Where to eat and drink: Sri Racha

Sri Racha: Where to eat and drink

The central Night Market has a variety of Thai, Korean and Japanese restaurants nearby. The market itself has a collection of undercover stalls serving fried chicken, noodles and the ultimate Thai dessert: mango and sticky rice.

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Across the road, look for Laab Ubon, an Issan restaurant with fiery som tam, laab muu (spicy minced pork) and curries. Cooks chop, fry and grill food in an open kitchen while a jukebox plays country songs. The setting may look basic, but the food is delicious. A menu with food photos helps with ordering.

Yards down the road is the Chill Bar, where Sri Racha’s younger crowd hangs out. Downstairs a live band plays nightly, as customers sink into sofa-style seats or perch on cube-shaped chairs, while upstairs is quieter and comes with good views of the town.

Korean and Japanese restaurants are plentiful, but often pricey as they’re geared towards the wealthy workers from the nearby port. Some places actually won’t let you enter unless you’re Japanese. Korean barbecues are popular, and there’s a good one just down from the Night Market, on the corner opposite the Cool Club. Here, at Tik Ga To, you get to choose your own meats, buffet-style, then cook them on a hot plate at your table.

A lovely spot for a meal is next to the health park at Tum Show. Sitting out over the water, the wooden design, subtle colours and Bossa Nova music make it an elegant eaterie. The menu is just as subtle, with a few changes to traditional dishes. Try the fruit som tam and sun-dried pork.

Sri Racha isn’t party central, but the one place where things do get going is Gusto. Follow the road from Chill down towards the seafront and turn right. Gusto is 100 yards away on your right-hand side. This two-storey nightclub is packed with locals every weekend, thanks largely to a live band and dancers. Locals are always happy to see a foreign face, so expect plenty of raised glasses and ’cheers’ in your direction.

Laab Ubon: Nakorn 3 Rd, Sri Racha. Daily 09:00-23:00
Chill Bar: Nakorn 3 Rd, Sri Racha. Daily 18:30-01:00.
Tik Ga To Korean Barbecue: Nakorn 3 Rd, Sri Racha. Daily 17:00-00:00
Tum Show: Jermjompol Rd, Sri Racha. Daily 10:30-23:00

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