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Bangkok is so big, we’ve split it up into areas, select one of the below for detailed accommodation and food listings in that area. Sights and general overviews for Bangkok as a whole can be found via the icons above. Don’t know where to start? Read an overview of Bangkok’s different areas.

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Eat and meet


Dao Tai
508/26 Th Phran Nok, Thonburi
T: (02) 412 2385

But here the dishes seem to be perfectly balanced — hot, yes, but also fragrant with fresh herbs and smoothed out with just the right amount of fat or sweetness. This is a curry shop, so expect lots of different dishes waiting under glass to be served family-style. Don’t miss out on kaeng liang, one of the south's regional specialties, an orange curry, usually of fish and vegetables or... Read our full review of Dao Tai.

Khlong Bang Luang noodle shops
Around Khlong Bang Luang Artist Village, across from the end of Charan Sanitwong Soi 3, Thonburi

One of Bangkok’s best kept secrets, Khlong Bang Luang artist village on the Thonburi (west) side of the Chao Phraya inspires visitors with a relaxed, artsy canal-side atmosphere and daily puppet shows. The neighbourhood’s fantastic noodle shops are a big part of what keeps us coming... Read our full review of Khlong Bang Luang noodle shops.

Rom-Ngao Indochine (Hanoi Kitchen)
Charoen Nakhon Road (between soi 20 and soi 24), Thonburi, Bangkok
T: (024) 385 921, (086) 514 0908

After weeks of eating explosively flavourful and meat-heavy Thai food, the simplicity, freshness and veggie-prominence of Vietnamese cuisine is like a breath of fresh air. If looking for an inexpensive and excellent Vietnamese restaurant in Bangkok, you won't find many better than Rom Ngao Indo-Chine, otherwise known as Hanoi... Read our full review of Rom-Ngao Indochine (Hanoi Kitchen).

Zoom 4 Zoom 5
Soi Wang Lang, Wang Lang Market, Siriraj
T: (02) 226 1745

It's actually a self-service place, with drinks and food ordered at a window, and the prices reflect it. Large bottles of beer are only 65 baht, and plates of food start at 40 baht. The real reason to come here is there's a lovely view across the Chao Phraya, including the Grand Palace which is lit up at night — you might have to wait a few minutes for a table, but it's a fun place to go... Read our full review of Zoom 4 Zoom 5.

Thanusingha Bakery
Soi Kudee Jeen 7 (near Santa Cruz Church), Bangkok
T: (02) 465 5882

After the fall of the ancient Siamese capital of Ayutthaya in 1767, a diverse mix of foreign communities — including the Portuguese and Chinese — settled along a stretch of Chao Phraya riverfront in Thonburi. Still produced today at Thanusingha Bakery near Santa Cruz Church, the Portuguese, Chinese and Thai influenced sweet baked snack, khanom farang kuti Jin, is a taste of the area’s... Read our full review of Thanusingha Bakery.

Dreamkeeper Coffee and Art Studio
Wang Doem Rd (behind Wat Arun), Bangkok Yai, Thonburi
T: (080) 619 0596

Who would have thought that a unique Thai artist influenced by Native American art would have tucked a funky gallery/cafe on a sidestreet behind the major tourist attraction of Wat Arun? In fact, this area is teeming with culture, and Dream Keeper coffee & art studio contributes to the neighbourhood’s rich cultural mix. The coffee is darn good... Read our full review of Dreamkeeper Coffee and Art Studio.

Ree Ree Khaosan Restaurant
Wang Doerm Road, Thonburi, Bangkok
T: (084) 933 7222

Looking for a good lunch spot after climbing the majestic (and steep) tower of Wat Arun? Tucked in a funky Thonburi neighbourhood behind the temple, Ree Ree Khaosan Restaurant puts out tasty Thai food in a comfortable and accessible... Read our full review of Ree Ree Khaosan Restaurant.

Baan Luk Chup
Arun Ammarin Rd (near Soi 39), Thonburi, Bangkok
T: (02) 434 3834

From both a visual and figurative standpoint, Thailand could very well boast the world’s most colourful cuisine. There are the deep greens, reds and yellows of endless curries, the bursting brightness of spicy salads, and the multi-hued sauces that accompany any good seafood meal. Yet nothing outshines the bouquets of adorable mini treats known as khanom luk chup. We spent some time with the... Read our full review of Baan Luk Chup.

Streetfood: Wang Lang Market
Phran Nok Rd, near Wang Lang Pier, Thonburi

Getting here is easy as both cross-river ferries and the Chao Phraya Express boats stop here. Come off the pier and you're in the market. It stretches up Phran Nok for at least 300 metres, and melts back into the tiny alleys behind. Have a wander around first and then make a plan of attack. Sweets and little snacks are plentiful, like kanom krok (tiny thai cupcakes baked in a hot metal mold)... Read our full review of Streetfood: Wang Lang Market.

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