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Contact us

If you need to get in touch, see below, though please note that individual travel planning requests and questions are best posted to the forum.

To contact us, please email us at helpdesk (at) This will create an automatic reply to your email which answers many of the more common questions people run past us. We may respond individually if the automatic email doesn’t answer your question.

Please note, we are not a travel agent and cannot contact resorts on your behalf. Travelfish is an information resource to help you plan your trip.

Any reservations made through the Travelfish website are made through our reservation partners, including Agoda and—we do not handle reservations directly.

For general travel enquiries, please slap your question into the Travelfish forum—you’re far more likely to get useful answers there (and faster too) than by asking us.

You can also find us blathering away on Twitter at