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Eat and meet


It’s a vast area and you won’t struggle to find basic Indonesian food at most of the beaches. Resorts can be home to exceptional meals as well. Here are a few of the better spots that grabbed our fancy.

Single Fin
Uluwatu overlooking the beach

The cocktails are a fraction of the price you’ll pay at five-star resorts offering similar views – the 65,000 rupiah mojito wasn’t too strong but it hit the spot as the sun settled into the horizon, surfers jostled for position and a Japanese bride and groom had their wedding snaps taken on a little nearby tower. The pizzas we suspect are made with frozen bases, but the location and price... Read our full review of Single Fin.

Buddha Soul
Jalan Labuan Sait, Padang Padang

They sent out our chicken and mango salad without the chicken, for instance, but the meals when right were absolutely delicious, with an emphasis on fresh and healthy produce, and the servings extremely generous. Tofu makes an interesting appearance in the cheesecakes and chocolate mousse here -- the kids loved it! Eat indoors in air-con and endure the TV or sit out the back or front under... Read our full review of Buddha Soul.

Kat's Kitchen
Jalan Raya Uluwatu 132
T: (0361) 272 8600

The menu boasts a full range of Thai specialities at good prices covering both lunch and dinner. When travelling in a northerly direction along Jalan Uluwatu, it is 500m past the turnoff to Balangan on the left. This is the place to come for Thai food on the Bukit. Our only criticism: poorly taken photographs on the menu, which make the food look unappetising and detract from an otherwise special... Read our full review of Kat's Kitchen.

Cafe Moka

The croissants are among the best you’ll find in Bali (though that’s rather a low bar) and the baguettes are definitely not of the quality found in France, but they are certainly worth a try. The air-con internal space is usually crowded at lunch time, so it’s best to time your visit to avoid the... Read our full review of Cafe Moka.

Yeye's Warung
Padang Padang

It’s an impressively designed restaurant for this part of Bali and is spread across a number of relaxing individual pavilions and one large main one. Adding to the ambience is the beautiful lighting and decent music — it really is a nice place to just sit! The food is diverse and has many of the usual combos such as local food, pizza and Thai. It’s a mixed bag that amazingly works and it’s... Read our full review of Yeye's Warung.

Surfer's Warung

It’s a typical surfer hangout with pool table, surf videos on the massive flat screen TV and a decent bar for talking rubbish with your mates. The food is a mix of pizza, pasta, Mexican and burgers and they do a very commendable job of producing tasty meals at good prices. A great place to hang... Read our full review of Surfer's Warung.

Finn’s Beach Club
Jalan Pantai Selatan Gau, Uluwatu
T: (0361) 848 2111

We’re all for enjoying simple days beachside in Bali and love it when we can just be left alone to soak up the rays and dip in the thundering surf. Usually we’re partial to doing it on the cheap — think swim, sand and nasi goreng at Balangan for instance — but sometimes it’s worth splurging for a special day of beachside bliss. If you’ve got beach and lux on the mind, Finn’s Beach... Read our full review of Finn’s Beach Club.

El Kabron Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club
Jl Pantai Cemongkak, Pecatu Bali
T: (0361) 780 3416

Seeking out cliffside El Kabron on Bali’s Bukit might take a bit of time, but the reward of incredible views, delicious classic Spanish cuisine, a chilled swimming pool and comfy bean bags makes the journey more than... Read our full review of El Kabron Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club.

Trattoria Uluwatu
In front of Pink Coco Hotel, Padang Padang
T: (0361) 822 7741

We ate here within a few days of their opening, and the staff were still working out how to pull it all together, but the full breakfasts were generously-sized and delicious, with the coffee definitely on the jerk-you-awake-with-a-shock end of the caffeine spectrum. This is another good alternative among the sudden mushrooming of restaurants in the... Read our full review of Trattoria Uluwatu.

Padang Padang

Be wary of any restaurant serving any dishes in half pineapples or coconuts is generally a mantra worth living life by. The food is a touch sweet and not quite as spicy as it could be if you’re a strict Thai traditionalist, but it’s tasty enough for what it is. The open-air restaurant is nevertheless pretty and prices are reasonable. We enjoyed our appetisers -- the fish cakes and spring rolls --... Read our full review of Ulu's.

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