Photo: Offerings at Tirta Empul, Ubud.

Eat and meet

Jalan Raya Ubud

This is the main drag through central Ubud and has a good range of places to choose from. Best known of which is Ibu Okas. Traffic noise and crowds can be an issue.

Seniman Coffee Studio
#5 Jalan Sriwedari, Ubud
T: (0812) 3607 6640

If you love coffee, a stop at Seniman during an Ubud stay is essential. All beans are graded and roasted in-house and all espressos are actually double ristrettos, so you know you’re getting the very best, smoothest brew around. But the vibe here is also chilled out, so you may well want to hang out for a while here to use the speedy WiFi, even if you’re jumping out of your skin after a... Read our full review of Seniman Coffee Studio.

Hujan Locale
Jln Sri Wedari 5, Ubud
T: (0813) 3972 0306

While the menu at breezy, rustic Hujan Locale serves up pan-Asian fare, the focus is on using fresh local Bali produce. The Will Meyrick restaurant following on from Sarong, Mamasan and the E&O Jakarta delivers on dishes following its sisters' established tradition of deep flavours and gorgeous... Read our full review of Hujan Locale.

Casa Luna
Jalan Raya Ubud
T: (0361) 973 282

The menu is extensive and has a good selection of Balinese specialities, Western standards and freshly baked cakes. Of particular note is the lime tart with its lime curd filling and perfectly crumbly base. The coffee is also quite good and ranks better than most in town and certainly is head and shoulders above Starbucks across the road. Go for seating out the back to enjoy the elevated... Read our full review of Casa Luna.

Bar Luna
Below Casa Luna, Jalan Raya Ubud (opposite Puri Lukisan), Ubud
T: (0361) 971 605

Bar Luna is a cafe and bar serving delicious international fare and hosting a range of interesting arts and culture activities such as film screenings, literary panels and open mic nights. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for the latest happenings. The well trained baristas serve locally sourced Five Senses coffee while the bartenders whip up great cocktails and the cooks turn out quality... Read our full review of Bar Luna.

Bali Buda
Jalan Jembawan 1, Ubud
T: (0361) 299 467

The food here is delicious and the atmosphere super relaxed. It’s a great place for a healthy meal and competes with Kafe further to the south for the mantle of top health food cafe in Ubud. They try hard to make sure all produce is organic and chemical-free, and their food is made fresh daily. This means that you’ll sometimes find items not available on the menu due to the produce not being... Read our full review of Bali Buda.

Ary's Warung
Jalan Raya Ubud, Ubud
T: (0361) 975 959

The downstairs bar and lounge area of Ary’s Warung is a fantastic place to sip on a drink and nibble on bar snacks while relaxing and watching the world go by. On most afternoons and evenings you’ll find groups of people doing just that. There’s an extensive cocktail list, drinks are reasonably priced and we’ve always found the bar staff to be especially chatty and friendly. Upstairs is the... Read our full review of Ary's Warung.

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Jalan Monkey Forest

This is the heart of Ubud’s shopping scene with plenty of places to stay and even more to eat at. Food leans towards towards tourist fare but there are some good places lurking around.

Three Monkeys Cafe
Monkey Forest Rd, Ubud
T: (0361) 975 554

This is a great little spot to rest for coffee and cake, breakfast, or just a refreshing juice when making the long haul up Monkey Forest Road. The menu provides modern versions of café classics with little additions and twists throughout to take the boredom out of the same old sandwiches and pasta dishes. The seats at the back next to the fish pond are the best here as they are far... Read our full review of Three Monkeys Cafe.

Cinta Grill
Monkey Forest Road
T: (0361) 975 395

The menu features a large array of delicious barbequed meats and stir fries for dinner, sandwiches for lunch and creative American-style pancakes for breakfast. It’s a great place for people watching as a constant stream of tourists walk up and down this stretch searching for respite or their next shopping experience. Free WiFi is provided, the ginger fizz is a cracker and the happy hour... Read our full review of Cinta Grill.

Monkey Forest Road
T: (0361) 974 668

It’s been around for a long time serving high quality Balinese, Indonesian, Asian and international food to tourists and expats alike in a beautiful Made Wijaya-designed setting. There is a choice of sitting at the bar, in the garden, on the terrace or in air-conditioned comfort upstairs. A great way to enjoy this restaurant is to order a series of smaller dishes to share tapas style so you... Read our full review of Lamak.

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Jalan Hanoman and surrounds

This road runs parallel to Monkey Forest and has a fair range of places to eat at. At the southern end, past the intersection with Monkey Forest Rd, it becomes Jalan Pengosekan.

Warung Enak
Jalan Pengosekan
T: (0361) 972 911

So while many of the traditional flavours remain, you can be assured of high hygiene standards and presentation in a manner fit for a quality restaurant. Some of the dishes here are incredibly good value and it’s best to share a range of small plates among a number of people to get as diverse a range of foods as possible. For those wanting to try Indonesian food in a safe environment,... Read our full review of Warung Enak.

44B Jalan Hanoman, Ubud
T: (0361) 479 2078

Kafe serves up the kind of healthful food that is so well done that you don’t really notice it’s actually good for you. Set over two storeys in a rustic, somewhat rambling building filled with wooden tables and chairs plus raised platforms with cushions, this is a place to chill out over a natural soda, smoothie, extracted juice or a cardamom kopi. The food menu is extensive and enticing, and... Read our full review of Kafe.

Lada Warung
Jalan Hanoman

The décor at Lada Warung is upmarket and the presentation of the food is more in line with what one would expect in the West. Lada is cleaner, posher and more expensive than a traditional warung, but this makes it an ideal place for newcomers to Indonesia to dip their toes into the deep pool of Indonesian... Read our full review of Lada Warung.

Black Beach
Jalan Hanoman 5, Ubud
T: (0361) 971 353

Black Beach serves authentic Italian panini, slow-rising dough pizzas and pastas on the top floor of a building on Jalan Hanoman. The breeze at the top is cooling and the views are great as well. An international breakfast is served, followed by all their Italian specialities. The pizzas are tasty, with plenty of topping options (49,000-84,000 rupiah). They use imported produce where local... Read our full review of Black Beach.

Warung Sopa
Jalan Sugriwa
T: (0361) 276 5897

The food on display at Warung Sopa is presented in designer bowls as opposed to the finger-stained glass bowls you’re more likely to find at traditional roadside warungs. The main dish served here is vegetarian nasi campur which is essentially a mix of vegetarian dishes with some rice. They also offer a range of soya bean foods and other things for the health conscious. Free WiFi is also... Read our full review of Warung Sopa.

Ijolumut Warung
Jalan Sugriwa 14X
T: (0361) 970 471

On the menu are the usual nasi goreng and mie goreng, but also Western dishes such as chips. The reasoning behind opening a place such as this is a bit of a mystery to us, but whatever they were thinking, it is extremely cheap and offers free WiFi and we’re certainly not going to complain about... Read our full review of Ijolumut Warung.

Taco Casa 'n Grill
Jalan Raya Pengosekan
T: (0361) 212 3818

Located south of the centre of town, on Jalan Raya Pengosekan, there’s a choice of eating in the open-air restaurant or opting for the home delivery option -- they will deliver to your hotel room. While Mojo’s Flying Burritos has been the king of Mexican food in Ubud for a while now, Taco Casa ’n Grill is a stiff... Read our full review of Taco Casa 'n Grill.

Pizza Bagus
Jalan Raya Pengosekan
T: (0361) 978 520

It’s been in the Ubud area since 1996 and year after year delivers quality pizzas to the masses. There’s a choice of eat in or free delivery, so you don’t need to make the trek here if you don’t want to. The restaurant is air-con and is a pleasant place to sit and have a casual meal away from the hustle and bustle of central Ubud. Free WiFi is... Read our full review of Pizza Bagus.

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Jalan Dewi Sita

This road runs parallel and to the south of Jalan Raya Ubud, joining Monkey Forest and Hanoman Rds. Dewi Sita is home to some of the best eating in the area.

Slow food at Locavore
Jalan Dewi Sita, Ubud
T: (0361) 977 733

If you love food, it’s worth checking out ahead of your visit to Bali whether Slow Food Bali might be holding any events during your stay. One of their most popular gatherings is “Bringing Home the Bacon“, where Locavore chefs Eelke Plasmeijer and Ray Adriansyah demonstrate how to butcher (half) a pig then serve up (the other half of) the pig in 15 fabulous... Read our full review of Slow food at Locavore.

Jalan Dewi Sita, Ubud
T: (0361) 977 733

We reckon Locavore is one of the best restaurants in Bali, and quite probably one of the best in Southeast Asia. Serving up modern international cuisine with a focus on — you guessed it — local produce, their degustation menu is out of this world. If you’re in Bali and you love food, a visit here is absolutely... Read our full review of Locavore.

Locavore to Go
Jln Dewi Sita, Ubud
T: (0361) 977 733

What do you do when you’re one of Bali’s top restaurants and people are doing anything they can to get a table? Open up a sister branch serving deli-style fare just up the road to serve the hungry masses, that’s... Read our full review of Locavore to Go.

Juice Ja
Jalan Dewi Sita

It’s a much smaller menu than you’ll find at those other health-conscious cafes and the focus is on great juices, a few sandwiches and a couple of other dishes. It’s the simplicity that differentiates it and you’ll find that the clientele here are not as over-the-top either. The staff are friendly, the WiFi is free and the food and juices are... Read our full review of Juice Ja.

Dewa Warung
Jalan Goutama

The portions are large, so you can fill up after a long day touring the ricefields and feel as if you don’t need dessert. Even though Ubud has a massive range of great places to eat, few tourist favourites come close to this in terms of price and many budget travellers in Ubud will find this suits their budget very... Read our full review of Dewa Warung.

Jalan Dewi Sita
T: (0361) 975 754

Popular with residents, expats and tourists alike, it’s been providing top quality food and coffee for many years now and it’s still as good as ever. The menu is an eclectic mix of modern café food and upmarket Indonesian dishes that steers clear of the clichés of many tourist cafes throughout Bali. The breakfasts are particularly noteworthy. Staff are helpful (and especially... Read our full review of Tutmak.

Kafe Batan Waru
Jalan Dewi Sita
T: (0361) 977 528

While the flavours are distinctly Indonesian, the setting is definitely very Westernised making it a comfortable place to sit back and sip a fantastic mocktail or cocktail and feast on some top-notch Indonesian delights. The staff are courteous and professional, but you’d expect that at this sort of place -- part upmarket café, part restaurant. Kafe Batan Waru fits right into the... Read our full review of Kafe Batan Waru.

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Jalan Raya Campuhan and beyond

This is the same westward running road that runs out of Ubud to the west, changing name along the way. While a bit steep up and down, it’s walking distance from downtown.

Warung Bodag Maliah (Sari Organic)
Subak Sok Wayah (Middle of ricefield north of Raya Ubud)
T: (0361) 972 087

This is the tale of a little walk, up a hill off Ubud’s main street, and through relatively flat, slightly terraced rice paddy, now dotted with ever-more concrete villas and bungalows. It’s a 15-minute walk, or about 800 metres, a sign at the turn off along Subak Sok Wayah tells visitors, to get to a restaurant that has grown enormously in popularity since opening a few years ago. If you know... Read our full review of Warung Bodag Maliah (Sari Organic).

Naughty Nuri's
Jalan Raya Sanggingan
T: (0361) 977 547

Update Monday August 27, 2012We were deeply saddened to hear this morning that Brian has passed away. Many ribs and way too many martini with martini chasers were enjoyed alongside his wit and fine humour. Our deepest condolences to his family.... Read our full review of Naughty Nuri's.

Jalan Raya Sanggingan
T: (0361) 975 768

Set in a candlelit garden and pavilion, the scenery is pretty enough but the focus here is really about the exquisite food rather than the view. Choose from a small selection of exquisite six-course degustation menus (including vegetarian), then sit back and enjoy the foams, juses, stacks and sous vide creations (among others) from acclaimed chef Chris Salans. Sip a cocktail in the elegant... Read our full review of Mozaic.

Rayan Sanggingan, Ubud (next to Naughty Nuri's, opposite Neka Museum)
T: (0361) 553 2598

If you’ve always wondered why you are supposed to eat dessert after your main course, Room4Dessert is here with an answer: you aren’t! Why not just have dessert... Read our full review of Room4Dessert.

Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Ubud (opposite Neka Museum)
T: (0361) 970 013

The smokey lure of the ribs nearby can be hard to resist, but if you’re keen on something healthier than Naughty Nuri’s barbecued treats, Minami serves up elegant, fresh Japanese cuisine in pleasant surrounds at very reasonable prices considering the fantastic quality on... Read our full review of Minami.

Cafe Pomegranate
Subak Sok Wayah (middle of paddy north of Raya Ubud, on the left)
T: (0878) 6080 3632

Cafe Pomegranate, housed in an unusual open-air safari-style canvas tent, offers stunning views of Ubud’s rice paddy, to be enjoyed while sipping a drink or dining on their solid range of Japanese-Singaporean-Indonesian... Read our full review of Cafe Pomegranate.

Nasi Ayam Kedewatan, Ibu Mangku
Jalan Raya Kedewatan, Ubud
T: T: (0361) 974 795

This out of the way, long-running classic warung set in a family compound serves up just one dish — nasi campur ayam — and does it so well it draws in celebrities, locals and domestic tourists alike — with a trickle of foreign travellers who can be bothered to make the trek here from downtown... Read our full review of Nasi Ayam Kedewatan, Ibu Mangku.

Alchemy Bali
75 Jalan Penestanan Klod, Ubud
T: (0361) 971 981

Great juices, fantastic salads and delightful raw chocolate and other desserts are served up at this chilled-out, relaxed cafe with an attached health food shop. Order a juice (from 30,000 rupiah) or smoothie (from 29,000) at their dedicated bar, then skip around to the salad bar to choose four toppings on greens for 39,000 rupiah. Think mushrooms, crispy onion, cashew croutons, sprouted... Read our full review of Alchemy Bali.

Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa
20 minutes out of Ubud, Banjar Baturning, Mambal
T: (0361) 469 206

Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa is set right on the banks of a gushing river a 20-minute drive from Ubud proper. It’s been quiet on all three of our visits here, but that doesn’t put us off recommending it as the menu has been so thoughtfully designed, with real attention to nutritional detail. Want milk with your coffee? Would that be cashew, almond, or coconut? The tasting menu is good value. Sealing... Read our full review of Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa.

Clear Cafe
Campuhan Rd, across Bridges Restaurant and Antonio Blanco Museum
T: (0878) 6219 7585

After a fire sadly demolished their earlier location on Jalan Hanoman, Colourful Clear Cafe has found a spectacular new home over a few split levels right near the Campuhan bridge. (Their website still has the pix of their old place.) The new digs are less design-y and more relaxed -- leave your shoes with the shoe valet at the front -- with a welcome in flowers spelled out to tell us Today is a... Read our full review of Clear Cafe.

Café Des Artistes
Jalan Bisma 9X
T: (0361) 972 706

Many of the dishes feature meat with French/Belgian sauces to complement them, but the menu also offers Thai, Indonesian and even some snacks. This is a restaurant, but the atmosphere is very relaxed and it’s a great place to come for a quality casual meal at prices equal to those at some cafes in town. You’ll find Café Des Artistes on Jalan Bisma which runs parallel and to the west... Read our full review of Café Des Artistes.

Jalan Raya Sanggingan
T: (0361) 977 684

If you’re looking to get away from the craziness of downtown Ubud for a quiet meal in old school surrounds with a fabulous classic Ubud view, Janet de Neefe’s two-storey Indus has been doing it in nonchalant style for years and is the place to... Read our full review of Indus.

Gaya Gelato

A friend recently mentioned offhand Gaya’s Gelato and my ears pricked up as I often take the Sayan ridge route to get to Ubud from Sanur. This takes you past the large Gaya Fusion, an art space with an attached restaurant and villas, but I hadn’t noticed any ice creamery … What was I... Read our full review of Gaya Gelato.

Jl Campuhan (near Museum Antonio Blanco), Ubud
T: (0361) 970 095

Tucked neatly alongside Ubud’s famed Campuhan bridges, Bridges overlooks the tumbling river through lush greenery — whatever you do, book ahead to get a front row seat to enjoy the view. The food is modern international, with local dishes thrown into the mixed, presented in a fairly formal... Read our full review of Bridges.

Warung Mendez
Jalan Raya Penestanan

It’s a disappointment really, because the food is the same as it always was as is the service, but the prices are now higher presumably to pay for the more expensive décor and free WiFi. Despite some of the charm being lost and the hiked prices, Warung Mendez is still a good place to pick up some moderately priced, but tasty Indonesian... Read our full review of Warung Mendez.

Murni's Warung
Jalan Raya Campuhan

Now Murni’s Warung is an enormous restaurant spread across multiple levels cascading down towards the river below. It’s a spectacular location for a bite to eat or cool drink and the staff are very accommodating and friendly. Some people rave about the food here, but on our visits we haven’t been overly impressed. It does do very good milkshakes... Read our full review of Murni's Warung.

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