Photo: Just another beach on Koh Rong.

Eat and meet

Almost every guesthouse has its own restaurant on Koh Rong, with varying menus, quality and prices on offer. Koh Rongers tend to get a little excitable what places have to offer, and who can blame them; they’ve been living on an island for possibly a little too long and that’s bound to have its effects.

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To that end, Da Matti was universally given RAVE reviews by everyone we met, and we did like it a lot, especially the location on the pier, the vibe, which is more relaxed than a sleeping cat, and the food was good too. We’re not sure if it was rave-ably good, but it was definitely good.

Pasta at Da Matti.

Pasta at Da Matti. Photo: Nicky Sullivan

Another place that got RAVE reviews, which we were unable to try, was Sigin — which you’ll find on the left about 50 metres up the little lane beside Dreamcatcher — where reportedly spectacular Thai food is turned out when the owner/chef is in town and in the right frame of mind. We considered bribery, but thought that we shouldn’t be contributing to that particular Cambodian specialty. We’re going to include it anyway, largely because of the way everyone’s eyes lit up whenever it was mentioned.

Koh Lanta offers 24-hour pizzas, pancakes and ice-cream in an incongruously, white-walled setting, which made you feel weirdly clean. You don’t often get to feel like that on Koh Touch Beach. Bong’s claim they make the best burgers on Koh Touch Beach, a bold claim and one that is contested by Vagabond’s virtually next door, whose sign says they make the best fucking burgers on Koh Touch Beach. A very bold claim. We only got to try the Bong’s one, though did contemplate asking Vagabonds for a breakfast burger on the morning we left, but chickened out. We did enjoy Bongs’ offering though, which mixed beef and pork to give a much juicier burger than you often get in Cambodia and then, per our request, whacked a load of jalapeño pepper on top and blow our mouths off. We will let you decide what you think of Vagabonds, which we hear is just as good. We also enjoyed a good meal while on Adventure Adam’s boat trip.

Adventure Adam's boat trip lunch.

Adventure Adam's boat trip lunch. Photo: Nicky Sullivan

The top drinking spot has to be Sky Bar, because it is literally on top of all of the others, built into the hill that wends up behind Koh Touch with huge views across the bay, and over to Koh Rong Samloem. Down below, Coco’s and Bunna’s Place are the party bars, while Bongs, Q Bar and Vagabonds aim to offer a more laidback vibe. Bongs and Coco’s Resort often have live music, with Bong’s offering more rock and Coco’s more party-type music. Dream Catch Inn does a beautiful range of breakfasts, including a veggie brekkie, eggs Benedict, omelettes, and a divine-sounding “eggsotic”, which has a baguette topped with caramelised onion, tomato, cheese, poached eggs and a side of pesto sauce. Further down the beach, Monkey Island is party of the Monkey chain that takes pride in serving up good quality, generously portioned home cooking. We’re also told their WiFi is the best along here, though didn’t check it.

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