at 10:13

It's really easy to get a 60 day Thia tourist visa in Hanoi...just go to the Thai Embassy between 9 and 12, fill out a form, and give them a picture and your passport. They asked to see plane tickets, but we said we didn't have them yet and it was no problem. You'll be able to pick up your passport with the new visa the next day, and fees are waived from now until June! ...

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train travelling: from Kuala Lumpur to Saigon

Posted by virusvaleria on 10/3/2009 at 12:27

Me & hubby are thinking of havin our 3 weeks xmas holidays by takin only trains from Kuala Lumpur to Saigon (arriving by plane to Kuala Lumpur from Australia)and stopping here & there on the way. Has anyone ever done this before? ...

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Thailand 30day exempt and 15day upon arrival Visa's

Posted by kak on 13/3/2009 at 01:31

Hello, I have a few questions regarding Visa Requirements for Thailand I plan on traveling to Bangkok and around Thailand in April for 2 – 3 weeks. I understand that I am able to stay in Thailand for 30 days as a tourist without a Visa. However, I am meeting up with two friends who are currently traveling in Thailand already. They have a 15-day visa stamp upon arrival (as they did not fly into Thailand). So they will have to leave Thailand before I arrive and come back to meet me. Also, ...

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Picking up visas on the way - advisable?

Posted by lodge on 19/2/2009 at 22:14

Myself and two friends are flying to Thailand, then going through Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and back into Thailand. Is it a good idea to get the visas for these countries just before we go in them? (Vietnam visa in Cambodia, Laos visa in Vietnam, Thailand visa in Laos). It looks feasable; does anyone have any suggestions as to whether it is sensible to do this or get them all in one go beforehand? Thanks. ...

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Malaysia Visa

Posted by think87 on 7/3/2009 at 09:12

I know that as a USA passport holder i dont need a visa as i can get 90 days stamp on arrival, but does malaysia have any limits on number on entrys in a certain time period? i want to use Airasia to get around to laos , camboida etc and it means going in and out of malaysia many times as kuala lumpur is the main hub. is going in and out alot a porblem? ...

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Country Hopping?

Posted by Epoche on 4/3/2009 at 00:07

Forgive me if the information I need has already been posted somewhere. I want to stay/travel through Cambodia and Vietnam for an indefinite period of time without becoming a citizen. Obviously, this will be difficult due to visa limitations. My questions is, is it possible, provided that money is not an issue, to stay in Cambodia until I am required to leave....cross into Vietnam...stay until I am required to leave....and then return to Cambodia immediately...renewing my sixty-day visa? I ...

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Laos 60 day visa from embassy

Posted by somtam2000 on 21/2/2009 at 15:57

I've read a number of reports now of travellers with standard Lao tourist visas being granted 60 day stays in Laos (as opposed to the normal 30 days). Anyone have a first hand report on this? The Lao embassy websites are still saying 30 days only. Thanks! ...

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Visa for Travel Document holders

Posted by aprilmeuychao on 19/2/2009 at 04:22

I am planning to travel to Thailand in mid-April. Since I do not have a U.S. passport but have a Travel Document (re-entry Permit issued by U.S. Homeland Security) I will need to apply for visas to Thailand. Once I arrived to BKK, I will take another flight to Chiang Rai and stayed there for 2 days, then I want to travel to Laos and will be traveling by land through the border of Chiang Khong to Huai Xai, Laos, and will be staying in Laos for 1 week and will return to Thailand again by land ...

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Thailand - Laos - Thailand - Cambodia

Posted by Joshq on 16/2/2009 at 09:59

I am travelling through Thailand and plan to enter Laos through the north of Thailand. I then plan to re-enter Thailand from Vientaine area, travelling through the east side of Thailand and then entering Cambodia. Some advice on how to go through the visa process would be greatly appreciated. ...

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Vietnam to Laos

Posted by lodge on 18/2/2009 at 00:08

Does anyone know if its possible get on the Hanoi/Luang Prabang bus halfway at the Laos border crossing, rather than back at Hanoi? ...

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Bangkok - Vietnam. Visa and Flight questions...

Posted by unclezmuda on 14/2/2009 at 16:06

Hello, Looking for a bit of advise before we book anything.... Currently travelling India - we fly from Delhi to Bangkok on 16th march then we want to fly straight onto Vietnam. We do not have visas as yet does anyone have experience of getting this done in bangkok or delhi? any ideas how long it takes?? this visa on arrival sounds perfect but as we are on the road with no fixed abode is it possible they email this letter of approval? any advise would be greatly appreciated. ...

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Visitor in transit visa for Cambodia?

Posted by mpinese on 11/2/2009 at 19:07

I'll be flying into Siem Reap from Laos, then a few hours later will board another flight to Vietnam. The flights are on different bookings, one is with Lao Airlines and the other with Vietnam. I'll just hang around the terminal, so will I need a visa at all? If so, can I get a short term transit visa, or do I need to go the whole hog and get a 30 day tourist visa? ...

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vietnam embassy phnom penh

Posted by TheBarang on 10/2/2009 at 02:25

Has anyone gotten their visa for Vietnam at the Vietnamese embassy in Phnom Penh? What's this process entail - how long, how much, etc? ...

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thai border requirements

Posted by jacqueline252 on 30/1/2009 at 09:54

Hi, just wondering how strict the thai authorities are about showing that a travaller has sufficient funds for their stay? i have 2 credit cards with 6000E limit on them which is more than enough but ive no way to show it as i cant print a statement and dont have a hard copy ...

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Viewed 2,246 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by Lother on 8/2/2009 at 21:13

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