Photo: Late light on Lembongan.

Eat and meet

Jungut Batu

Jungut Batu has a reasonable selection of eateries, front cheap warungs to quite fancy restaurants. Note the places on the headland are overpriced.

Indiana Kenanga
Jungut Batu Beach 56
T: (0366) 559 371

You can certainly eat well on a tight budget on Nusa Lembongan, but you can also successfully indulge in haute cuisine — you know, fancy food — at prices that are very good value by Western standards. The top spot to head on the island, we heard, is Ylang Ylang at Indiana Kenanga, which boasts chef/owner Clement Fouquere, a Frenchman who has worked at a string of Parisian fancypants... Read our full review of Indiana Kenanga.

A good place to eat on Nusa Lembongan: Warung Bambu

The silence is deafening, up here on the north of Nusa Lembongan. Further around to the east, where the surf thunders on the offshore reef, the constant hum could be drowning out anything. But here it’s just the occasional motorbike zipping past, the crunch of a seaweed farmer’s feet on the sand as she walks out to check on her harvest; the cries of children flying a kite. It’s a world away... Read our full review of A good place to eat on Nusa Lembongan: Warung Bambu.

Warung Boemboe Bali
Jungut Batu

It offers the usual suspects of Western and Indonesian food and also has a pretty solid vegetarian section. Another table waxed lyrical about tofu balls they'd had the previous night (we had to enquire what a tofu ball was much to our embarrasment — only to be told it is a ball of tofu). Food is very cheap — this was one of the cheapest roadside warungs we tried and it is also... Read our full review of Warung Boemboe Bali.

Jhony's and Wayan Coffee Shop
Jungut Batu near the headland

With both garden and indoor seating, real coffee and a bunch of Western and Indonesian light meals, this isn't a bad off-the beach option. WiFi is free if you spend over 50,000 rupiah, otherwise there is a nominal charge. Friendly and... Read our full review of Jhony's and Wayan Coffee Shop.

Scooby Doo
Beachfront, Jungut Batu

Also good are the side salads, the pizzas however, less so. It's really pretty typical tourist fare here, but the beachside setting and free WiFi (it actually works here!) and music make it noteworthy and bring in a pretty steady stream of customers. One more junk food hit? The french fries are great. Accommodation is also... Read our full review of Scooby Doo.

Ketut's Warung
Jungut Batu

After deciding there was already enough Indonesian restaurants, Ketut did a Thai-cooking course and this is the result. It's certainly not what you'll get on a Bangkok soi, but Lembongan is a long way from Bangkok. The food is good and Ketut's quite a character. One long common table for all the customers can lead to raucous evenings. Worth a... Read our full review of Ketut's Warung.

Warung 99 Meal House
Jungut Batu

Dishes are mostly simple Indonesian fare — the servings are generous and the prices very reasonable. Popular with both locals and tourists and the warung is just a short walk back from the... Read our full review of Warung 99 Meal House.

Warung Relax
Jungut Batu waterfront

What you get here is very simple: back to basics Indonesian fare at back to basics prices. Not worth a trek across the Bali Sea for, but if you're in the area and want to dodge the tourist restaurants, then this is the place you're after. Pick up some takeaway before jumping on the boat back to... Read our full review of Warung Relax.

The Deck
Outside Batu Karang, Jungut Batu headland

I’ll be honest: I’m a sucker for expensive cocktails, even when I know cheaper places are nearby. So on Nusa Lembongan, after a visit to the spa at Batu Karang, I couldn’t go past a stop at The Deck, its attached gleaming panini and cocktail place. Located right next to the path running along the headland of Jungkut Batu, it makes for a good spot of... Read our full review of The Deck.

Warung Made
Jungut Batu

Open for breakfast through to dinner, the menu here had a fairly solid collection of typical Asian one-plate dishes, and there's also a nod to some typical Western comfort food. Cheap prices, and makes a good alternative to eating in your hotel.... Read our full review of Warung Made.

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Mushroom Bay

Nusa Lembongan's best swimming beach also has some good spots for a meal. Best of all the views are free.

Cafe Bali
Mushroom Bay Beach

Prices are very reasonable given the setting and this is easily the best place to eat on the beach. We had an exceptional tuna dish here, so exceptional we forgot the name of it! Good for an evening splurge, though watch out for the frozen creme brulee — we think they whipped ours up and stuck in the freezer for 10 minutes before serving it to us, so it was more slightly chilled custard.... Read our full review of Cafe Bali.

Alam Nusa
Mushroom Bay village

The menu is pretty comprehensive, both for lunch and dinner and, if you happen to have caught or speared some fish, they'll happily cook it up for you. Especially friendly staff, though it would be great if they were to expand the music collection to beyond Bob... Read our full review of Alam Nusa.

Mushroom Bay village

Tradition aside, the food was good and very well-priced. There are not all that many places worth recommending to eat around Mushroom Bay, but this is one of them and it is just a short five minute walk from the beach. Friendly though slow service. Cheap accommodation is also available... Read our full review of Adi's.

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Western Nusa Lembongan

There are a handful of places scattered across the western bays and viewpoints. There are some of the better ones.

Seaweed Lounge (next to Beach club)
Next door to Beach Club, Sandy Bay
T: (0828) 9700 6027

While the menu claims that they're Soon to be famous, we wouldn't be holding our breath on a quick resolution on that particular claim, though the prices are right and the food is pretty decent for beachside snacks. Offers a free pick up (and delivery) service, which is well worth availing yourself of. With a boat for a bar in the middle of the restaurant and a few hammocks strung around,... Read our full review of Seaweed Lounge (next to Beach club).

Beach Club at Sandy Bay
Sandy Bay, Nusa Lembongan
T: (0828) 9700 5656

They offer a free pickup service, which makes it an easy choice for a pleasant half-day by the pool or surf away from the crowds. The pool is modest, but then so is the pretty cove it looks out over, and it does the job with a dozen loungers looking out to sea. Meals are modern international fare -- we can recommend the Caesar salad with prawns. Sit at a table with your feet in the sand or on... Read our full review of Beach Club at Sandy Bay.

Warung Sunrise
Overlooking the Ceningan Strait

Perched on the edge of the channel between Lembongan and Ceningan, this is an ideal vantage point to watch the seaweed harvesting and cultivation — as boring as it may sound, it can be very photogenic. Food is very basic Indonesian fare along with a few drinks. Low prices and a steady supply of trashy Australian... Read our full review of Warung Sunrise.

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Where to next?

Where are you planning on heading to after Nusa Lembongan? Here are some spots commonly visited from here, or click here to see a full destination list for Indonesia.

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