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Visas and border crossings forum

Vietnam Re-entry Visa

Posted by charlotterussell on 5/11/2007 at 12:45

We are leaving Vietnam in the middle of our trip to go to Laos or Camnbodia. How much is a Vietnam Multiple entry Visa? ...

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border crossings n. vietnam - laos (tay trang or Nam Xoi)

Posted by fishtails04 on 28/1/2008 at 13:19

my old guideboook says the crossing from Tay Trang - laos was due to open soon... which means it should have happened by now! questions: 1. is it open for foreigners? 2. has anyone done it and if so, how is it? 3. any idea how long and what stages to allow to get to it from sapa? if not, how about getting hanoi-laos via the nam xoi/na maew crossing? 1. how does this work out time wise and any recommendations on transport? any advice is much appreciated! fishtails ...

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need onward ticket?

Posted by Manticore on 27/1/2008 at 14:55

hi, I plan to live and work in Vietnam this year and just want to know if I require an onward air ticket in order to successfully process my 30 day single entry tourist visa? If I try to depart AUS or arrive in VN, will customs (AUS or VN) give me a hard time for not having an onward ticket? Has anyone arrived in VN with no return or onward tickets and received any problems? cheers :) ...

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laos visa

Posted by pandc on 5/10/2007 at 19:50

hiya you're probably sick of hearing these questions but if we get our Laos visa's in Phnom Penh and they're valid for 30 days, does this time start running out as soon as they're issued or only once we cross the border? help! thanks ...

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Cambodia e-visa border crossing

Posted by kelpeta on 1/1/2008 at 18:27

Hi I have got an evisa for Cambodia and will be leaving Saigon in 2 days time to move on to Phnom Penh. My queries at a couple of travel agencies about which border the buses cross at have been met with questioning faces...does anyone know if the majority of the buses that leave saigon for phnom penh cross at bavet? (as that seems to be the only border crossing that accepts e-visas). Thanks ...

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New Border Crossing Between Cambodia & Vietnam

Posted by steveatkins on 30/12/2007 at 15:48

A new international border crossing between Vietnam and Cambodia has opened in Ratanakiri province. The crossing at O’Yadaw / Le Tanh leads into Vietnam’s Gia lai province. Cambodian on arrival visas are available for those entering from Vietnam, no Vietnamese visa is available. This is now the sixth international border crossing between the two countries. ...

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VISA for Cambodia

Posted by ron67 on 21/12/2007 at 04:49

Visa required for March 08 for Cambodia, we will be in HCM City,can we get one at Sinh Cafe? We are going by boat from Chau Doc, can we get it there?, if yes does it take a long time? or is there a better way? All info very much appreciated Ron ...

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Laos - Cambodia vs. Laos - Thailand - Cambodia & loas border question

Posted by zachmoore on 16/12/2007 at 10:36

Hi, traveling laos to cambodia in end of january or feb. I see that visas are available at the border there or we can get e-visa's and cross at poipet. Considering travel time/hassles and visa time/hassles, is it easier to go through thailand down to poipet and cross there or is the laos - cambodia border ok. Our ultimate, immediate goal is Siem Reap so... Also, it's possible to get the laos visa on arrival at chang rai - is it easier/cheaper just to get this before hand or do this on arrival ...

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Would I need to get a Multiple Entry Visa?

Posted by JamesMurley on 9/12/2007 at 02:45

Whoops. Sorry about the blank message. What i wanted to ask is: I am going to SE Asia for 4 months in total. I fly into Bangkok and am going up to Chiang Mai then crossing into Laos to Vietnam to Cambodia then crossing into Thailand again. From here i would then travel through Thailand to Malaysia and return to Thailand to fly home. Would i need to get a Multiple Entry visa for this or could i just get a new visa each time i enter Thailand again? I would enter 3 times each for less ...

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Bangkok - Laos

Posted by bonerjams69 on 19/2/2007 at 17:02

Hey, I am looking for information regarding crossing the border from Thailand to Laos....suggestions if we want to cross from Eastern Thailand in to Southern Laos. Also has anyone taken a bus from Bangkok to Laos - if so any details/recommendations/warnings are welcome! Thanks! ...

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Border Crossing - Muang Khoua - Dien Bien Phu

Posted by redmill on 28/11/2007 at 08:47

Any info regarding this crossing would be appreciated. ...

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Concerns about transport/problems w/ pre-arranged visas

Posted by limeandsoda on 12/11/2007 at 18:45

My friend and I are getting visas for Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos issues before we leave for our trip. (Yes, it is more expensive, i'd perhaps prefer to get them on-arrival, but for a few reasons we are not). We have to specify an address of residence whilst in the countries, and i have just put the adresses of guesthouses we will likely try to stay at in the first towns we come to. Is this adequate?? My main QWuestion: The application forms ask you to specify an entry/exit date, which we ...

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Laos Visa in Phnom Penh - don't get it here!

Posted by ruxandra on 6/11/2007 at 22:32

Just a heads up - I went to a travel agency this morning to get a Lao visa in Phnom Penh. They said it would cost 37$ USD and it would take one day. After reading on the net I figured the agency is making about $7 on the job so I decided to go to the Laos Emabassy in Phnom Penh and get on on my own. I was speechless to find out at the embassy, after filling in all my forms and having the 3 pictures, that they were charging 47$ USD for a 48 hour turn around and 57$USD for a 12 hour turn around. ...

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Vietnam Visa

Posted by rocketgirl on 26/10/2007 at 22:50

Can you get a Vietnamese Visa in Luang Prabang. If so, does anyone know how much this costs and how long it takes? I know Vientiane is the best place to get a Vietnamese visa, but I'll only be there for a few hours before my flight and don't want to spend all of that at the Vietnam Embassy! ...

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Lao Cambodia Border - Visa in advance

Posted by jella82 on 17/10/2007 at 13:42

Has anyone crossed this border recently? Is it ok to get a visa on arrival? Any idea how much it costs? Debating at the mo whether we should just get one in Vientiane to be on safe side, heading to Vientiane tomorrow so if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated? :) ...

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Travelling from Ho Chi Min to Phnom Penh

Posted by donnaansell on 1/10/2007 at 20:09

I would like to take the 3 day, 2 night trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh going through the Mekong Delta and I was wondering, do I need to get a Cambodian visa in advance? I've travelled to Cambodia before and I know you can usually get a visa on arrival, but because this will be part of a tour I was wondering if visa on arrival is still an option? Also if anyone else has done this trip can they recommend a good tour company please for budget travellers. ...

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Phnom Denh/Tinh Bien

Posted by Axel on 12/6/2007 at 17:42

crossed here at the end of april 2007. Pretty straightforward if you do not want to go via Phnom Penh. It should cost around 60000 Dong for a one-hour-motorbike-trip from Chau Doc. If you are lucky you will come across a car on the Cambodian side of the border which will take you on an excellent road to Takeo (10$). ...

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Stay in Huay Xai or Chiang Khong

Posted by paul123456789 on 16/9/2007 at 19:35

Hi. I am after your opinions (and reasons for them). When travelling from Chiang Rai, Thailand to Huay Xai, Laos with the intention of getting the boat to Luang Prabang - is it better to overnight in Chiang Khong or Huay Xai? Can you book you boat from Chiang Khong? What is the earliest you can get started in travelling down the river? Which is cheapest? Which did you find nicest / friendliest / most interesting? Can you get Beer Laos in Chiang Khong? ...

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which visa - non immigrant cat0

Posted by g_singh on 5/9/2007 at 20:16

hi, the wife and i are off to SE Asia for 5 months then india for a month. We are going to be using thailand as a base to travel to other countries within the 5 months, at the moment i see us spending most of out time in thailand and a 2 to 3 weeks per surrounding country tops. Speaking to the thai consulate today i have been advised to get a 'Non-Immigrant Visa with multiple entries = £100.00', is this the best option for us? ...

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border crossing: Trapeang Phlong in Cambodia from Xa Mat (vietnam)

Posted by telias on 8/9/2007 at 02:42

can i get any information aboutany experiences Trapeang Phlong/Xa Mat crossing Cambodia /Vietnam. Can I get from Trapeang Phlong to Sen Monorom. ...

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