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Eat and meet

Jalan Raya Cipanas is peppered with warungs selling the usual nasi and mei dishes.

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For a fancier restaurant style head to Jemanii Resto. This stylish modern double-storey spot surrounds tranquil ponds and overlooks the surrounding misty mountains and fields. The menu includes local Sundanese and Indonesian favourites, Chinese dishes and seafood along with several options that will keep vegetarians happy.

We want to feed you!

We want to feed you! Photo: Sally Arnold

Prices are slightly higher than local standards, but still very reasonable. Try the gurame fish, a popular choice with a variety of sauces and cooking styles from 12,000 rupiah per 100 grams. Jemanii Resto is especially lovely in the evening when the koi ponds are lit by flickering lamps, favoured by courting couples.

Sate Rizky is one of those places that entice more for curiosity value than anything. This roadside warung specialises in lamb and goat dishes, but what sparks interest for the passing punter is the row of life-size sheep, horses and goat mannequins outside the rustic wild west style wood panelled warung.

“Rizky” for goats perhaps.

“Rizky” for goats perhaps. Photo: Sally Arnold

Garut is renowned regionally for its lamb, and Sate Rizky slaughters his own meat to make sure it’s fresh. Obviously sate is a menu favourite with chicken also available alongside the lamb and goat. You may like to try the tongseng, a herb packed light curry-style meat soup. If you’re particularly adventurous, give the Sop Kepala a go, goat-head soup with a whole goat’s head in your bowl.

Warung Adi is a simple no frills local-style warung that dishes up a tasty ayam bakar, ayam goreng, tofu and tempeh with a side of rice and lalapan—fresh veggies and a spicy sambal. There’s not much to this little local joint, but the spices are well balanced, and the ayam (chicken) is finger licking good. Open evenings only.

Grazing at Warung Adi.

Grazing at Warung Adi. Photo: Sally Arnold

The area around Garut is famous for some local snack foods worth checking out. We liked Ulen Bakar, a coconut flavoured grilled sticky rice cake with a slightly salty and slightly sweet flavour. You’ll see street sellers with the rectangular white cakes with a golden top. Dodol is a sticky chewy toffee-like sweet made from rice flour, coconut and palm sugar available in many flavours and a popular souvenir from this region. Dorokdok is another sort after snack—crackers made from fried beef skin.

Map of eating options for Cipanas
Map of eating options for Cipanas
(1) Jemanii Resto (2) Sate Risky (3) Warung Adi

Jemanii Resto 88 Jalan Raya Cipanas, Garut; T: (0262) 2247 665, (0858) 7113 8162; Mo–Su: 09:00–21:00.
Sate Risky 72 Jalan Raya Cipanas, Garut (next door to Indomaret); T: (0821) 1384 9555; Mo–Su: 08:00–22:00.
Warung Adi Jalan Raya Cipanas, Garut (opposite Penginapan Gartika); From 17:30.

Jemanii Resto
88 Jalan Raya Cipanas, Garut; Cipanas, Java
T: (0262) 2247 665, (0858) 7113 8162; Under 10,000 rupiah
Sate Risky
72 Jalan Raya Cipanas, Garut (next door to Indomaret); Cipanas, Java
T: (0821) 1384 9555; Under 10,000 rupiah
Warung Adi
Jalan Raya Cipanas, Garut (opposite Penginapan Gartika); Cipanas, Java
Under 10,000 rupiah
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Popular attractions in Cipanas

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