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Eat and meet

Arguably the best food in Padang is to be found in the older Chinese area of town. It’s also the same area that we recommend for accommodation, meaning you should always be able to find something to eat within walking distance of your hotel.

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Rumah Makan Pagi Sore is a popular Padang-food restaurant and its popularity is well deserved. All the dishes we’ve tried here have had more intense flavours than other Padang-food restaurants around Indonesia. The beef rendang here isn’t riddled with hard to eat fat and has a slight sour flavour, the white beans are delicious and rarely seen elsewhere, the fried chicken isn’t oily and the vegetables are simple yet flavoursome. Located on Jalan Pondok, Pagi Sore has been serving up some of the best Padang food anywhere since 1947 and even a major fire in 2014 hasn’t stopped them from remaining the must-visit eatery in Padang.

Warung Kopi Nan Yo Baru "Liong" is a small, old-style coffee shop on Jalan Nipah 22A. Selling simple coffee and tea as well as lontong sayur (compressed rice cakes and vegetables), mie pangsit (noodles with dumplings) and bubur ayam (chicken rice porridge), the owner is extremely pleasant and the food delicious. It’s best to come here for breakfast, but they are open all day. There are confusingly several other Warung Kopi Nan Yo around town, but we reckon this one is the better one.

Kinol Bistro & Pool is a funky modern restaurant which wouldn’t be out of place in any cosmopolitan Western city. Slick interior design, a modern menu with a mix of Western and Indonesian food as well as a hip crowd make this one of the best places in town for a bite to eat if you’re not interested in local warung food. Located across from Rumah Makan Pagi Sore on Jalan Pondok, it’s centrally located.

At night a bunch of warungs open along Jalan Tepi Pasang near Rumah Makan Pagi Sore. The range of food on offer is incredible and ranges from tasty martabak to delicious noodle dishes. It’s a cheap spot for a quick bite to eat and most will find something suitable.

Kiosk on Jalan Tepi Pasang is a modern Western style cafe serving a mixture of mid-priced Western/Indonesian dishes in comfortable surrounds. You’ll find all the local cool kids hanging out here surfing the internet and sipping on bubble tea. This is a decent place for a bite to eat.

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