Photo: Temple incense.

Eat and meet


De Boliva
Jalan Gubeng Raya

You’ll see this place visited by families and groups of friends catching up over a nice meal and some cold drinks. The menu consists of pizzas, sandwiches and a selection of Asian dishes presented in a more Western fashion than your run-of-the-mill Indonesian eatery. The drinks menu is creative and the Kiwi Dream a lifesaver after hours of sightseeing. Well worth a... Read our full review of De Boliva.

Cafe Sampoerna
Taman Sampoerna 6

Music pipes through the grand old room, air-con chills everything right down and other aesthetic touches make this cafe a top place to relax and unwind after visiting the museum next door. The menu contains a relatively expensive mix of Western and Indonesian dishes served in a cafe style and a drinks menu that contains some delicious mocktails. We’d even go so far as to say it’s worth... Read our full review of Cafe Sampoerna.

Grand City and Plaza Surabaya

That said, you’re guaranteed cheap Western options that don’t include rice which helps ease the burden of eating like a local on your excursion through Java. If you’re happy to keep eating Asian food, but want to do it in air-con comfort, these malls will also appeal as an abundance of options are available which cater to the local market. The best options are Grand City and Plaza... Read our full review of Malls.

Kuningan Seafood International Restaurant
Jalan Kalimantan 14

Even though the dishes here are expensive by Indonesian standards, the place is not upmarket or stuffy by any means. It’s simply a Chinese restaurant specialising in a full range of local seafood. Come here in a group, not on your own. Free... Read our full review of Kuningan Seafood International Restaurant.

Ahimsa Vegetarian Restaurant
Jalan Kusuma Bangsa 80

Keep an eye out for the window dressing reading Be Vegan 2 save the planet and once you find it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the menu of Asian vegetarian options such as stir fry, noodles, rice, tofu and salads. On our visit, we found the prices of some dishes to be a little too expensive for the types of meals on offer but no doubt this is because Ahimsa is a specialty... Read our full review of Ahimsa Vegetarian Restaurant.

Zangrandi Ice Cream Palace
Jalan Yos Sudarso

As can been seen in the various old black and white photos adorning the walls and Zangrandi still retains some of its former charm despite having been modernised. A delicious banana split will set you back 25,000 rupiah and you can even order a pizza if that is more your style. Given its rather central location, it’s worth popping into if you have a hankering for ice cream. While you’re... Read our full review of Zangrandi Ice Cream Palace.

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