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Eat and meet


Restaurant Relax
Jalan Bulak Laut, Pangandaran

Bratwurst, macaroni, goulash and chilli con carne all make an appearance as do Indonesian dishes such as nasi campur on this extensive menu. The great thing about this place, however, is that a number of small touches lift the standard above what you normally get in Indonesia, with cutlery being placed on the table prior to the meal arriving and proper linen tablecloths being used. It’s a... Read our full review of Restaurant Relax.

Mungil Steakhouse
West Beach, Pangandaran

It’s one of the most popular beach bars and the prices are accordingly higher, but on nights when there is live music, the extra price is worth it. Come for a good range of seafood, steaks, beer and hard liquor. In busier times, Mungil’s is really pumping and is a top hangout... Read our full review of Mungil Steakhouse.

Bamboo Beach Bar
West Beach, Pangandaran

This place has an identical menu to the Bamboo Cafe 100 metres further up the beach due to family connections, but some menu items are slightly cheaper and the furniture a little more appropriate for an evening beer. The free WiFi is an added bonus to a top little bar right on the... Read our full review of Bamboo Beach Bar.

Seafood Bu Surman
Jalan Cagar Alam Pantai Timur, Pangandaran

Seafood Bu Surman is a popular rumah makan which sells ultra-fresh fish by the kilo, offering to cook it in a variety of ways. Try the ikan goreng for a real treat or simply buy a fish (ikan) and have half grilled (bakar) and half fried (goreng). Prices of the fish are negotiable as are the prices of prawns and other... Read our full review of Seafood Bu Surman.

Bamboo Cafe
West Beach, Pangandaran

If you’ve got a hankering for steak, pancakes and sandwiches as well as Indonesian favourites such as nasi goreng, this is a good spot to try. It also operates as a beachside bar, and has a more chilled vibe than some of the others. The owner is the sister of the owner of nearby Bamboo Bar. Come here, read a book, have a drink and surf the net using the free... Read our full review of Bamboo Cafe.

Rumah Makan Padang Jaya
Jalan Pantai Barat, Pangandaran

This place serves up tasty but spicy Padang-style food with such winners as perkedel, grilled fish, grilled chicken and water spinach. The dishes are all displayed in the window and staff will simply place a selection of the dishes onto your table for you to choose from. You only pay for the dishes you try, so don’t even touch the plate unless you’re happy to pay for... Read our full review of Rumah Makan Padang Jaya.

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