Photo: Sanur beach scenes.

Eat and meet

Sanur beach

Sanur has a pleasant boardwalk that runs its entire length. Much of it backs onto cafes and restaurants and these are some of the better ones.

Made Weti's
Just off Sanur beach, Jalan Ayu Segara (on left as leaving beach)

Made Weti’s is a great local Sanur warung that’s been serving up a Balinese version of Indonesia’s famed nasi campur, or mixed dishes with steamed white rice, for around 25 years. Ibu Weti knows her... Read our full review of Made Weti's .

Pantai Indah Seafood
Beachfront, just north of Hyatt

Bali is famous for its glitzy bars with menus awash in martinis and umbrella-festooned drinks, but one of our favourite local spots is Pantai Indah Seafood (we just call it “the shack”). It’s little more than a few planks of wood and long roughly-hewn tables right on the sands of Sanur... Read our full review of Pantai Indah Seafood.

Bonsai Cafe
Sanur Beach

Their secret weapon is their large bonsai garden out the back — tell the kids there are fairies living among the trees and they may be entertained for a while. Their coffee is not very good, the food slightly better — the menu is typical international fare, with a few Indonesian dishes thrown in, which are not too badly priced compared to the hotels along the beachfront. When we last ordered... Read our full review of Bonsai Cafe.

Warung Mak Beng
Just off the beach on Jalan Hang Tuah

Warung Mak Beng in Bali’s Sanur is a one-dish restaurant that draws in the hungry locals, domestic visitors and occasional traveller by the table-ful. For 28,000 rupiah, you’ll get a fried, meaty piece of ikan laut goreng — in this case snapper steak — with a wonderful smoked sambal and kaffir lime on the side, fish head (or vegetable) soup and a plate of... Read our full review of Warung Mak Beng.

Cafe Treo
Mertasari Beach
T: (0361) 921 8588

The humble kitchen turns out unexpected dishes such as vegetarian Californian rolls, avocado salad and very decent margaritas, all at very good prices. The decor is nothing special, and the spot is nestled in among an array of similar looking places, but this is the spot for a really good, cheap meal at this end of the... Read our full review of Cafe Treo.

Tratoria Cafe
Beachfront (outside Griya Santrian)

A small menu of thin-based pizzas and Japanese food allows staff to focus on getting these dishes right and ensures freshness of produce. A few desserts are also on offer such as tiramisu and cheesecake. This is a popular spot right on the beach, is operated by the very respectable Griya Santrian Hotel and represents pretty good... Read our full review of Tratoria Cafe.

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Sanur off the beach

While Sanur Beach is lined with tourist orientated eateries, there are also plenty of good spots off the beach along and around Jalan Danau Tamblingan.

Warung Little Bird
Jalan Danau Tamblingan 34
T: (0815) 5819 5445

Food is simple traveller standards with a mix of Indonesian and international dishes on offer, but the quality is good and prices very reasonable. Come the evening there is a bit of a traveller vibe to it, and occasional live entertainment in the evening rounds out a pretty good deal. Motorbikes and bicycles also available for... Read our full review of Warung Little Bird.

Jalan Danau Tamblingan 228
T: (0361) 288 942

The menu is wide-ranging and very well priced, featuring antipasti, soups, pastas, vegetables, fish and meat dishes and good desserts — the ice cream booth out front has a million and one flavours, or at least it feels like that if you're there with a three-year-old who is trying to choose just one. A good kids' menu, colouring crayons and high chairs will keep little ones happy. Alcohol is... Read our full review of Massimo.

La Tartine
Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai 209
T: (0361) 286 542

It's sort of like Biku in Seminyak, but with quite a different menu. Attached to the hotel Puri Tempo Doeloe, the restaurant still never seems to get too busy, though this doesn't detract from the atmosphere at all. Their speciality is open-faced sandwiches, which are given imaginative names on a menu that's quite lengthy for a restaurant of its relatively small size. One highlight is their eggs... Read our full review of La Tartine.

Jalan Danau Tamblingan 110
T: (0361) 281 682

Their custom-blend caramel-y brew hits the spot perfectly, as do their great breakfasts (the Recovery, a bacon and egg sandwich with barbecue or tomato sauce, is excellent for a, well, have a guess). At lunchtime the wraps and salads are excellent, while they also offer light dinners — think pies, burgers and pasta). Great baked goods if you're craving a classic lemon or caramel slice, but our... Read our full review of Porch.

Manik Organik
Jalan Danau Tamblingan 85
T: (0361) 855 3380

This is the spot to head if you have any sort of allergies, as they'll pay attention to what you say you can or can't eat — or if you just like no-fuss, delicious food. Sit in air-con inside, or pull up a chair at one of the tables on the veranda, but enjoy free WiFi at either. Great smoothies, energy balls, chocolate beetroot slice, and in particular excellent sandwiches. If you're in the mood... Read our full review of Manik Organik.

Cafe Batujimbar
Danau Tamblingan No. 75A
T: (0361) 287 374

Sit in the fan-cooled wooden interior or outside under one of the signature red umbrellas. Meals are pricey for Sanur — particular their sandwiches — but the quality is good. The Batujimbar salad is excellent. This is one place to very safely try Indonesian food, such a plate of nasi campur or bubur ayam (though the price would no doubt make a street vendor faint). A small market sets up on... Read our full review of Cafe Batujimbar.

Arena Pub and Restaurant
Bypass Ngurah Rai 115
T: (0361) 287 255

It's a favourite hang for expatriates and local Indonesians alike, serving up a solid range of pub fare, though across a range of national cuisines, at very reasonable prices considering the quality. A good range of steaks in particular are served up, as well as burgers, cheese plates, pastas, salads and seafood... It's packed solid every evening despite its off-the-beach location on the busy... Read our full review of Arena Pub and Restaurant.

Maya's Coffee and Smoothie Bar
Jalan Pantai Sindhu

This is a tiny place with just a handful of tables and a bench for overflow — get in early! The free WiFi complements the modern feel of the shop and it's worth stopping by for a refreshment on your way to or from the beach, or just when the heat of the day just gets too much. Friendly staff, though they could really work to broaden their music collection a... Read our full review of Maya's Coffee and Smoothie Bar.

Gardenia Cafe
Jalan Mertasari

Located in the far south of Sanur, this clearly Western-run eatery serves a range of delicious desserts such as a towering lemon meringue pie (made from an old recipe from the 40s), cheesecake, banana and carrot cakes and apple pie. The menu also features all-day breakfast, pizzas and a bunch of different sandwiches, providing a pleasant alternative to some of the locally-run options in the area.... Read our full review of Gardenia Cafe.

Cafe Moka

It’s a difficult pursuit, finding a flaky, fresh croissant in Bali. It makes sense: croissants are not exactly indigenous cuisine and the foreign influence in Indonesia, where there’s any at all, is Dutch, not French. Yet some of us, usually with futile results, persist in... Read our full review of Cafe Moka.

Coffee on the bypass in Sanur

Bali’s Ngurah Rai bypass — stretching from Nusa Dua past the airport, skirting Kuta, Sanur and then, well, we’re not quite sure where it officially ends — can feel like a bit of a wasteland at times (you know, when it’s not slicing through mangroves). If you are using it to get from say the airport to Ubud, Sanur’s probably about half way, and you may be in need of a coffee break.... Read our full review of Coffee on the bypass in Sanur.

Japanese food in Sanur

Japanese cuisine is fairly easy to find in Bali, and Sanur on the southeast coast has a good selection of places, from the newish and sleek-lined on the beach through to a few old standards where the emphasis is on... Read our full review of Japanese food in Sanur.

Ice Cream in Sanur

Technically, even though it’s always pretty hot in Bali, it’s summer time now — so you have an even better excuse to indulge in a scoop of ice cream or three while you’re here. Yes it’s not hardy travel, this eating ice cream business, I’ll grant you that. Still, ice cream. Ice.... Read our full review of Ice Cream in Sanur .

Eating at Sanur night market

Sanur’s night market recently underwent a refurbishment of sorts, and the outcome is a much more spacious and even organised affair. But the same old warungs in the food section continue to plate their specialties from around the Indonesian... Read our full review of Eating at Sanur night market.

Putih Pino
Jalan Karang Sari, about 20 metres from Jalan Danau Tamblingan, south of the Hyatt
T: (0361) 287 889

Be warned though that the coffee is not so good and the set breakfast arrangement annoying — head here instead if you're in the mood for lemon tart or an excellent Japanese-style salad. The cafe is notable for its pretty ceramic tiles and cute design, with a few knick-knacks available for sale as well. There's free WiFi and the staff are... Read our full review of Putih Pino.

Kopi Bali
Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 405
T: (0361) 270 990

It's a popular spot for Indonesian guides to drop off Japanese couples they are showing around, as well as local Indonesians and Westerners. As you'd hope their name suggests, the coffee is excellent, from their simple cappucino through to a huge range of fancy iced ones. We're a big fan of their frozen green tea which comes with bubble tea-style bubbles but is far too easy to drink in 60 seconds... Read our full review of Kopi Bali.

Corner Jalan Danau Tamblingan and Jalan Pantai Karang
T: (0361) 289 361

Enjoy free WiFi and a good Scandinavian-influenced menu and excellent coffee, though their rosella ice tea is a great caffeine-free option. We love their Swedish meatball and pickled beetroot with mayonnaise open sandwiches, and their nachos are a good light snack as well. Indoors can get a little warm if the air-conditioners are off, but outdoors is breezier. Recommended. And pop across the road... Read our full review of Smorga's.

Warung Pak Kodi and Bu Nyemplo
Gang Harum No. 10, off Jalan Sekuta, Sanur, Bali
T: (0361) 289 230

Pak Kodi’s is an out-of-the-way, old-style neighbourhood warung serving up nasi campur babi guling made on site, with lawar on the side — and it’s the lawar in particular that this place is locally famed for. Lawar is a Balinese salad typically served for ceremonies; it’s made of minced meat with various Balinese spices and, classically, fresh blood; if you’re looking to try a genuine... Read our full review of Warung Pak Kodi and Bu Nyemplo.

Gateway of India
Jalan Danau Tamblingan

Set on a bend of Danau Tamblingan, the setting at Gateway of India is a little on the dull side as it's not very well lit and never seems to be all that busy, but that's fine with us as it means their delivery service is all the faster! Prices are above average (especially given the setting), but the food is good, the serving sizes quite generous and the staff always very... Read our full review of Gateway of India.

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