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Eat and meet

Food in Cimaja is surprisingly good for a place that is off the main tourist trail with three great restaurants charging higher prices due to the quality on offer.

Nura’s, behind Desa Resort, serves up some of the best food in town with prices to match. You can’t beat the quality with fantastic hotplates, burgers and sandwiches being pumped out of a clean kitchen which can be seen from the bar area. It’s also a great place to relax, have a beer and stare out at the ocean. The people running this place really know what they are doing.

Across the road and up the hill about 50 metres is Hotel Pondok Kencana and their in-house restaurant is a good one with daily specials and plenty of sports on the TV. The food here is predictably safe as the owner is an Australian expat who has been serving customers for the best part of 25 years in Cimaja. But safe doesn’t mean tasteless as all the meals such as burgers and fish and chips are a good size and taste great. It basically means that when you’re sick of rice, you can get a great meal here at prices more expensive than a warung, but with a quality that is above that of a warung as well.

Lastly, the restaurant at Cimaja Square 200 metres down the road from Desa Resort is a beauty and is just as popular as the other two Western-style operations in town. Eleonora keeps a close eye on food coming out of the kitchen and this ensures a consistency and quality that you don’t find in many restaurants in Indonesia. Hotplates, burgers and great drinks are the draw here as well as the option to shoot some pool or watch television in very relaxing surrounds. Again, prices are middle of the road, but you do get great quality for your money.

Alongside the three great eating destinations are a bunch of warungs and food carts which serve up all manner of cuisine from grilled and fried fish to martabak, a crispy pancake that be made sweet or savoury.

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