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Proof of leaving within 30 days?

Posted by SannieG on 22/11/2013 at 13:43

Hello there, I am Sanne and I am from the Netherlands. I have booked my flight to Thailand in January and have my return flight in April. Obviously I am going to travel within these three months, I will head to Laos after one week in Thailand already. After that my plans are not made yet as I will travel backpacker stilo. But after my intense research I still can not find the answer to my one big question: I need proof that I will be leaving Thailand within 30 days, which I will but I heard the ...

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30 days overland Visa-exemption received today

Posted by somanights on 13/11/2013 at 10:45

Hi - did a thai Visa run today over the Myanmar border at Mae Sai. Much to our great surprise, we were given until 12 December, not the 15 days we were expecting. This happened with both me and my girlfriend, both UK passport holders. Was this an aberration, or have we missed something, or what? Everything we've read says 15 days, including signage at the border. Also: we don't actually plan to use 13 days, just extending briefly to enjoy Loi Krathong. If we return next year as planned, will t ...

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Satellite phone use permitted in Vietnam and Cambodia?

Posted by dramktg on 11/11/2013 at 13:24

Are there limitations to the ownership and use of a satellite phone for personal use in Vietnam and Cambodia, such as those that exist in India? ...

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Thailand visa - multiple entries

Posted by Eruve on 18/6/2012 at 00:50

Hi! I have a question regarding visa in Thailand. I'm planning a trip to southeast asia this fall, I will arrive in Bangkok as first stop where i will stay for a couple of days. I then intend to continue my trip to Indonesia and be there for a month or two. After this i plan to go back to Thailand for a month or two. My questions is how will the Visa be affected by this? If i have understood it correctly i get a 30 day visa at arrival as long as i have evidence i will go out of the country wit ...

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Trat to koh kong costs and routes to PP

Posted by nicklamport on 30/10/2013 at 11:27

I am going to cross the border from Thailand (Hat Lek) to Koh Kong in Cambodia on way to Phnom Penh and according to the Tourism Cambodia website it says to take a songthaw from Trat to Klong Yai, then another to Hat Lek, then after crossing (alreAdy have visa, read about the scams/extra payments etc) it says take a moto to Koh Kong and from there express boat to Sihanoukville to get to PP. My questions are 1) anybody done the trip recently and know it what costs roughly for the two song ...

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Extending 15 day overland visa exemption in Thailand

Posted by surferRosa on 23/11/2009 at 19:01

I wanted to find out if I could get a tourist visa or somehow extend my overland 15 day visa exemption from within Thailand. I found similar questions but no definitive answers on this venerable website, so I decided to go to the immigration office in Bangkok to see for myself, here's what I found out. Of course, if this question has been answered somewhere then please delete the post. Basically you can get a 7 day extension on the 15 day overland exemption, costing you 1,900 baht, and th ...

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30 day Visa Philippines

Posted by alexlosmanos on 20/10/2013 at 01:45

Dear fellow travellers We are currently planning a trip to Philippines and saw in that a 30 day visa on arrival is now issued instead of the former 21 day visa. Does anybody has already has been issued the 30 day visa on arrival or is in practice still the old 21 days issued? Thanks in advance! Alexander ...

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How long can I stay in Kawthaung without a visa?

Posted by altmtl on 5/10/2013 at 18:04

I would need to do a visa run via Ranong - if I don't go to Malaysia (Penang) for Chinese New year - and as it is CNY on Jan. 31st - the day my 60 day Thai visa expires - I'm just looking at options - as I have a double entry visa for Thailand I need at least a day or two out of the country before coming back. I was planning to go to KL and Malacca also but I know it will be very busy around this time. Although I'd stay at least 2 weeks if I did that. Can I stay in Kawthaung and around for ...

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Vietnam to Laos by Bus Question

Posted by Spasmic on 15/8/2013 at 02:10

Hey there, Just joined the site. I am 2.5 months into a year ish backpacking journey in SE Asia and have a quick question. I have been in Vietnam for over two months now and am about to cross from Vietnam to Laos. I am currently in Sapa and assume I have to go to Hanoi. Do you have any recommendations BC I haven't found much but also haven't bothered w a travelers agency yet. What's the best city to leave from in Vietnam and go to Laos? Also which border crossing has the least scams th ...

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ONE WAY ticket to Thailand?

Posted by RC2012 on 9/7/2012 at 05:49

Hey, I've booked a 1 way ticket arriving BKK in Aug, I've gone 1 way as I have enough money saved and not planning anything until im there, I will also be getting the 30 day visa on arrival - Has anyone done this recently on a 1 way ticket from the UK? I have spoke to my airline who said if I can prove I have sufficient funds I will be fine with a 1 way ticket even without onwards travel however the Thai embassy told me I wont be allowed to board the plane without proof of onwards travel? My fri ...

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multi entry visas for Laos and Cambodia

Posted by traceej on 6/8/2013 at 23:24

Hi all, I am planning a trip to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. I want to fly into Hanoi, then to Laos, Cambodia and back to Saigon, then I will be meeting my brother and I want to fly back to Cambodia, Laos and then fly home out of Hanoi. Is it possible with Laos and Cambodian visas to fly in and out twice in a two month period? any help would be much appreciated ...

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Thailand to Laos overland from Ko Pha Ngan

Posted by tuck60 on 18/7/2013 at 08:22

Hi, in Thailand at the moment and was wondering of anyone could help with the best and cheapest way to get into Laos from Ko Pha Ngan? Cheers. ...

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Lao to Vietnam border crossing on motorbike

Posted by Bennyshorter on 28/6/2013 at 08:34

Does anyone no if it is possible to take a motorbike across the border from Lao to Vietnam? I got the bike in Lao with Lao papers but want to ride Vietnam to Cambodia and can't find any info about the borders. Any feedback would be appreciated. ...

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Battambang to Bangkok

Posted by denzil71 on 10/3/2013 at 19:24

has anyone done this recently? Most info I can find regarding this seems to be at least 2 years out of date. The travel section for Battambang does suggest that there is an aircon bus to Bangkok daily but leaves at midday. I already have a Visa (2nd entry of a 2 entry visa) so that part isn't a problem. any info would be appreciated - thanks ...

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Will I have any trouble?

Posted by UnMonk on 4/5/2013 at 23:00

My situation is a little odd. I will be arriving in Singapore on a military flight. I will then travel through malaysia (on train) to Thailand. Spend some time on Ko Tao, and then bangkok, and then train back to singapore to wait for the next military flight. (Will also be in korea and japan, but they are used to military travel) I know you are "supposed" to have proof of travel, but with military flights, that is impossible. Will I have any trouble with border crossings, or do you ...

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Can I travel via land boarder from Malaysia to Thailand with a Tourist 30 day visa?

Posted by eflaherty on 4/5/2013 at 09:59

Can I travel via land boarder from Malaysia to Thailand with a Tourist 30 day visa, which I will get from KL? Thanks Emily ...

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Visa on arrival 30 days to 60 day visa - ADVICE NEEDED.

Posted by lunar_angelic on 22/4/2013 at 04:18

Hello, Boggling my mind with all the posts so excuse any ignorance this post may have! We have a 30 day entry stamp as we came into Bangkok by air. We've recently decided we want to stay here after staying with our friends and are currently job hunting. Until we get our work permit, we will need to do a visa run. I've found an agency 'Jack's Golf' that offers the 60 day visa for 7600baht including everything. Does this seem reasonable/legit to you guys? Is there a quicker/easier/cheaper way to ...

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Need visa for China in Vietnam

Posted by fourdots on 15/4/2011 at 20:54

I am thoroughly confused about getting a visa for china from Vietnam (Australian passports) as I have read differing information on where, when, how etc. Can I get visas for my family in Hanoi or only HCMC? Do we have to send our passports all the way from Hanoi to HCMC for processing? How much should they cost? I read something about getting visas at the border near Sapa - anyone know? Wouldn't like to chance it with 2 kids in tow. Would it be better to leave the country and try to get a Chin ...

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Turning a Thai tourist visa into a Thai work visa?

Posted by gannongm on 27/3/2013 at 10:12

Hello! I'm a U.S. citizen currently in Thailand on a 60 day tourist visa that I obtained before entering the country. I've been offered a job in Thailand and I understand that it is supposed to be illegal to take up any form of paid work while here as a 'tourist'. Is there some way for me to get a non-immigrant work visa without first returning to the U.S.? ...

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Indonesian Visa

Posted by SBKM on 27/3/2013 at 10:28

Hello lovely travelfishers, A quick question if you don't mind. The two of us have recently got our 60 day tourist visas for Indonesia and will be flying to Bali on the 4th April, returning to KL on the 10th May. We have made a last minute decision to see the orangutans in Sumatra - Will there be any visa issues if we go back to Indonesia from KL after the 10th May? I'm assuming our 60 day will no longer be valid as it is probably single entry,however would we be able to get a Visa On Arrival ...

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