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Vietnam visa

Posted by Danka on 12/6/2006 at 19:13

Can anyone tell me whether the 30-day tourist visa for Vietnam is for multi-entry? ...

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Voen Kham Border Crossing

Posted by steviej on 19/7/2006 at 03:09

Hi Fellow Travelfishes.... I've read the 'Sticky' regarding general stuff BUT has there been any change at the Lao-Cambodia border at Voen Kham regarding issuing Visas. If the answer is still 'Status Quo', where's the nearest place to get a visa for Cambodia............. ...

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Vietnam visa in Hong Kong

Posted by paulontheroad on 9/7/2006 at 23:28

Hi, I am planning to travel through Vietnam in September/October (overall stay will be approx 23-25 days) and having read other posts on this forum understand that once a visa is issued then it 'starts' to expire. Does anyone know if I can get a Vietnam visa in Hong Kong (and would probably need 1 day or similar service)? Many Thanks Paul ...

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lao embassy in phnom penh - opening times?

Posted by bonbongirl on 7/7/2006 at 17:29

i'm currently in phnom penh and was planning on getting my visa for laos on monday - BUT i don't know when the embassy will be open! i've asked travel agents about getting my lao visa through them (which would make my life easier) and it's 42 dollars instead of i believe 35 if i did it myself... is it worth spending the extra money so i don't have to trek to the embassy? ...

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Loas in Chiang Mai

Posted by DannyJ on 29/6/2006 at 21:54

Hey guys! Is there a Loas embassy in Chiang Mai? Or, is it possible to get a Loas visa in Chiang Mai? Thanks, Danny ...

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Laos Visa

Posted by steviej on 7/4/2006 at 20:08

OK, so I know it's $30ish for a Laos visa from an embassy in SEA but is that the same price on international arrival at Vientiane airport. Thanks steviej ...

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One-way to Bangkok

Posted by soot_25 on 24/6/2006 at 16:06

I am flying from Melbourne to Bangkok one-way on an Australian passport, and have been advised by my travel agent (STA) that I need a visa. 1. Do I really need a visa? Has anyone ever been turned back at Thai immigration or at the airport check in for only having a one-way ticket and no visa? 2. If I do need a visa, how much are they and are they hard to get in Australia? thanks for your help! ...

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30 Day Visa to Thailand Question

Posted by jdollar on 21/6/2006 at 21:59

Hi, I hold a Canadian Passport which qualifies for the 30 day free visa into Thailand. I arriving into Bangkok International Airport and my total stay will be just over 30 days. I am planning to go Cambodia as well during my visit, making my total time spent in Thailand less than 30 days. I'm just wondering if I need to show proof upon entering that I will be in the country for less than 30 days (i.e. a return ticket) or if I can show that I will be leaving the country before the 30 days (i.e ...

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Getting a Vietnam Visa in Bangkok

Posted by littlelau on 7/5/2006 at 18:32

Does anyone know how much a Vietnam Visa costs if bought in Bangkok and how long it takes? I'm in Sydney and leave for Bangkok in 4 days so its going to be quite tight arranging one here. Thanks ...

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Northern Thailand to Laos

Posted by googookevin on 17/6/2006 at 22:48

I'm off to SEA this summer. Thanks for this useful website, I've got a lot of info about my upcoming journey! However, I still got some question about my itineraries. My planned last stop in Thailand is Mae Hong son and then I want to head for Chiang Khong directly. Is there any bus service avaible between these two cities? How long does it take to travel? According to some info, it seems that I may have to transfer in Chiang Rai. Can I arrive at Chiang Khong from Mae Hong son in one day? ...

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Cambodia visa

Posted by Danka on 12/6/2006 at 19:11

I want to g to Cambodia from Singapore, then to Vietnam over Kaam Samnor / Ving Xuong and back into Cambodia, probably over the same border crossing. Can I get a visa in Singapore? And will I get another one at the Vietnamese boarder? ...

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Flight Hanoi - Bangkok (Visa Question)

Posted by MILKDOG on 5/6/2006 at 20:40

If I fly from Hanoi - Bangkok, will I get the 30 days holiday visa for Thailand @ Hanoi or Bangkok Airport?? Apologies for so many questions today but just running through my list!! Cheers Milk ...

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Visa Queries

Posted by MILKDOG on 5/6/2006 at 17:48

Hi again, I am leaving for Thailand in October with a 30 Day visa. I have booked with Sta Travel and they have said I can apply for an extra 30 days via the Thai Embassy over here (England) before I go (So 60 days total). If this is correct, I plan on initially using 30 days getting to Laos. So when I re-enter Thailand and get the extra 30 days @ the border crossing, will the remainder of my 60 day original visa still be valid (30 days)?? Sorry if this message is a little difficult to underst ...

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New Higher Fines for Overstaying Visa in Thailand

Posted by exacto on 5/6/2006 at 09:32

Hi. We just arrived at Bangkok Airport last night and noticed a new policy of higher fines for overstaying your visa here in Thailand. The new regs took effect in March 2006. It looks like there is a one day grace period of no fine, but on the second day the fine is THB 1000, with an additional THB 500 per day after that. That's real money. Regards. ...

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Vietnam visa in Cambodia?

Posted by alex16103 on 23/5/2006 at 17:01

Hi there, Just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to get visas for Vietnam from Cambodia? Or if not what is the best way to get them? I heard that they start expiring from the day they are issued. Thanks Alex ...

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Bangkok to siem reap

Posted by Sunny5049 on 17/5/2006 at 09:53

Can you get a bus from bangkok to siem reap? If so how long does it take and how much would it cost? ...

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Travelers Visas

Posted by Sunny5049 on 17/5/2006 at 09:26

If we get a travelers visa for southeast asia how much does it cost and what countries can we get into with it? ...

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Cambodia launches e-visa

Posted by somtam2000 on 2/5/2006 at 14:00

The Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has recently launched an e-Visa programme that enables travellers to apply for their Cambodian visas online. With this new service, applicants are able to obtain a visa in 3 days, with just a few clicks. To apply for an e-Visa, applicants need to have a passport valid for at least 6 months, a recent passport size photo (JPEG/PNG format) and a valid credit card (Visa/Mastercard). The visa costs US$20 and there is a $5 p ...

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Vietnam visa in Samui?

Posted by clush on 1/5/2006 at 16:31

Hi there. Am just wondering if it is possible to get a visa for Vietnam while staying in Ko Samui for a few days, as I want to bypass Bangkok. ...

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Can I get Cambodia & Laos visas in Bangkok?

Posted by googookevin on 29/4/2006 at 10:47

hey~ I was wondering is it possible for me to get Cambodia & Laos visas in Bangkok? Where can I get these visas? If I get them in advance, I can exempt from the chaos and bribes-taking thing, right? Kevin ...

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