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Eat and meet


While warungs dot the Canggu area, the focus on the foreigner end of the food chain is on higher end eateries, both in fancy restaurants and within the resorts.

Cafe Canggu
Jalan Pantai Berawa

Cafe Canggu is breezy and comfortable, with prompt friendly staff and in the heat of the day makes for a welcome respite. Organic produce is used where possible and a gamut of generously-sized dishes is available. Overall this café represents very good value in the Berawa Canggu area and free Wifi is an added sweetener. Prices are... Read our full review of Cafe Canggu.

Deli Campur Asia
17 Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu
T: (0361) 886 8787

Deli Campur Asia is a breezy little cafe on Canggu’s burgeoning Jalan Pantai Berawa strip between the Canggu Club and Raya Canggu, offering a small but delicious range of Asian dishes with a Japanese emphasis, plus coffees and other good... Read our full review of Deli Campur Asia.

Jalan Pantai Berawa 44
T: 0819 3621 6983

Bali’s Canggu Club, with its plantation style fans and vast sports fields, isn’t exactly a backpacker mecca. But a cluster of interesting little cafes on the street that runs just to the north of the club might be more in tune with what independent travellers are looking for in Bali once they’ve exhausted their nasi goreng and babi guling fixes at the more local-style... Read our full review of Butter.

Betelnut Cafe
Jalan Batubolong No. 60, Canggu, Bali
T: (082) 146 807 233

It can be a challenge to find a cafe or restaurant in Bali combining healthy food with delicious Balinese flavours, but Betelnut Cafe, in Bali’s Canggu on the way to Echo beach, does an excellent job of doing precisely this, in colourful, relaxed... Read our full review of Betelnut Cafe.

Jalan Pantai Berawa 35 A Canggu
T: (0361) 844 6567

Set in a gorgeous space — Bali meets Morroco meets shabby chic — new combined homewares shop and cafe Bungalow in Bali’s Canggu is a great stop for a coffee and browse for a tasteful Bali souvenir. Either as an atmospheric cafe alone or as a shop selling interesting curios it would be worth a stop, but combined Bungalow is a significant addition to the Jalan Pantai Berawa area worth going... Read our full review of Bungalow.

Indotopia Warung Vietnam
Jalan Pantai Berawa 34, Tegal Gundul, Tibubeneng
T: (0878) 6200 7632

While Indotopia Warung Vietnam & Indonesia in Canggu looks somewhat more glamorous than your average Bali warung, with pretty chairs and dangly things and a very clean, open kitchen, it’s not going to win any design awards. This is a simple, open-t0-the-street affair, with a basic garden courtyard at the rear. Decor doesn’t matter too much, however, as it churns out some of the island’s... Read our full review of Indotopia Warung Vietnam.

Green Ginger Noodle House
Jalan Pantai Brawa 46
T: (0361) 844 6640

Quite a few little cafes are starting to pop up in the Canggu area around the expat-popular Canggu Club, but all-vegetarian Green Ginger Noodle House, which has been open for quite a while now and is cute beyond cute, is worth seeking out for something a bit different if you’re staying in the area (somewhere like Desa Seni, for... Read our full review of Green Ginger Noodle House.

Deus Cafe
Jalan Batu Mejan 8, Canggu
T: (0361) 368 3385

If you’re looking for something to do on the way to or from Echo Beach, or simply for an excuse to go for a jaunt somewhere in Canggu, the Bali branch of Australia’s Deus Ex Machina is perfect. Its Bali “Temple of Enthusiasm” sits amid green paddy in lush gardens, offering up a cafe, a retail outlet, and all sorts of magical stuff — ok, surfboard- and motorbike-making in its complex of... Read our full review of Deus Cafe.

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